Friday, May 30, 2008



So it turns out that my ggma is actually worse off than we thought....She cant feel her left leg and cant raise her right arm.  Her right eye wont open barely at all and her left lower side of her face has no feeling.  The hospital is keeping her for three days to watch over her and if shes ok then they will take her to a home.  My grandpa was talking to her and asked her if she wanted a feeding tube and she said no.  She may not remember a lot of things but she knows whats happened to her and she told my grandpa that she doesn't want to live like this.  She also told him that shes ready to go home to my ggpa.  If it wouldn't be too much to ask of whoever reads this to pray for her that whatever needs to happen will happen that she will be happy and not have to suffer like this...Thank you everyone so much.....

good news and bad...

So it seems as if i always have something that i do that is soooo stupid but at the same time really funny because its soooo stupid here is my story lets call it....hmmm.....

An Idiot and A Fence Post

So once upon a time there was a girl named Kaylie and she was hanging out with her friends Cole, Randy, Sarah and Kayla and they were watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at the softball fields. Well once they were done watching it Kaylie decided to leave, (she was the first one to leave) Well u see Kaylie usually makes a fool out of herself infront of guys (its just like rule of thumb) made a mental note to herself to not do anything stupid while driving away. So she was driving away and she noticed that on the dirt rode she was on there wasn't a curb to the road right infront of her, she noticed a curb just a little bit to the side of where she was driving but while she saw the curb she also saw a fence post. Not thinking much, Like she usually does, she decided that it wasn't that big so she just drove over it. Well u see she had her music on pretty loud so she couldn't hear anything but her car was starting to drive funny so she decided to pull over just a few feet away and see what was wrong. Kaylie got out of the car and to her dismay there was a fence post stuck under her tire and hooked at a angle to her fender. Now Kaylie isn't very strong, she likes to think she is, but shes not so she started to pull at this dang fence post but it wouldn't budge! AT ALL!!! She noticed that the others are starting to drive up to her car. They get out and the first thing that Randy says is HOLY COW what did u do?! Then Cole being the nice guy he is starts pullin at the fence post after a few mins he finally gets it unstuck and then goes on to tell Kaylie to not run over anymore fence posts.....haha? Kaylie just shakes her head and starts to walk towards her car to drive away and while she does the two boys say, Hey but it looked pretty cool when u drove over it cuz it sent sparks all over!...So the moral of this story is whatever you do dont run over fence posts!

So as you can see its a funny story but i felt like such an idiot!! I swear that i always have the wierdest and stupidest things happen to me, and its usually infront of guys!! Why? well i dont know haha.....but i will admit that it was pretty funny! Oh and sorry for the goof of a story but i thought it would be more fun that way haha.

Anyways in other news, yesterday my mom and i went and played tennis and believe me that was a site!! Haha it was sooo funny im terrible at all sports so as u can guess i did really bad at it lol but my mom was "coaching" me the whole time, funny part is she isn't any better than i am haha!! I also washed my car yesterday and its soooo clean and pretty :D well it was until last night haha....

(Four generations well sorta its not my moms side, My mom, me, Ggma, and my Grandma Jean)

Also in some not so good Ggma(Great Grandma Shirley) had a stroke this morning, shes ok but shes also 94 so shes pretty fragile. They thought she was paralyzed but shes ok she can remember things but she has a little bit of a slur. I think part of it was the fact that its my Great Aunt Diane's (my ggma daughters) birthday and she died about thirty years ago from a drug i think that might have helped the stroke a little bit cuz well as most mothers do she misses her so much.....So ya i hope she's gonna be ok, if u dont remember her husband my ggpa passed away in February so shes been having a hard time.

