Tuesday, October 30, 2007

new quick hair post :D

hey everyone

im just going to quickly post a pic of my hair and then i will post another one later! :D luvs

let me know what ya think

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It seems like it was just august gosh thats crazy anywho ALOT has happened since i last wrote and sorry that it has taken so long anyways, i got my hair cut and i will post pics on here further down my page and i also have some fun pics from our adventure to walmart lol we took tonz of crazy pics im really surprised that we didn't get kicked out and then me and sarah are going up to provo this weekend to see mandy and stuff :D YEAH ROADTRIP! :D :D :D YES!! Im coming home in two weeks! I also made my first dinner all by myself on sunday! I was SO proud of myself! And school is going good i went to sign language class(which is my favorite class) anyways life is GREAT! im feeling TONZ better :D so happy days

love kaylie

pics of my hair

...maybe another day cuz i cant find them right at the moment so :D