Sunday, June 29, 2008

Warped Tour 08!

So WOW....I have a lot to post so im going to do them in two separate posts! So ya make sure you look them both over :] and also prepare for TONZ of Pictures!!!
Ok so i just got home from warped tour trip :D IT WAS SOOOO AWESOME!!! Im for sure going next year!! Im soooo soooo sunburnt though sleeping last night after it was well.....PAIN!!


Ok so we (Kayla, Sarah, and Me) left on friday right after i got home from girls camp(read about that in the lower post). It took us well lets see.....hmm like six hours to get there!! We stayed at one of Kayla's friends house in bountiful that night but before we got there we drove up past there to Brigham City, so now i can say i have officially seen Brigham City lol, I for some reason thought it was a lot bigger! We got home from that at about one thirty in the morning and slept over at her friends house. Funny story about that was, the house was like literally stepping back into the 70s! The furniture the carpet EVERYTHING! Nothing had been moved or changed! It was really wierd but pretty cool i felt like i had gone back in time!

Peace man! Sarah and I on the way!

Kayla and Me on the way(shes driving)


Warped Tour day!! So we woke up kinda late it started at eleven but since we were a lil bit away from it we wanted to get there at about nine thirty so we didn't have to wait in such a long line to get in....well that didn't go as we planned it lol, we ended up getting out about thirty mins later than we thought and we had to go pick up Cooper in Sandy which is about fifteen mins from where we had to be, plus we couldn't find his house so we got to warped tour about ten thirty but the line went really fast and we got in the doors right around Eleven!

Cooper Sarah and Me

Wow can i just say WOW!! It was sooo freakin sweet :D! The first band we saw was Anberlin,

Kayla, Me, and Sarah listening to Anberlin!

We then went over the Relient K which we got really close and into the middle with everyone else lol dont do that if ur clostraphobic! lol Gosh it was sweet,

I know it doesn't look that close but it really was i promise

We then went and saw We the Kings which were So funny! They were one of my favorites for sure!

Cooper and Sarah at We the Kings

Sarah and I at We the Kings Rock on!lol

Cooper and Me, I luv this kid lol

Mayday Parade!

Then we went over to Reel Big Fish which was also really funny, if you ever get the chance for sure go and see them! Well worth it! They use trumpets and a trombone!!

Watching Reel Big Fish
Sarah and I we were a lil hot and if u cant tell i was gettin burned bad!

We rested for bit and saw Mayday Parade :]OH WOW!! I love them sooo freakin much they were my favorite for sure!

Mayday Parade two of the guys were actually REALLY CUTE! lol

(and i got a shirt that says Mayday Parade all over it and a Warped tour 08 shirt and cd! We then saw Anberlin again but this time was acoustic (awesome) then we went to Angel and Airwaves

Angel and Airwaves

and listened to some band i cant remember the name, after that we went and saw Between the trees.

We were really close cuz they were on a smaller stage!

Then Kate Perry and then last saw Gym Class Heroes! All in all it was SWEET DAY! I can soooo sunburned i cant even move and it was soo hot but so worth it! It was also a lot of fun to hang out with Cooper who i hadnt seen since Janurary. AWESOME WEEKEND!! OH BABY :D

and Mayday Parade :]

Keep reading to read about Girls Camp!! :D YAH

Girls Camp 08

Hey all so now for the next post! GIRLS CAMP!! O wow this post is gonna be long too cuz well there are sooo many stories!!

So lets start out with some pictures :]

Morgan and I drove up together the first day cuz she had to leave that night to get back to work we ended up having 20 girls! 20 GIRLS thats huge for Kanab!!

Morgan and I before we left

Im tellin ya i love this girl! We get along so well! She stayed that whole day and then had to leave that night i was pretty sad but she wasnt lol cuz there were SO many bugs and it was sooo hot! Lucky girl she got to go home and sleep in her own bed! No really though i love camping :]

At our Camp Site doing

So if you cant tell by this picture, our camp was pretty desolate but we made it into a home! I really have no idea what happened in this picture morgan just got on the table and was like Kaylie come on get up here and sara take a pic lol who knows?! lol

Morgan and Sara doing kissey faces at our camp

This was right after the above picture we were supposed to be helping with setting up camp haha Oops lol

My Mom and I :]

We were supposed to bring our own lunches for the first day so my mom packed us Pb&J's well our lunch was so pitiful compared to all the other girls they had like roast beef sandwiches and chicken! Honestly that is so not the definition of a sack lunch!

