Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 Random Facts about Me!

I've been tagged! And this one actually looked like a lot of fun! I have a feeling though its gonna take me awhile to fill out, cuz i have to say 25 things about me! So im sorry if it gets boring...

  1. I have two different colors of eyes, One is Brown-Green, the other is Green-Blue!

  2. I have a crazy sometimes scary obsession for Disneyland. I get homesick for Disneyland, but not for my own home...is that strange?

Disneyland this year :]

  • Every night before I go to bed I have to clean my room, I cant sleep if it's dirty.

  • I have a different laugh almost always, sometimes it has a high squeak to it...

  • I have a high pitched voice which I hate! One person has even been known to call me "Helium Girl"...

  • I love Olive Garden and if I could I would eat there for every dinner for the rest of my life!

  • I also love love love Mac and Cheese, but the only kind I like is the good old Kraft out of a box.

  • I cant eat butter if its been left out of the fridge.

  • I'm majoring in Education and have known I wanted to be a Kindergarten teacher since i was five.

  • Every time I try to sing the songs to Wicked i start to cry, maybe its cuz I loved it so much?!, or I have a strange disorder?, I really dont know!

  • Im for sure a night owl and dont go to sleep early

  • I love the shows, "Smallville", "The Secret Life", "Gilmore Girls", and "Dr. Quinn" haha

  • I love my job, I wouldn't change working at a pharmacy or my bosses for anything! Pretty much they are my second family and are truley some of my heroes.

  • I love to shop and have way too many clothes. I also love shoes!

  • Some of my favorite places to be are Yosemite, the beach, Kanab, and Disneyland!

  • Yosemite National Park June 2006

    The Coves in Cali Jan. 2009

  • I cant walk over those drains that they have on streets or on sidewalks; they freak me out and I seriously am scared I will fall in!

  • I am a HUGE fanatic for History! Any kind of book on History, places that you can go, or old letters i just LOVE them! If you ask me about my Family History I probably wont shut up and you will wish you had never asked!

  • I have only kissed two people in my whole life, sometimes I feel pathetic for it and other times I feel proud?! Go figure!

  • I want to be married in the temple! I love my religion with every bone in my body!

  • At the Provo Temple March 2008

  • I love my family, and friends!

  • Josh, Me, Papa Dave, Grandma Jean, and my Dad!

    August 2008

    Mommy, me, Daddy, Grandma Lulu, and Josh

    Sara and I at a basketball game Jan. 2009

  • I can't sit still and have been told by a few people that i act like i have ADD, so instead i doodle in pretty much every class i have; thats how my stick figures got started.

  • One of my many doodles haha , the "Shopping Fanatic"

  • I spend way too much time on the computer and it bugs the heck out of me.....I have a myspace, facebook, blog and twitter and probably other stuff that i cant remember!

  • I love to take pictures. I love photography. I love to fix photos after I take them!
  • One of the shots my mom and I took this Fall, fixed with Photoshop

    One of the pics i took of Kelsie, done with Photoshop

  • Some of my favorite books are by Louisa May Alcott. I have read almost every book that she wrote, Little Women is one of my favorite movies and i read the book in Fifth grade!

  • I cant cook for the life of me...no seriously i blew up carrots in a microwave, ruined a cake, ruined rice-a-roni, and with that burned a whole in the Tupperware, but i can make one heck of a grilled cheese sandwhich!

  • I dont like chocolate, I will eat it but not such a big fan of it.

  • K so thats 26 but still!!! haha i taggg...




    and anyone else that wants to do it!


    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    "Crazy things are happenin to me!"-Toy Story

    So Pretty much this week was kinda boring other than Friday and Saturday sooooo....I'm gonna just give you a list of things that happened to me this week cuz some of them are pretty much a little strange and others are just great!

    1. Got Sick
    2. Saw Marley and Me (sad but WAY good)
    3. School
    4. Made Some SWEEET scrapbook pages for some friends!(cant show yet cuz they haven't seen them yet!)
    5. Went to the Middle School (kids are crazy funny!)
    6.Went and ate Costa Vida!
    7. Went to a Gymnastics Meet!! We WON!
    8. Went to a Institute Dance
    9. Saw Kelsey, Morgan, and a few other people at the institute dance!
    10. Some cute guy said he liked my dress?! Go figure?
    11. Ran Into a guys arm(LITERALLY) thought i had broke my nose!
    12. Went to go get a drink at a drinking fountain, some guy(cute guy) pushed the other water so my water went a lil in my face as a joke, then he did it again after i laughed got my hair in my mouth, tried to spit it out accidentally spit on cute guy...ya...
    13. Went to Provo with Sarah to see Mandy.
    14. Tried to start my car without my keys...
    15. Went and ate at Olive Garden
    16. Waited at Olive garden for 40 mins!
    17. Went to the Draper Temple Open House!! O MY GOSH IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!
    18. Fell down and tripped while walking to the open house....
    19. Almost fell again!
    20. Watched Toy Story!
    21. Came home in a snow storm...

    So ya over all you can tell that im an idiot lol but at least i laugh at myself and that i had a great weekend!! The temple was soooo sooo beautiful, and i cant wait tell someday i can be married there! well not there but in the temple...you get the idea i hope!

    Hope everyone had a great great weekend!

    Wednesday, January 21, 2009

    old craziness

    So i saw Kelsie do this on her blog and i thought it was kinda fun so i really hope she doesnt mind that im copying her.

