Wednesday, April 30, 2008

dinner anyone?

So today was a pretty good day.

My roommates and i decided to go to dinner one last time, its actually the first time we have all been together! It was well lets just say an interesting experience.... everyone is on edge cuz of finals but hey we got some good pictures! One other thing i've decided im not planning anything anymore cuz every time i do it just goes bad....

Here are some pics of the night:

me with the menu (we went to chilies)
all the roomies well actually the girl in the pink doesn't live with us but she is always in our apartment and we love her :]
Amanda, Meg, and Sarah
Nicole and Sarah
Me and Amy i luv this girl :D
Me and Nicole
Me and Kaela...whats with me always putting my chin up?!
Kaela and Amanda
So ya it was an interesting time but i think we all enjoyed it hope!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Wow can i just say how much i lOVE home!!! Im so glad that school is nearly done and i can go home and work this summer :] I know that sounds so stupid that im lookin forward to working but i LOVE working at zions pharmacy with Kortney, BJ, Karen, Kathy, Suzanne, Justin, Jennifer, and Courtney!! I love it idk why im just a nerd lol but i just love everyone that works there! Plus Bj and Kort have been so good to me! Im also lookin forward to havin my good old room back haha :] But ya idk i just love Kanab! I love how i know so many people and everyone is so nice! Im just so glad that im coming home this summer for good (well until school starts again haha) But ya i love it and i miss it :] but hey only one week left well two since ill be in cali for a week but ya YES haha!!! Also my hair is gettin long again!! FINALLY!! I know most people wouldn't think that its not that long but its long to me since it hasnt been long since my sophomore year! Well thats about all i need to get back to studyin but it just seems right to put some pics up of Kanab :]....well nvm i would but all my pics are on my other computer that at this point is packed....:[ so ya just think of it in your head i guess!!

Love ya all

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Spot light and more!

Hey all :]
So im in a good mood today cuz here is my list :]

  1. I have finished my English final paper :]

  2. I have no more pet rock projects due :]

  3. I have one week and a half left of school :]

  4. Im going to cali in a lil over two weeks!

  5. I took my science test today and i think i did good for once!

  6. I get to go shopping soon!

  7. Im almost done with my first year of college!

  8. I ate mac and cheese last night for din din

  9. I had enough sources for my english paper!

  10. I got a doughnut in Institue :]
  11. I have amazing friends!

I know that they are all pretty stupid but hey look at the small great things in life right?!

and now for.....DRUMROLL......Time for another spotlight lol


Papa Dave

David Michael Horton

David Michael Horton was born October 30 1942 to David and Shirley Horton. He was born and raised in California. He played sports for a little while and even beat a few of his high school track records! However, his real love was his motorcycle. He married Jean Robbins and had one son (my dad) David Lee Horton. He worked in the movie business for many years. He is an amazing artist and is also very creative! He knows the meaning of work and has always provided for his family in more ways then one. He is extreemly smart (even though he doesn't think he is) and i love talking to him. He also has a nack for gardening. Every spring their front yard is always beautiful with flowers. He also has always been there for me in also more ways than one. He helped take care of his dad for i dont even know how many years. He is a very caring person and i admire him for so many reasons. I look up to him for taking care of his dad and mom when he could have been doing other things. He is an amazing person in so many ways! If anyone in his family needs his help he is always there to help. Im so honored to have him as my grandpa and to learn from him. I hope that someday i can be such a wonderful person as him. I have so many great memories with him but one that stands out is going to the beach with him and him teaching me how to ride the boogie board :] I inherited my love of history from him, we both love to learn about the history of our family! I love you grandpa thanks for everything you really are a great grandpa :D

have a great day :]



Saturday, April 19, 2008

lake hair and idks....

Hey so...

Today was was not how i planned on it going at all.. but i hope that they had fun....we went to the lake Jennifer, Amy, Nicole, and Sarah and me. First it took us like half and hour to see where we were going to stay then we get there and its windy and we walk down to the beach and there are stickers everywhere! It was windy and the water was really cold....we didn't stay for very long but in that time i found the time to get a horrid sunburn on my back....well we drove back to kanab and then went to Junction it was actually really good and that went well. Later we did Jennifers hair and highlights well over all it came out really good! It took a lil while but i think she likes it and its pretty :] I also did Cassidies hair for her prom and that came out awesome. Now we are watching a movie so overall i think they had fun i did just it was a crazy day. so here are some pics:

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the 16...


Today wasnt such a good day to start with cuz it was the 16 which is never a good day so my mom met me in st. george and we went and saw a movie the emma smith story which was AMAZING!! I loved it soo soo much if anyone has the chance to see it....for sure go see it! It was wonderful. Anyways and then we went and to chilies mmmmm :] i love that place lol well i was trying to eat my food and it like went everywhere cept my mouth honestly im like a lil kid learning how to eat it was pretty funny! Well then me and my mom tried to get some pics lol here are the testers they are really funny lol and terrible but we laughed at them lol !

here they be :]

This top one was funny of me cuz i look like i have a huge face ug and the bottom one was funny of my mom she said "so this is what i look like with my eyes open"

This was the good one, even though its horrid of me good of my mom though!

