Sunday, February 28, 2010

Blessings, Mom, and Some Killer Knees :]

This weekend was such a good one!

Friday afternoon my awesome mom came up to stay the night! We had such a fun time! We went to the gymnastics meet that night and dressed up in PINK for breast cancer awareness. Sadly they lost....but it was a WAY good meet! After that Jessica, my mom and I headed over to Wingers for some dinner. It was SUPER good :] After that we went and got some Fro Yo, also yummy! We then headed home and just chilled. The next morning my mom and I went to the bookstore where I bought the book below. We then went and saw Dear John. We laughed a ton and had such a good time! It was an awesome weekend :] We forgot to take pictures when we were actually doing anything so we took them in the car when she was leaving.


Laughing lol

She didn't want her face showing??? She said she had a big head lol whatever!!

Funny one :]

AWESOME weekend :)!!!!!!!

Today I went and did the aerobics here on campus. was literally sweating from everywhere!! I now walk like a pregnant woman and stairs scare me but it was sooo awesome!! I cursed at it the whole time i was actually doing it. For some reason I like the pain of working out that weird?? It makes me feel that I did something productive and something good for myself. I like feeling and knowing that I accomplished something that I didn't think i could!! Also working out makes me happy :] I think i owe the working out gene to my mom who at one time was an aerobics instructor herself!! ya thats right, go mom! Even though I ache and kill i'm going tomorrow again for Body Pump!! Shoud be fun! :] I'm getting there slowly!!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I LOVE books!

I don't think I have ever mentioned how much I love to read before. I LOVE to read!! I have always loved to read. I was the one that would spend forever in the library trying to find a book. I just love it. I also was known for reading more than one book at once. I have done it a lot. Now is no different. I think I got my love of reading from my grandmas, and my GGma. I was able to go buy a book today!! :] mmmmmm The joy! So as of now I am going to be reading 3 books!! I'll show them to you, and when i'm done i'll get back to you how they were.
1st book:
The Killer Angels

This book is way good so far. It is about the battle of Gettysburg. When I went to Gettysburg my senior year of high school I wanted to read more and my history teacher told me this book was WAY good. I just picked it up. Sad, i know. I really like it and it's really neat because I have been there so I can see what's happening. Very good writing but I love anything to do with history!!

2nd book:
The Well and the Mine

I haven't started it yet but it looks WAY good.

This is what's on the back cover.

In a small Alabama coal-minding town during the summer of 1931, nine-year-old Tess Moore sits on her back porch and watches a woman toss a baby into her family's well without a word. This shocking act of violence sets in motion a chain of events that forces Tess and her older sister, Virgie, to look beyond their own door and learn the value of kindness and lending a helping hand. As Tess and Virgie try to solve the mystery of the well, an accident puts their seven-year-old brother's life in danger, revealing just what sorts of sacrifices their parents, Albert and Leta, have made in order to give their children a better life, and the power of love and compassion to provide comfort to those we love.
Sounds good huh?!

3rd book:

The Last Song (along with every other person on the planet)

According to my mom and Kels this book is AMAZING. I'm excited to read it, I just hope that I don't visualize Miley Cyrus through the whole book....

That's all for now. Come back soon for a post of this weekend!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Warm weather I wish!

Yesterday I gave in and bought a new swim suit. Well the top of one anyways. This is the one I bought!! Isn't it cute?! Since I have lost weight my other swimsuits from last year don't fit me at all. I'm really excited for this one because not only is it modest but LONG! If you know me you know my torso is SUPER long and my legs are SUPER short. Having both parents with short legs i was doomed. My last bathinsuit I bought was WAY cute but it wasn't long enough and it fit me funny. It made me look like I had a hunchback cuz my back didn't fill out. Anyways, the swimsuit was kinda pricey....$47.00 but I figured it will last me awhile (I hope).

I'll have to find some bottoms but isn't it CUTE?! I can't tell it gets warm and I can use it!! :]

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I have had an interesting day. I have noticed that when it snows my mood goes down the drain. I'm normally, I think a pretty happy person. I have my random spurts of blah-ness but for the most part i'm pretty good. Today it snowed. Every kid at the preschool i swear was on sommething today. OFF the WALLS! My mood went down the drain. I didn't get to work out, and so I didn't do my wii fit either, this added to my bad mood. Also, i'm really missing home today, mostly my family. I really never have been much of a home-body. When I was little I would push my mom out the door when the babysitter came. I went to D.C for a week, never once got home sick. Lately I have become a home body. I call my mom everyday more than once haha. Usually its about a question or just to talk. I talk to my dad a lot also. Josh, well not so much. So this post is just a thanks to such wonderful parents! I love you guys so much. You have put up with a lot from me (specially during my high school years). Thanks so much!

