Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sunday Tell All

So i found this blog : and its actually pretty cool it has a topic that you can write about on Tuesday's but instead of Tuesdays maybe i will do Sundays :] and it gives me a reason to blog! This is the one i chose to answer today:

What is your full name and why were you named it? Were you named after somebody else?
-My full name is Kaylie Jean Horton I was actually named after my mom and dad! Or so they tell me.....My mom's name is Kathy so they said they took the first part of that and combined it with my dads middle name Lee. Which you would think would come out Kalee???...but somehow they got Kaylie? I dont know haha. They thought they were being orginal and they were until we moved to Utah when i was six and there were a TON of Kaylies!! haha. My middle name is after my Grandma Jean who really is named Doris Jean but goes by Jean so they named me after her :] My aunt also has the middle name of Jean so i guess it just runs in the family lol.

Thats my Sunday Tell All :] hope you enjoyed it!!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rain, blog book, and a birthday

Life has been pretty boring around here....not gonna lie....I work come home but the few fun things have been very fun! lol If that just made any sense....It has been great weather lately Rainy sometimes and sun sometimes I love summer rain! LOVE IT! Well one of the nights we all got together and played in the rain it was great :] I think that was friday?? idk....something like that???

Also i printed off my blog a few weeks ago its all in black and white and i didn't print off last summer because i deleted all those pics on accident....soooo its just this school year plus last school year its well ALOT of pages here are a few pics!

Yesterday Wednesday Sarah and I left around three to go down to cedar to take Sarena out for her Birthday Day Dinner!! It was a lot of fun cept the fact that my dinner was pretty much a bowl of oil it was sick!! But i got it free :] lol After dinner we went and saw a movie and then had to leave :( it was sad but SOOO much fun! It was good to see Sarena and Sarah since i havent seen them since i moved out! :] Good times then on the way home Sarah and I rocked out to ABBA!!!


Sarena with her birthday ice cream!!!

Sarah and Sarena

All three of us (please ignore my outfit and me pretty much lol) We were all talking about how nothing i wore matched i even wore my scrunchie!!!! lol Sarena said that i was lost in the 90's lol and that kids now probably dont even know what it is! lol oh well i liked it lol with my purple shoes, crazy shirt, skinny jeans, eighty earrings(literally) :] haha

Sarena and I


Sunday, May 24, 2009

The bishop is an Animal??? what???

Again a post for Myself lol but also for all you who read :]

I need to write these down before i forget them!!

I was privileged enough to teach the Sunbeams today in Church (and no that's not meant as sarcastic lol) I really do love teaching them because well....I love kids, and they say the FUNNIEST things!

I had two lil boys and a lil girl today and they were actually really really good! One boy gosh he is a crack up! He says the craziest things and he is SO smart!

-So we were sitting in sharing time and all of a sudden out of no where he goes "Gosh....I really want a Ham Sandwich right now!" He also stated that he was..."Sigh....Im so HUNGRY!" He also said that "Im hungry to my tumbly" You think he was a little Hungry?? lol Oh goodness so funny!

We then went into the classroom, i was teaching about how we have ears and we need to listen with them and i asked the question about how the bishop has ears, and the same little boy goes "the bishop isn't a person he is an ANIMAL" lol i tried to convince him otherwise but then just proceeded to say that he was, "just a kid" lol How can you not laugh at that???

The other little boy told me about how his flowers were blooming sooo big that they were taking up his yard hehe, HIS FLOWERS

Ok i hope that made someone smile :]

-Oh and as for that last emo sad post im doing better now :]

Thursday, May 21, 2009

half empty...

This post is mostly for if you dont want to read about someone complaining or upset just skip it, i guess....

Usually im a pretty happy person, i try not to let things get me down, i try to be strong, and i try to look at the cup half full....Well today its half empty near the bottom! Its actually empty...

why does life have to throw you curve balls??? or these things that just never leave?? Why does it have to hurt sometimes? Why do we have to go through struggles or not feel like we are good enough? We work so hard to just feel like someone has slapped us across the face! Im sick of feeling like the things i do arent good enough....Im tired of doing the same things everyday....Im sick of hurting....Life shouldn't be hard it shoudn't!! Why do people have to leave us when we need them the most?.....Why is it that the saying "well you will grow from it"......what if you dont want to......what if you dont want to go through the pain....?....

I just want to find someone that cares about me....

Honestly....what do i do wrong?......

sorry if this is all emo....Im really not normally like this...its just one of those days i guess....