So ya today actually turned out to be a really good day thanks to my mom! I love my mom oh so gosh dang much!!


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

cow tippin lake trip and curls

hey so

i got to sleep in today it was great! Cept i hate when i sleep in cuz then i feel like i've wasted half my day on sleeping lol i also think i have ADD cuz i cannot concentrate on anything but i guess thats how most people are lol.

But today has been a good day. It so gosh dang windy outside i think it could blow a cow over no need for anyone to go cow tippin the wind will do it! J/k

Im not lookin forward to these next two weeks at all it seems like lately all my life is, is homework homework im so ready for summer! However, im so lookin forward to this weekend :] Im going home and two of my roomies are coming with me. We are going to go to the lake on saturday with Jennifer and her bro and her bros roomie. Hopefully the weather will be good. It would be my luck that the weather would be horrid. So i've been prayin a lot that it will be good weather! Cuz if it is it will be so much fun!

Also im so stoked cuz im doing cassidies hair for her prom saturday night ill post pics of it! Im so excited cuz it will look so pretty cuz its so long hopefully i can do a good job. After cassidies hair im going to highlight Jennifers hair :] yah i love love love to do hair :] so over all this weekend should be really really awesome! Im super excited it will be so nice to get away from school work for a lil while! well i need to go do more homework...meh :[



I wish....

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happily Ever After


i know i have already posted earlier but i just idk ya...

So after so long i have realized what i really want in life. It has always been there in front of me. Its a temple marriage and a family that will last forever. I think its in Charlie where he says that he believes in happily ever after, well i do. I dont know when it will come but it will come sometime soon i hope. I know this sounds so stupid and lil kiddish but that's what i thought too! But i dont anymore, i see what i want and well im not gonna give up that dream for anything!

The Manti Temple

Night all :]


New Glasses :]

Hey all so...

yesterday was a great great day :] my parents came down and i got my new glasses! here is a pic of them!

Yes i know im a but i hope everyone likes them cuz i wouldn't want to walk around with ugly glasses!

well anywho after that we went apartment looking for next fall semester and im going to live in Mandalay Apartments here are some pics of them! They are really really nice!

We also went and saw 21, half of it i didn't understand cuz i dont understand gambling but over all it was a really good movie! Also the guy in it was freaken sexy :D lol! Other than that it was just a regular good day!

Time for another Spotlight on:

Grandma Jean

(Doris Jean Robbins Horton)

Jean Robbins was born on December 31 1935 in Illinois to Frances Marie Hall and Hugh Kenchen Robbins. She grew up in Virden Illinois with all her sisters and her brother. They had a few farm animals and well she hates milk and wont drink it unless its canned milk :] Her mom died when she was in her teens and so her sister Toots took care of all the kids and they moved and ended up in California where she finished going to school. She met David Horton and got married and had one little boy named David Lee Horton. She was all about being a mom and is still really close with "Davey"(my dad) My grandma jean is not only my grandma but one of my best friends! I love to spend time with her cuz she is sooo funny and always laughing! When i was little she was the "other kid" that would play with me in the restaurant and goof off when we weren't supposed to! :] I remember one time i was staying over at their house and she made me my favorite kind of oatmeal and let me set up the little table in the living room! I was so shocked that she let me eat in the living room but she was just cool like that! haha! I know i can talk to my grandma jean about anything and she will always listen and help! She is one of my hero's also and i hope that i can be like her someday! She is so so creative with everything and always doing something fun and creative! She also loves to shop and so do i so we have a blast when we go shopping! One time we went to payless (her favorite shoe store) and well there was a sale on flip flops i think we ended up buying like altogether six pairs of flip flops! She also gives the best hugs! They are my favorite :D Grandma I love you! And I'm so freakin grateful for you and i hope you know that and how much i look up to ya! I hope i can be as giggly as you are for the rest of my life!

Love ya all

Kaylie :D

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Papa Arvil

Ok so today was overall a very good day :] not much to talk about so I'm gonna do another Spotlight on:

Papa Arvil

(Arvil Loran Jones)
Arvil Loran Jones was born May 23, 1916 in St. George Utah to Mary Hatch and Loran Jones. He went to school in St. George tell he was 13 and then his family drove the long trip to California. He played the trombone and loved it! He also had a paper route that he rode on his bike every morning. He had some funny stories that he would tell about his "Newspaper days". He worked in many jobs such as, the movies, and even helped build the first space shuttle! He also served in World War II in Guadalcanal and later wrote a book about it called "Forgotten Warriors". He Marred Lulu Walton and had three beautiful children, Ray, Kenny, and Kathy. He worked all his life but his one getaway was his garden. He loved to raise plants and just watch them grow they were his kids haha. They later moved to Kanab where he also had a garden and could grow anything. He had a tree that he had planted six years after ours and it was still bigger! He loved his grand kids and would always want to give them a big smack(kiss)on the cheek :]. All his family knew that he loved them. Sadly he died on August 26 2002 and was buried in kanab Cemetary. I miss him so gosh dang much! I love my Papa Arvil he always let me know that he loved me and whenever i was feeling bad he could cheer me up. He was so smart but he never thought he was. He is also one of my hero's and i am so honored that i got to know him and that i am his grand daughter. I have so many good memories with my papa arvil but the one that stands out is when i was about four he was babysitting me and he wanted to eat some ice cream well he didn't want anyone to know that we were eating it so he told me to keep it a secret and so he sat me on the counter in front of the window and we ate so much ice cream. When we were done the ice cream was half gone but he still had to smooth it down so that no one would know that we had ate it. I love ya grandpa and i cant wait to see you again someday!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Hey all

its a Beautiful day! :]