I love you!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Light Green and Pink :]

I know I just posted.....but......(sorry if your getting sick of me...)

If i were to pick another area to study in school other than teaching, and photography I would do Interior Design. Someday I want to do my kitchen in light green, light pink and a vintage floral (if there is a such thing haha). Pretty much a thirties/forties style theme.


I love the colors in this kitchen!! I also love the table and the hutch. Super wonderful! Just makes me happy. Doesn't it do that for you too?!

I LOVE the cabinets in this one as well. I also love the sink. Believe it or not I love the light.
I also love the shelf above the window. I pretty much just love everything about this one!

This one isn't my favorite. I don't like most things in it. I do like the curtains, and the plates.

Off subject but I LOVE THIS BED!!! Just speaks Yummmm :]

I Promise this is my last post for today haha and hopefully the next few days!



Good Day :]

Went swimming after working out. It felt SOOOO good. I thought my legs were gonna fall off after i ran today. All I see is me running and falling off. How pathetic would that be?! I can see it now :

I did write stuff here....I accidentally deleted it....So think of something clever and pretend that its here:

This says: I get frustrated trying to judge whether acne creams are having any effect. In the spirit of controlled trial, i used one on just half my face for a few weeks.

It was cool seeing the effects so clearly, so i got some friends to try different treatments.

-Ok you try the acid first.
-Wait we should randomize the trials. Got a coin?

Ok, Call it. Heads she gets the-

Hehehe Hopefully you get it.

Also funny story
Most of you know how out of it I am when i first wake up. I have been told that it's pretty funny. Well this morning was one of those mornings. I woke up to my alarm wanted to turn it off. Some reason I got out of bed even thought I can reach my alarm while still in bed. My foot was asleep, didn't realize this tell I got OUT of bed. I slid off my bed, my bed slid off the stilt things its on, and I landed on the floor. I had to put the bed back on the stilts. Good morning to me!! haha

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catch UP!

I'm a little late at posting this but its pretty much an update on the past two weekends!

Two Weekends ago, I met Kels, Delaney, and their friend Whitney in St. George. We went and saw Dear John, did some shopping (i didn't buy anything....I have become way cheap lately...) laughed a TON, I ate a marshmallow that was HUGE! One of the funniest stories while we were in St. George was at Arctic Circle.

Kim was driving us because I was staying the night at their condo. We all decided we were hungry so we went through the Arctic Circle drive through. Well Kels and I decided we wanted a #1 thinking it was a normal cheese burger. No, it was some Ranch Burger. Delaney at first wanted a shake, then decided she wanted a number one also along with Whitney. After we had figured out that the number one wasn't what we wanted we then decided we wanted a value meal. Well after re ordering everything we finally got what we wanted! I give the girl working there props for dealing with our mess haha. At the end we were all laughing so hard that it was hilarious.

I then woke up early that morning to drive home. It was snowing SO bad. I am not exaggerating when I say my feet were shaking in my boots! Yes i was wearing boots. I said a prayer from black ridge mountain or whatever its called tell I pulled into Cedar. I had a long convo with Heavenly Father haha.

Waiting for Dear John!
It was SO GOOD!

Classy haha

Haha I love this picture we were gangsta haha

Life would be boring without Dear Delaney!

Kels impersonation of Michael Jackson haha

I like them do u?! Just Kidding! :)

Last weekend
Last weekend I had a four day weekend! I left Cedar Friday morning to head home and watch Josh and Grandma Lulu for the weekend. It was my dad's birthday and well Valentines Day so I offered to watch them so my parents could go away. Things didn't work out so great. Short version Josh went to St. George Thursday for his Knee, they thought he had tore his ACL so they had him come back Friday for an MRI. My parents were gonna leave Friday but couldn't cuz my dad had to drive Josh down there.(Oh the day he can drive we will all sing!) So I hung out with Kels, McKenna, Delaney, Brooke, Matt, Josh, Landon...I think thats all??? haha. I met up with kels at her house where we chilled :] Then we picked up McKenna and headed to the basketball game. It was way fun but I stood in the student section which was just strange. I swear I got the stink eye from the French horn player!...haha I still had fun though!

Me, Matt, McKenna, and Kels

For some reason whenever we take a picture matt's head is always somewhere haha!




After the game we played Rock Band. We decided to do it on random song. It was SO FUNNY! The first song we did I played guitar. It was way hard and my poor fingers were KILLING! All of a sudden the T.V turned off....Well...after a few mins of trying to figure out what happened we figured out that I had accidentally pushed the remote with my elbow! haha We got a good laugh. I love all those guys they are so fun! At one point I turned around to see Matt with this:

haha love that kid!

