Thursday, February 21, 2008



So its been a kinda hum drum week i have come to the conclusion that all boys are stupid except family.....I think that they all should be labeled when they are born as stupid! Im also so sick of how they say that they want to be friends but expect you to do all the work!

Its supposed to snow this weekend and if it does i swear i will protest! Yell at the snow from my apartment. We had a kinda girls night tonight with bryttni fox, kayla osborn, ash, me and sarah it was pretty fun, we watched "lucky you" which i would not recommend unless you want to fall asleep or know how to play poker i was lost through the whole thing. I also got the internet on my laptop which is a wonderful thing! I also wore my extensions in my hair today and i got more compliments on them then i do on my real hair thought that was kinda funny. Anyways its 1 in the morning and i still have to write in my journal and read my scriptures and do some homework. What can i say im a nightowl lol thanks to my two grandmas! Just kidding i LOVE IT!! Well i will talk to u all later here are some pics from my trip up north last weekend.

Love ya all,

Friday, February 15, 2008

Cali trip

hey all,

So this last week well actually over a week ago on Feb 4th my ggpa(greatgrandpa) died....It was really sad but he was in a lot of pain and now he doesn't hurt anymore. I will for sure miss him and i loved him and still do! We went to the funeral and it was a very good service, it was at forest lawn. It was a long trip down and a long trip back but usually eight hour trips are.....It was really neat however because i got to go through a ton of pictures of my ggma and ggpa! Here are some pictures of my ggma and ggpa and the funeral and the old pictures. enjoy

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I get bored!!!

I love this quote

Friday, February 1, 2008

home alone!

hey all!

So everyone went home this weekend so im pretty much home alone, just my one other roomate stayed, its nice but kinda lonely....oh well i have so much homework its not even funny also going to a gymnastic meet tonight and im SO excited im going with my roomate and her serority sisters, it should be fun! well not much else going on just sitting in my dorm room listening to music so ill talk to ya all later :D



we got bored hahaha :D