Wednesday, November 28, 2007


hey all

So thanksgiving was great i made a pie and it was very yummy! I had fun and i also celebrated my birthday it was great! So when i came home the next day i walk out to my car from institute and there are flowers on my windshield!? Cooper gave me flowers! Isn't that so sweet :D well so yeah not much just stressed for finals! so not looking forward to them!!! well gonna go talk to ya later! :D i will have my bday pics on here soon hopefully if my dad gives them to me!

Luv yaz

My cool pic!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Gosh i have been really bad at keeping this thing up....well anyways so i died my hair all brown!!!

look mom look dad NO MORE BLONDE! YES!

before after!
i like it much better!
anyways my bday is almost here, and im SOOO dang excited!! I've been really busy, im going home this weekend that should be fun but im only going for saturday since im going to be there for thanksgiving too......
ummmm....i bought a HUGE gift bag today cuz it was cheep and it was HUGE i have never ever ever seen one soooo dang big!!! I was in shock! Other than that not a lot has happened lately!
Love yaz hope ya all like the hair!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

happy saturday

hey all
so its been a very busy week and sarah ended up going home this weekend so im all alone all by myself but thats ok! Anyways went and visited my grandma Lulu yesterday she wasnt doing very well and i am pretty worried about her so everyone please keep her in your prayers. So we dont know if we are staying in this dorm next sememster or going somewhere else i really dont care. I think im coming down with something so i just stayed in last night and watch Lady and the Tramp. My bday is coming up in like a month and like two days! Im so excited although i cant believe in going to be nineteen! It just seem so old oh well anyways ill talk to you all later!

Lovez Ya,