I love ya Ggma...

so ya...hope everyone is good


Sunday, May 25, 2008


Oh and i almost forgot!!!! My cousin had her baby girl!!
Renee Elise Simpson
On May 13
And she was
6 lbs 7 oz.

too much pink

Josh and his class mates

Josh and i, he looks so pissed off lol

My dad and Josh
Josh and my parents, Yes mom and dad hes happy! haha

My grandma Lulu and Josh

And of course i had to get a few pics with my friends that were there, since i didn't get to go to graduation of the high school which btw i was not so happy about! MEH

Courtney shes my "freshman buddy" even though now shes gonna be a senior!!

McKenna and I, shes such a cutie!

Sara and I, shes so silly :D

Ok now for the last thing, on saturday Ashley got married to Cliff Heaton, im so happy for them! It was a lot of fun, by the end of the day though i was sooo tired!! But i took pictures of course cept them didn't come out soo just bare with me :D Oh and beware of the dresses that we had to wear.....they are very pink! Cept on a side note i ordered a size six which i was a lil scared it wouldn't fit me but it did!! I was so happy and proud :D lol Oh the things that make us happy lol

Sarah and I in our interesting pink dresses

Ashley and I, i love her and are so happy for her!

Isn't she beautiful!!!

The wedding party :D

All the girls

I love half dead in this pic.....and cole well idk what hes doing but beau, Kayla, Sarah and Randy look great!

After the wedding the group above in the pic well we all went and played at the park until the lights went out it was a lot of fun :D Those boys are all such funny guys lol

Ok well im out for the night :D talk to ya all later :D


Thursday, May 22, 2008



So i really should be in bed tonight but i just cant sleep. I really think something is wrong with me cuz i just have not been able to sleep lately...and i really should cuz i have a really really long day ahead of me tomorrow. Anyways, life is ok, its not great but hey sometimes life just isnt. I was able to hang out with my friends Mandy tonight for a lil while and drive around. I also helped decorate for ash's wedding which is on Saturday! I cant believe she is getting married! I just thought for the heck of it i would show a picture of what i made her for her wedding, so here it is:

Anyways thats it......

Im gonna go to bed ill talk to ya all later :]


Monday, May 19, 2008


Hey :D
So nothing wonderful has been going on really, i went to the seminary graduation last night and that was neat to see all my friends that are graduating this year! It really doesn't seem like it was a year ago i was doing the same thing....crazy how time flys anyways,.....

So i told ya i would show you what i gave Ashley for her bridal shower present, its not really anything great and i dont know why im posting my drawings on here but here they are:

This was the present i did for ash and cliff, it wasnt much and i felt bad for that but i hope she liked it!

This one i did for my roommates, i was just drawing one night and this came about we thought it would be fun to put it on a tshirt with all our crazy sayings haha...

A couple months ago my moms brothers came down for a small family get together, so we made shirts my parents asked me to draw all my family, after everyone got theres my grandma complained jokingly that she had no hands or feet, didn't even realize i did that haha sorry grandma lulu!

Some other news the High school graduation is this Friday, i feel so bad that i cant go cuz Ashley's rehearsal dinner is that night so im going to Josh's graduation from Middle School(which i cant believe is happening i cant believe him and his friends are old enough, my heck hes gonna be in HIGH SCHOOL!!!

Congrats Josh!!! I love ya :]

i just wanted to congrats all of my senior friends You have all have been a major part of my life so i just though it would be right to congratulate them all!! Good Luck in all that you do!

Morgan :]

Oh garett!!

Kelsey and Adam

Justin and Chasen hahaDani-i wish we were still tight...
(sorry i dont have a pic of him....:( but i love him just the same haha)
also T-Rob
and all the other seniors
They have all been a big part of my life at some point in time and i just thought it would be right to make sure i got all of them! Congrats!!! You did It!!

luv ya all :]


