Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wisdom Teeth!

Hey everyone,

i haven't posted anything for the past two weeks because amazingly i've been in the hospital! All because of some stupid wisdom teeth! How retarded is that?! I ended up getting an infection in my mouth, it was the most painful thing i have ever been through in my whole life.! I looked like i had a baseball in my mouth! Here are some pictures:

------------------> thats when i first got to the emergency room!

I look like a chipmunk!

anyways now im on three really strong antibiotics but im feeling so much better!
Oh and i have lost 15 pounds! One good thing i guess! Oh well anyways everything else is good i saw the new harry potter and thought it was the best one i have seen yet. so talk to ya later! Hope someone reads this!


Saturday, July 7, 2007


hey everyone,

Im going to start posting a blog so that when im away at school everyone will be able to know what im up to! Dont know who will really care, i have a feeling the family will be the only ones that really look at it!haha OH WELL :D

Anyways not much going on with me cept that im getting my wisdom teeth pulled on monday
:( NOT HAPPY!!! Im little worried knowing how it has gone for Mandy and Dani!

Fourth of July was Wed. Really boring! The fireworks were too short, the heat was horrible! I hope it will be better next year.

On a happier note I watched Step Up last night with Maggie and Devin! It was fun I LOVE THAT MOVIE always makes me want to go out and dance! So thats it for this week talk to you sometime soon!

Kaylie Jean