Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

hey everyone

So its chirstmas eve! Im sick and im tired wow AMAZING!! hehe anyways life is good i love being home for christmas. We went and looked at christmas lights tonight it was pretty fun! I got new pjs(its a tradition!) Anyways i will update on what i get tomorrow for christmas!



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I love my new computer


So i have to be quick because im not on my computer because i haven't gotten internet on it yet and my laptop wont start but that is because i was transferring my pics to my new computer and i must of transferred a file that had my start up program for my laptop on it so it wont start....oh well when i go home for christmas break my dad says that he will be able to fix it hopefully! Anyways LOVE my new computer its SOOO nice thank you grandma and grandpa!
Finals are this week i had one last night for my asl class and i think i did pretty good! YEA :D well i have two more but only one is a actual test the other one is a take home final. So anyways everything is GREAT! Its freezing over here in cedar i swear its like 3 below! There has been the same snow on the ground for like three days cuz its too cold to melt! Anyways better get back to studying :D love ya all :D