Friday, May 16, 2008

Frogs and Hair

well im sitting at home and i have started the twilight series for the third time! haha :] idk why but i just cant get enough of these books they are my favorite! Im so stoked for the fourth one to come out in August!! So i figured i should read them all again to get refreshed before the last one comes out! Im almost sad that its the last and final book of the series i almost dont want to finish it! Its one of those books where u wish it would just go on and on and on lol i know i would be perfectly happy if it did!
Anywho im almost done with ashleys bridal shower present and when im done i might post a picture of it on here which the two tshirts i have made, one for my family reunion and the other for my wonderful roomies!
You know if you think about it this bloggin thing is kinda a good way to keep track of your life, almost like a journal. I have started to print mine off and put it into a binder so that later on i can look back at what i did! Also idk if i mentioned this or not but my cousin Lauren had her baby girl on monday! Her name is Renee, i dont have any pics of her but she was 6 pounds and 19 inches long and perfectly healthy! My grandma Lulu is now a great grandma, kinda crazy to think that my cousin who is eight days older than me is a mom, anyways now im just rambling.
Last i have a funny story that happened yesterday at work, it was a really random conversation between me and Kort Stirland (my boss) it went a lil like this:

me- Kort?
Kort-Yes Kaylie?
me-What would you do if you had a frog in your throat?
Kort-Well i would tell ya to take some Throat Lozenges.
me-No Kort i mean REAL frog.
kort-Oh well then Kaylie i would tell you to swollow a snake so it would eat the frog.
me-Oh ok well then you could also swollow a watermelon seed so that a watermelon seed would grow in your stomach.
kort-Yup i think that is a wonderful idea.
me-Me too, if i ever have a frog in my throat ill talk to you Kort ok?

Another funny one was this one....

me-Ya Kort?
kort-Well i like your hair like that.
me-Oh you like how long it is?
kort-No i like the things on top.
me-You mean the highlights?
kort-Ya those things.
me-Oh well thanks, gosh Kort your really starting to become savy with hair terms
me-Ya maybe we should go into a business together, Kaylie and Korts hair shop.
kort-No im sorry but i really cant see myself being a hair stylist

(if you cant tell from reading those two stories korts and i's conversations are usually never serious and never make any sense haha)

-Also while i was at work i broke two of the such a klutz its amazing they still let me work there! So just to warn all if you see that when Christmas time roles around that there are no longer three wisemen and only one its my fault.....
K im done sorry to waste everyones time (if you read the whole thing which i hope you didn't cuz then u just waisted like a whole hour on nothing important....then im sorry!)

Tomorrow is ashleys bridal shower, hopefully it all comes together and works out, well im gonna go read some more :]
Night all!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


hey time for a new update :] arent you so stoked haha j/k

Anyways...Remember how i said that i loved working at the pharmacy well im gonna show you a few reasons well actually the major reason why i love it :]  I get to do this all day long!  I get to decorate :D :D  Im kinda proud of my work haha...but ya i did all of the pictures below :D

So ya thats all for today :] hope everyone is grand!!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Disneyland and Mothers day :]

Hey everyone
So im home from California now, but i didn't really post well while i was gone.  On Wednesday my mom and dad met in Vegas and switched so my mom was with me in California and my dad went home.  The reason for this was because my grandparents paid for my mom and i to go to DISNEYLAND!!!(Thank you thank you thank you grandma jean and papa Dave :D)  

-This was us before Disneyland-

So Thursday my mom and I set out for Disneyland lol.  We got lost on the way which isn't a surprise because my mom and i have no sense of direction lol.  Anyways we finally got there and it was so so much fun!  My mom and I have never just gone me and her!  It was so much fun lol and by the end of the day we both couldn't feel our feet at the beginning of the day we were really sad that they closed at eight but by eight we were so tired that we both knew we couldn't have lasted tell midnight or even ten!!  Anyways it was so neat and its a memory i will never ever forget! 

 Another funny story was when we went on splash mountain.  Usually you get a lil wet, well i didn't want to get too wet cuz well this sounds really stupid but i was having a really good hair day and that morning we had straightened my moms hair!  We i was in the very front and my mom was behind me the water was REALLY full and we had a heavy guy in the back well lets just say that we came out looking like we had jumped in a pool!  We got some really really funny looks haha.  And then to top that off our picture didn't come out!! 
-Me after splash mountain-
-Mommy after splash mountain-
(as my mom called us we looked like wet rats :P)

-me in the castle- 
Oh and also Thursday is like the best day to go cuz we literally pretty much walked on every ride!