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A party, food, crazy random oh my goodness pictures!!!

For this post....You will have to read it from the bottom UP! That is correct my friends im tooooo lazy to re-order them all So close your eyes and scrool down to the end!

Night everyone

So after a crazzzy night that was OH so much fun!!! Im so tired lol but had so much tonight and yesterday! I love my friends (even if i am old) lol but we always have so much fun lol and tonight was for sure a topper of the top!!

Cheese!! Finally all four!!

Have you seen this car???? its sooo pretty!!! But dont Touch lol!!

This is my All time Favorite picture of the WHOLE night!!! It just explains itself i think



well i moved on to a new guy he is more my size...but he smokes!!! So SAD

Sara with the indian lol is she sick??

ummm i dont know...but McKenna sure does? lol hehe

LEVIS???? OH MY GOSH ONLY 29.99!!!???? got to get me some of those!

Now we could have a problem here....isn't this saras bear McKenna?.....Two timing bear! Im tellin ya they are all the same!!!

I told sara that she had to act like the bear and do what it was doing well KELSIE did it but not sara lol good form kelsie haha

Dance sara Dance with the bear!!

Sara's new love :] Isn't he handsome???

and this is : "Kelsie Queen of the Rock" with her very own carrage cant get much better than that!

YA...idk what was going on??? but im for sure slumping in this pic??

Everyone i would like you to meet my new boyfriend, he is the only guy that was willing to date me, now dont be judgmental cuz he is so tall and made out of wood! He is still wonderful and the plus he cant talk lol JUST KIDDING!

Kelsie even learned how to tie her VERY OWN BOW TIE!!! When you loose your bow tie just use your hair has the same effect lol :]

And again hehe Kelsie is the tree (great tree dont you think so?) and I was the lil child and sara is the parents??? lol

We decided that we were gonna pose like the picture for Genesis Dental, Kelsie is the tree, and McKenna and Sara are the people lol well done i think dont you?

Super Models thats right we have some right here in Kanab!! Just watch and stare!

Wow.....the light!! Go towards the light! WAIT DONT GO TOWARDS THE LIGHT! hehe

Oh the buffalo push me pull you???? uh guys i dont think he is going ANYWHERE! And sara is just happy as a clam lol

Kelsie was sad cuz she was handicap (her own words not mine hehe) McKenna was just happy to get some MAIL!!! WOO
SATURDAY!!!! So today was filled with many adventures it started out with SLEEPING IN! :] then i went over to Kelsie's to help her with her Vic Pres posters and her math project! Everything turned out GREAT! Go to her blog to see those :] Had fun with that :] Then i came home and chilled until eight thirty when sara came by and we went and picked up Kelsie, and McKenna! we did so many things including.....
Dancing in the parking lot (check that off my list of things to do this summer)
got ice-ees? :] YUM
Turned our mouths blue and red!
Rode our boards
had a race with our boards and only sitting and using our feet (looked pretty funny!) Kelsie and Sara won cuz they CHEATED hehe j/k
Sang to the music in my car
Drove around
got out and took a TON of random pictures which you will see as you read....UP!
After finally finishing eating we headed over to my house and had cake, lemon bars, chips, inside out oreos, carrots, olives, soda, and m&m's!!!!! yes i know A TON OF FOOD!! Dont worry we didn't eat it all lol but good food! We sung to McKenna then watched "Bed Time Stories" I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! Talked, laughed, giggled and all that fun stuff!! The WHOLE night WAS SO MUCH FUN!!!! I hope everyone had a blast! I know i sure did!!! We will for sure have to do it again!!!

Oh there is Sara Finally!! This one is PERFECT!!! HEHE

Played with this one :]

This is some of the group.....some how we dont have any pictures of josh!! And Sara where did you go??? Sara took more pictures too

Silly picture number three i like this one too!!

Or maybe Two silly pictures hehe I love this picture!!

Cant go without a silly picture...

Kelsie and Sara, I think sara was a lil too hungry??? hehe

(there was a picture of McKenna and Matt here...but somehow i deleted it.....sad!

Sara and I CHEESE!

Kelsie and I at the party dinner! We were excited about our drinks hehe shirley temple and a rasberry lemonade YUM!