Saturday my parents left and so I taxied Josh around (license in August!!) Then went and hung out with Kels. We took ourselves to dinner at Rewind. Way yummy :]

Sunday morning I headed back to Cedar, went to church. Sat in the chapel for three hours due to the fact that we were combined with three other wards.....It went SO long. Sadly I feel like a church failure cuz I didn't really listen at all....I need to improve at that.
I then headed over to Parowan to meet up with Kels, her mom and the twins at her grandparents house! We played the biggest idiot...I don't know the real name of it haha. I ended up being the biggest idiot after teasing Kels that she was going to be!!
Monday morning we headed out to Brian Head to her grandparents cabin. We had to hike in, then went sledding!! It was SO FUN!!

Thanks Jill for letting me come!! I really had a fun time!!

Out front of the cabin!


all of the water was frozen so why not melt snow?!

Ready to go sledding!! haha

kels ready to go also!


Overall it was such a great four day weekend!! I had such a good time!! I just wished it could have been longer!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Today well I have had better days. I wanted to sleep in....some reason I woke up at 8:30. Yes, i'm complaining, I'm sorry.

For months in my room has been this ugly drawer. I have wanted to move it for MONTHS! Everyday I come in my room I set everything on it and it has turned into my junk top of a drawer...if that makes sense. haha. So after many months of looking at that stupid ugly drawer I moved it. Well I had this great idea to move it into my closet and move my other set of drawers to the other side of my closet wall. It didn't work say the least. This is why and when I need a guy in my life. They would have either fixed it and made it work or told me that it wouldn't fit.

Clearly I have a VERY bad eye!

It made a cool place to vent my anger at the stupid drawer!!

In the end....everything stayed where it started.
The motto of my day today.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh boy!

I'm back!

Do you all like how long that lasted?? See this is my problem, I have so many posts that I start thinking they will sound all clever like other peoples blogs and then I realize how stupid I'm sounding and they end up never getting posted.

I'm not clever, or funny but yet a few of you still read my blog.

I don't have anything smart to say like what blush works well with your skin or what type of brownies that i'm making that have multiple delicious things in them.

I once thought when I was little that I would be a writer like Lousia M. Alcott (Little Women) that went down the drain after I finished my fifth chapter in "The Bear Family" book. It was creative, funny, awesome, but sucked in the grammar area. This post is a good example of my terrible grammar.

I also thought once I would be a nurse, that was shot to heck when my dad sat on scissors at Christmas and I fainted.

Once I told my good friend Mandy that I would be going to clown college when I grew up. After thinking about it I decided that my feet are big enough and I don't need to wear red shoes that would make them bigger.

I have started many quilts in my short life time. How many have I finished? 3. How many did i keep? 1. If you're reading this(you know who u are) I would like those blankets back please.

Also when i was in sixth grade I thought I was a fast runner (very fast runner). Once I hit seventh grade track i realized that I'm slower than a snail. I have no running, jumping, leaping, throwing, or hurdling abilities. All hopes of being a cool, fast runner flushed down the drain.

When i was in second grade I tried out to be one of the monkeys for the Wizard of Oz. I smiled. I didn't make it.... I blame that for the reason of why I never acted in High School.

I also in sixth grade fell in love. I called this boy (we will name him bob) Dreamy! Oh how dreamy bob was. I now know why I was so strange.

In tenth grade I thought I would show off how far I could kick my shoe....It ended up on the roof of the high school. After walking around with one shoe and one sock a kind boy climbed up on the roof and got my shoe.

In fifth grade I thought I would impress a boy with my mad bike riding skills. It ended with boy on ground, his tire bent, me bruised and broken, and a very bad joke that would haunt me forever.

I have learned that I need to just laugh at myself.

We all have our faults, but that makes us Human!! Also gives you something to laugh at!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Takin a break

My blog is boring....I'm sorry! I'm going to take a break tell I can upload my pictures. See ya Whenever :] hahaha


Well since I cant put up my own pictures.....I found the COOLEST cupcakes haha!


So cool! I love pacman lol

Monday, February 15, 2010

No pictures.....

Hello World,
So I have a few things I need to post about but well, we have a small problem. I have a little camera that I have had for awhile. It's a Sanyo and it serves me very nicely but no way of getting my pictures from the camera to my computer. See when I had my laptop I would just take out the card and insert it into my laptop. Well I can't do that now. What about the cord you ask?'s somewhere but where I'm not sure at this point in time. So, no pictures until I either find my cord or get another laptop. It might be awhile. I had a great weekend! It was full of family, friends, high school basketball game, laughing, church, Parowan, Brian Head, and sledding!! I know you all can't wait to see my pictures huh?! Well neither can i! haha. But until then I'm going to post on something else.