Me before pirates :]

Ok...I guess my mom and I do look a lil alike :P
-oh and if u notice in all these pics we have mickey mouse hats on we decided to do it the right way lol we got them the minute we got in the park :D and wore them all day!-

-After Disneyland-

So ya thats it for now :D and i would just like to wish my mom a happy mothers day i love ya mommy!!

night all :D

Monday, May 5, 2008


So today was a lot like yesterday i got to sleep in tell eleven thirty and go run (but that stuff is boring and unimportant) Anywho, today we went shopping and i got some shorts that are plaid and a few shirts :] and shoes for Ashley's wedding :] thats a relief! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!  Before we did that though we went and ate at the cheese cake factory :]
My dad and i :]

My grandparents :] aren't they cute :P

Anyways after that then we went back to the house and then my dad and i went and saw "Made of Honor" it was really cute and if anyone is thinking about seeing it you for sure should cuz it was so cute!  Well im off to bed its midnight here and one in the morning at home!  so night all Hope everyone is doing great :]


Sunday, May 4, 2008


 so today was a pretty peachy day!  Im in cali so the weather is wonderful, it was perfect today!  Since it was sunday we kinda just lounged around.  For lunch we went to Marie Calendars, where i got my.......   strawberry pie!  I was so excited cuz i have been craving this for i dont even know how long!  Like months and months! 
This is me eating my pie the strawberries were HUGE!

After that we went and saw my Ggma (Great Grandma Horton).  It was kinda sad because she can't remember anything anymore and could barely if not remember who we were, its sad to me because she was so smart, i mean the woman graduated from high school at sixteen and was a model in Hollywood!  The crazy thing is, she is such a well manered person that she wont let you know she doesn't know who you are!  She just plays along, anyways it was so great to see her and spend time with her.  Here are some pictures.
This is my Grandpa with his mom my Ggma 

Me and my ggma

This is my grandma Jean and me

So ya it was a great day! I really do love my family!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Room and Cali

So School is FINISHED!! I officially moved home today!!  Im so freakin happy, however I wasn't so happy with the mess that I came home to in my room haha....For a few weekends I have been bringing tubs home of just stuff I had ( I have so much junk!) anyways so after going and riding my skateboard for a lil while today and getting a drink with Bryt for her bday which was really great  I was off to tackle my bedroom....and after like four hours im all done!!  So i'm gonna post some pictures of it....I think it might be too cluttered and if it is please let me know what you think :D  So  ya here they are:



So ya there they are :] Just let me know what ya think plz!  

So now i'm off to go pack for my trip to Cali, Im leaving tomorrow after Josh's baseball game.  I'm going with my dad to go spend a week with him and my grandparents :](his parents).  I'm pretty stoked to go, it should be really really fun!  I love spending time with my grandparents!  It's always fun, we are going to do a lot of fun things.  I will try to post pictures and keep updated!  
I'm also really excited to go to the ocean, i miss it so much! I just don't want to pack, it seems all I do lately is unpack and pack, ugh I think its one of my least favorite things to do!  I hate it!  I wish there was someway I could have my stuff pack itself like in "The Sword in the Stone"!  That would be sweet!  But I guess I should be grateful, when I get home from cali in about a week I will just be working like crazy all summer!  AHHH lol no I'm kidding, like I said I love to work.  I'm also going to have to get Ash's bridal shower all put together (well the final touches I guess you could say).  Josh is graduating on the 23 of May and Ash's wedding on the 24 of May!!  May is gonna be a crazy month but i'm looking forward to it!  I love to be busy.   So ya I have wasted enough of whoever is reading this blogs time so i'm gonna go!  Night :]