    But I also the other day was on my dads computer and found a whole load of pictures that are from a few years ago that i didn't even know exsist! My family and I have changed so much in the past few years....Life is kinda a funny thing how you age and how people come and go out of your life. I've lost a couple people in the past few years and I can't begin to tell you how much i miss them....Some of them are my...

    My Papa Arvil....I miss him so much....

    My Ggma and Ggpa(Great Grandparents) They both passed away this year...and i miss them so much! The love they had for eachother amazes me!

    But change just amazes me. I for sure went through my stages in High School and Middle School! In Middle School i was fat, had glasses and braces! I also was the biggest nerd and even up tell Junior year in High School would cry if i got an A-!! How sad is that?! haha

    Me in Middle School. In the background is Leah, Emily Downward and Megan Spencer

    High School Roled around and with being in Cheer for my freshman year it kinda i guess you could say "Shoved" me into high school haha

    My Freshman Year going to HomeComing haha with some friends...my hair was so long....dang

    Then my sophmore year roled around and i made a ton of new friends! Alot changed my sophmore year....

    Beginning of my Sophomore year

    The freakin best play ever! This was the first play i helped in haha Look how young everyone looks!

    Between Sophomore and Junior year that summer i changed a ton and kinda went into an emo stage haha...

    Emo me oh goodness!!!!!

    The precious guitar pic...i wonder where that went?!

    Junior year was my favorite year! It was such a blast and i slowely grew out of my emo stage and just into a crazy strange stage haha

    Goofin off with Matt and Dani

    Look how much My dad and Josh have changed!!!

    So ya ill stop now before i have way too many pictures on here!! haha hope ya enjoyed! Goodness how we all change!

    Tuesday, January 20, 2009

    I had to do a project for one of my classes about me. So if you want there it is to check out!


    old pictures

    So, not a lot is going on here just homework and school. I went into the Middle School today. I get to go in once a week for the rest of the term in a sixth grade classroom. It was actually really good and i enjoyed it a lot! But i was looking through some pictures and found this....

    Dont worry i dont look like this now...but i did about a year ago last july! Idk why im postin them on here it just brought back some memories....if your wondering....Thats what happens when you get an infection when you get your wisdom teeth pulled....The top picture is how i looked when i went to the emergency room and the bottom was after three days in the hospital haha Its just kinda a funny picture lol i look like i was in a Boxing match!

    Ok thats all for now

    Night :D


    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    new hair????

    so....i got my hair redarkened today....and well she didn't do it the way i wanted....i really wanted carmel through-out it....and its SOOO dark....I dont know if i like it or not...its kinda growing on me....here is it...

    I would love to know what everyone else thinks...please be honest even if you dont like it.


    Tuesday, January 13, 2009

    Wedding and Drawings!


    Justin and Cici got married this past weekend! Their reception was BEAUTIFUL! and Cici looked BEAUTIFUL, and Justin looked very daper lol Anyways, it was a wonderful reception and i hope mine someday can be like it! I wish them the best of luck and im so very happy for them! For their wedding present I drew them one of my Doodles let me know what you think!


    Tuesday, January 6, 2009


    Girls Night!

    So i guess you could say that i had a good break haha! I did a lot i went to Cali and got to see my grandparents and ill post about that later i promise! But for now im gonna post about the weekend that i had! haha
    Friday I was sitting around bored i had just gotten home from Cali and I called Sara to make sure that our girls night was still planned for the next day and she was bored too so she came over. We tried to watch a movie but that didn't work so well lol We decided to head over to the High School Basketball game(which i hadnt been to one for two years lol) We got bored there so we took some fun pictures!

    Stick out the tongue i look like a animal!?

    Sorry Sara but you look high! haha on life!! lol

    Got to get a hoodie gangsta pic!

    After the game was done we went and picked up Kelsie cuz we knew she was bored as us lol and we went to the park then back to her house to play Clue(the super version of it lol its awesome!)


    Sara Being silly

    Playing Clue it was a mini bat! This new version has so much more cool stuff i was just amazed at the mini bat!


    I woke up late which was wonderful since it was pretty much my last day to sleep in! Then i headed over to Kelsie's house and highlighted her hair and cut her bangs. I feel bad cuz the highlights didn't work out the way she wanted...but they still looked good just not as blond as she wanted them to be. But her bangs are cute on her! Anyways we watched "The Dark Knight" well she did lol i did her hair lol im not a good multi tasker lol

    After that i headed home and got ready for the GIRLS NIGHT!!

    This was for sure the highlight of my break!

    We watched "Pride and Prejudice" which i love!!Ate tonz of junk food, watched these dvd's that Kelsie made for Sara and I. They are amazing! Its like a dvd of all my pictures its great! We took pictures and played some Nintendo!! It was SOOO much fun! I think everyone had a blast!

    I was picking out a movie for us to watch :]

    This is one of my favorite pics ever!

    The Crew Sara, McKenna, and Kelsie

    We call this the "Twilight" PictureShe has such pretty long hair and we want long hair so we decided to pull it out! haha

    Stick out your tongue!

    Monkeys!We decided to pretend we were looking at our dream guy hahaThe whole Crew: Sara, Me, Kelsie, and McKennaAnd last but FOR SURE NOT LEAST! I love this pic! These were our Nintendo Faces!

    haha, hope everyone is well!