So the past few weeks i have been doing some well needed scrapbooking. Please remember that it was well needed so a lot of these pics that i scrapbooked are like from two years ago! ya i know im a lil slow but at least i did it right?

here they are :]

let me know what ya think!

Sorry they are kinda blurry :[

love ya-

Kaylie :]

Monday, April 7, 2008

the duct tape salesman doctor!

blog blog blog

what if i just wrote that for my whole entry?! So idk what to write about so im just gonna write whatever comes into my mind :] ENJOY!

  1. why do gerber daises grow crooked?

  2. Why is a man freakin pregnant?

  3. Cant anyone water a dumb plant?

  4. Why do people just redo old songs why not just create a new one?

  5. What happend to crayons? i havent seen them in years!

  6. why does the keyboard have to be set up all odd why not just be like abc ect...

  7. i spilled something on my purple shirt looks like baby spit up

  8. i need to throw away that dang lamp!

  9. my side hurts

  10. i need to get a social life

  11. i want fruit loops!

  12. Im the duct tape salesman doctor

  13. I dont understand what im listening to

  14. we have a valentines christmas tree

  15. why does summer have to be so far away?

  16. i wish i had something interesting to blog about

  17. Who thought to make a fridge magnetic?

  18. i need to work on my english paper

  19. I want to play guitar hero

  20. who thought to name the game cranium cranium?

  21. Why did someone invent makeup life would be so much better if it didn't exsist!

  22. my face hurts

  23. Im tired

  24. i want to watch rock a doodle

  25. i really want to draw rainbows and stars

ok i feel much much better :]

i think im gonna go to bed i think that might be a good idea but first i just want to tell all my friends and family how much i love them all :]

Night all i hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and just keep smiling!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Provo: the couple capital of the world

ok so i went to....
provo this weekend


it will literally go down as one of the worst weekends of my life wanna know why?

(im sure u dont.....but if u dont just skip down to where i name the good things in my life)

  1. i was a tagalong: why? well Sarah was just planning on going but she couldn't just go by herself cuz her parents would let her go alone so i was like what the heck ill go.

  2. Every where i looked people were in couples: this was not a good time for me to be seeing everyone paired up cuz well it just hasnt been a good week.

  3. Sarah and Mandy went on their date on Saturday night and well i thought i would go shopping while they went thinking their date would start at seven. I was actually really excited about going shopping. So i went at seven well turned out the date didn't start tell ten so by the time i had got finished shopping they hadnt started the date so i went and saw 27 dresses which was not a good movie to see alone cuz it was all about a girl and how shes all alone. So then i drove around provo looking for pie cuz i really wanted some, do u think i could find pie anywhere? no of course not! I was gonna go to ihop but there were tonz of college people there and i didn't really want to go in there alone so i didn't get pie and then i went up to the temple and sat it was good for me though i needed to do that for a long time, and then went home...all alone....

  4. I locked my keys in my car: So then to top off the whole "wonderful" weekend i locked my keys in my i had to call AAA to come open my car for me...

So there is why my weekend was horrid! Im so glad its monday(never thought i would say that)tomorrow!

So since i named why my weekend was horrid i should put some good things that happened to me

  1. I went shopping: I got to spend money on myself and get some new spring clothes! I got some really really cute shorts they are super cute and a few shirts which were all on sale!

  2. I got to listen to conference: This time it was really really good :] i enjoyed it and was able to focus that is amazing for me haha

  3. Met up with Mandy: I got to meet up with Mandy Carter and have lunch with her :] you know its crazy we go months without talking but everytime we get together its like we never left eachother! Plus it was good to hear her call me Kay no one calls me that anymore cept her. I wish they would though

  4. Ate at Cafe' Rio: I love this place its so yummy to my tummy! Love Love Love it haha :D

  5. Saw a move: i know this was on my bad list but it really was such a cute movie if anyone has the chance to see it im serious do its awesome twentyseven dresses :] its a buyer!

  6. walked on the temple grounds: I love to walk on the grounds of the temple it doesnt matter what temple it just feels so peaceful and awesome! I luv it :D

So ya there is my weekend take it as you may as for me im really happy that its monday tomorrow and that i get to start a new week...even if i do have tonz of homework cuz finals are in three weeks but ya SUMMER BABY :]

luv ya all :D

Kaylie Jean