McKenna and I at Rewind BIRTHDAY GIRL!! WOOT WOOT

Start Here
On Friday we had a Be-Lated Birthday party for McKenna :] She turned fifteen last week so it was a lil late but non any less fun! It started out with Kelsie and Sara coming over to help me bake a secret surprise cake for McKenna, After that we went to shopping for some more things, then went to Kelsie's to help her make Lemon Bars which we actually didnt' do we more like watched but we were good observers :] hehe, then we played Kelsies Wii on bowling and baseball! I was terrible at both but hey its all good lol After that we dropped Sara off then Kelsie and I headed back to my house to decorate her cake which came out amazing good? go figure lol j/k After that we headed over to Rewind and met McKenna, Josh, and Matt at ate yummmy food(Read on UP)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

sUmMeR LiSt....TaGgEd

On this oh such wonderful weather night i think about all the things i want to do this summer :]
My list :] i hope i remember EVERYTHING!


  • lake powell

  • learning guitar

  • my new long board

  • exploring a lot!

  • Night rides on my board :]

  • taking pictures in

  • going on girls trips

  • walking barefoot on the grass :]

  • girlscamp
  • working out

  • living my life for the first time in awhile!
  • hanging out with friends!

  • dancing in the parking lot and not caring if anyone sees!

  • swinging
  • yosemite?
  • night exploring ooooo fun!

  • swimming
  • watching movies at the baseball field

  • scrapbooking
  • no no no homework

  • scanning all of my grandmas pictures

  • going on a random trip

  • and soooo many other things :]


Also since i got on McKenna for not telling me to do this question thingy i guess i should do it haha :]

Three Names I have been called in my life
1. Kaylie
2. Kay(which i like but no one calls me anymore)
3. Keelie

Three Jobs I have had in my life
1. Babysitter
2. The Pharmacy :] going on five years
3. Student i think that should be called a job lol

Three places I have lived
1. Palmdale Cali(what a name)
2. Kanab UT i love kanab
3. Cedar City AHHHHH SNOW!!!!!

Three TV Shows that I watch
2. Smallville
3. biggest loser but now its done so on to another show lol j/k

Three places I have been*

1. Washington DC
2. Nauvoo ILL
3. Kansas which isn't very nice to mormons!! SAD!

People that e-mail me regularly
1. A lot of places that i dont know and or care about
2. Billions of stupid forwards
3. Hannah Zweifel

Three of my favorite foods
1. Chicken Alfredo
2. Muffins :D yummmmmmy
3. Mac and Cheese (however i dont eat these foods very often cuz if i did well then you would have to call me Kaylie the Blimp hehehe i would be HUGE!! lol but you would see me more often and better! lol

Three people I think will do this tag?
1. No one cuz no one loves me :(
3. hehe just kidding anyone thats anyone will do this cuz its just the cats meow!! lol j/k

Three things I am looking forward to
1.Lots of fun plans this summer!!
2. Getting my new board that i have officially named my new boyfriend oh its pretty!
3. going to disneyland for my 21st bday!!!! YAH :D :D lol

Now, here's what you're supposed to do...Andplease do not spoil the fun..copy and paste into your blog, delete my answers, and type in youranswers. Then tag your friends and family.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cali part two and some weight down!

So here is the part two but.....first i wanted to show something that makes me very happy :]

This picture below was takin not this last christmas but the Chirstmas before so Dec 2007, I was well to say the least at my heaviest (not gonna tell ya how much i weighed) but here is

Here is AFTER :] its takin more than a year and i still have ten left to go but this is 12 pounds down

WOOO :] sorry im just really excited haha i have for sure worked my butt off literally haha but im not done yet haha :]

THis one below is to show the difference of my dad also! My mom and dad went on Jenny Craig at the beginning of the year as of today my mom has lost 22 and my dad has lost 56! They have more to go but im sooo proud of them! They both look great but look at my dad!!!
This picture is before.....

And after!! Its not the best picture but i think you can for sure tell a difference!! Ill put up pictures on the family blog soon :]
Our family is doing healthy and GREAT :] Im so excited for family pictures in August to see how different we all look!!!

We are SOOO GOOFY :]

In case your wondering where we are we are at Bob's in North Hollywood :] Its tradition haha and sometimes you even see movie people!

So of course we got a traditional picture with bob :]

Even my grandparents have lost weight!!!! YAH :D

Bob's has a night where all the old cars come like a mini car show! This one was my favorite :] yummy!!!
For mothers day we went to the cheese cake factory :] mmmmm so good!

Papa Dave :]

My dad and Me :] I like this picture :D haha

Over all i had a blast visiting my grandparents! Thanks grandma and grandpa for everything!! I had a blast!!
Toodles :]