Blog Stalking
We all do it. I know you all do! I always see random visitors on my blog and thats ok(as long as they aren't creepy people! Are you creepy?! If so please leave now. Thank you!) but I also have a few blogs that I like to look at and read. Most of these are stay at home moms that have had something happen and how they are dealing with it. Most of you read the "Daily Scoop" Blog. I love to read her posts! I just can't get over her determination! I also read a few others. Some are funny and most are inspirational. It just blows my mind at how strong people are, what people go through and how they pull through it! I don't know what i'll have to go through someday in life but hope that if I ever do that I can be as strong as these women.

Also a shout out to my mom she is just great! I LOVE YOU! and to my grandmas and my great grandma. You all are such blessings to me!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fat baby in a diaper, and TOO much PDA!

Dear Stinky Valentines day!

No offense but I don't like you. I'm sure someday when I am married I will like you however....Somethings about you just don't add up....Like why does a baby in a diaper represent you?! Really?! Why do we have a holiday set aside to tell someone we love them when we should be doing that all year long?! I'm sorry but I just think that you are overrated and don't appreciate people showing PDA just cuz they think they can cuz its V-DAY?! Please don't show your face again.

Yours not so truly

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Grateful Day

When Life gives you lemons make some lemonade.

It's strange how life is so unexpected, things happen when you least want them and when you're not ready for them. Sometimes they are good things and sometimes they are bad. I just wanted to post a good post after such a sad one that I left a couple days ago. I should be grateful that my roommate and I weren't hurt. I'm sad about what they took but I'm grateful for being watched over. I fail constantly to remember that heavenly father has blessed me in so many ways. I'm always seeming to be upset with what I want to happen that wont or that did happen that i didn't want. I have been a grouch and thats wrong. I am so blessed! Things will happen in their own time and not when I want them, but when heavenly father thinks is the best time for them to happen. I have really been trying to be more grateful and not such a downer! I am doing the best I can, striving to be the happiest I can, and thats all that he asks for. I can't and shouldn't try to be someone or something that I'm not. I'm me and thats a good thing. I just have to have faith that he knows whats best, I don't. What happened was bad but it wasn't the worst and I'll be ok and i'll live :] One day at a time!

Also Happy Birthday Daddy!! LOVE YOU :]

Oh How I love them! What would I be without my family??!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


They also stole my Nikon camera....of anything why did they have to take that?! I LOVE my camera.....this day could really not get any worse......

Broken into

I am now one of those people that has been broken into.....
This morning I woke up at around 7:00 to get ready for class at 8:30. I heard Jess call out my name and so i opened my door. She asked if I had opened the window in our bottom room. (our apartment is two stories we sleep in the top two bedrooms and since kenz moved out we have a vacant room downstairs.) I said No, and that it was kinda strange. She said that the window was wide open and that the door was a lil opened. I started to get a lil worried....I went to go upstairs and on the stairs was a wallet. I then went to see if anything had been stolen from my room. Nothing. Jess asked I had left my laptop downstairs.....I had......
I am so angry and feel so laptop is gone, all my pictures from christmas and on are brand new laptop is gone......all my photoshop stuff all my pictures I edited are gone. GONE! There was a man in my apartment last night, who knows if he opened my bedroom door. He could have taken my purse since it was right there next to my door. After this we walked into the other room and there were keys for our apartment. They had broken into the managers apartment and a couple other apartments.
How can people do this to people? I know it happens all the time but I never thought it would be me writing about it.....Luckily my awesome dad is coming up to stay the night tonight. I love my parents. I am grateful that nothing else happened...but still really really mad....and sad.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Day 17

Dear Grandma Jean and Papa Dave

I miss you MUCH!

Love Kaylie :]

P.S for all those out there that can't tell which ones they are well Papa Dave is the big beard and grandma jean is wearing the black jacket and my grandpas hand is on her shoulder :]

Day 16

So Tuesday night we loaded up and headed out to St. George to go eat only at the Olive Garden. It was so fun and I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time! We got our load of breadsticks and got some pictures :]


Me and jess

The crew minus sandra

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 15

There is an actual post coming for today but I found this old picture and just thought it was funny.
This is a picture of my dads side of him and his cousins. Can you find him?!
Oh dont ya just love old pictures!! For today Laugh, don't forget how blessed we are to have simple moments that make us laugh!

P.S If you couldn't find him....(even though he looks like josh) He is on the end on the right side. With the big bowl hair cut haha :]

Monday, February 1, 2010

day 14

Monday stands for Me Day :]

This Me haha Of course. I took it Today. I had a ton of things to do today! I promise my pictures will get better :] haha
I'm feeling MUCH better!