I love this pic!

So after we had all got settled we went and did the hike thats right out front the tunnel of Zion it was awesome somehow i have never done this hike lol, i've done all the other ones but never this one! It was soooo pretty once we got to the top! There was a guy that was hiking next to us and he said to one of our leaders wow there is a true mormon mom with her 47 kids!! OMG it made us laugh sooo hard lol we told her she should have said ya and i left the other 45 boys at home lol

Some and most of the girls doing crazy things lol!

This was actually before the hike it most of the girls and we are all doing our own crazy thing i think its such a funny picture :]

From Left the back row is: Morgan, Misty, Sara, Shelbie, Me, Andrea

From left to right the front: Lauren and Katie

Sara, Me, and Andrea i love these girls!

This was at the top of the trail we had to rest a lil bit cuz it was so dang hot! Tracy took this picture, dont u just love all the bandannas?!

Sara and I in the car we are crazies!

I love this girl too! She is sooo crazy lol and she never stops laughing!! I love how she really doesn't care what anyone thinks she is just always herself!! Im so glad shes in our ward! This was on the way back to our site after the hike, we were all parting in the car listening to "step UP" and "Gym Class Heroes" this girl can sure move it lol!!

Morgan and I

This was also in the car on the way back, I was like Morgan crazy picture and somehow we both did the same face! Crazy huh?! lol oh boy lol

This is a video of us on our way back rockin out in the car, yes my mom is dancing too!

The crew swimming, well most of the crew!

This was the next day we went up on the hike to the narrows but just went off to the river, it was a lot of fun we all got in the water cuz it was soooo dang hot lol and it gets way deep out there! Kelly, Courtney, and Carlee went on a hike behind us to see some stuff and Kelly cut her toe really bad, I swear that girl gets hurt every year oh well poor girl but she is sooo dang tough!! She didn't let anyone know she was hurting and kept doing all the stuff with everyone else!!

from Left to right: Devin, Kathy Pace, Sara, Me, Haylee, Andrea and Hannah

This is the bed in the van oh dear it has some explaining to go with it!

Ok time for the Van Story! So the first night we went to bed and there was a girl that was snoring SOOO loud i mean you could hear her clear across the camp and my mom and i were right next to her and sara and andrea were in the tent next to to say the least we didn't get any sleep that night, sooo the next night we, Andrea, Sara, Me and Mom went up to the bathroom to take showers well when we got back everyone was asleep and the snoring was there again so we came up with this "great" idea to sleep in the back of our van! Well we thought that all the seats folded down to make a bed well they didn't but we were determined...we started this adventure at midnight and ended at one thirty! It was so funny to say the least we had Sara sleepin on the left in that great big hole, and so she was sinking, andrea was in the middle and we piled cushions ontop of saras mat and my moms cot so she wouldn't feel the iron rod and i slept on the very end sideways to the way they were laying! My mom at first thought she would sleep where sara slept but turned out she got stuck in the hole and we all had to push her over so she could get out that was the funniest part of the whole thing!! Yes we all ended up sleepin in the thing and we all were very proud of it lol!

Girls camp was a blast and i love it the testimony meeting was amazing as usual! Morgan bared her testimony and it was awesome i look up to the girl so much sara also bore hers and hers was amazing too!! Every ones was, i even bore mine which is amazing cuz its really hard for me to get up and bare it, i loved spending time with my mom shes so funny and she was more like a girl then a leader! The tubing was awesome too the leaders were funny to watch, tracy went the whole way without going under until the very end and went under completely!!

Ok sorry for this huge long post and if you read all the way through it then you are awesome and i hope it was worth it! and i also apologize for any grammar problems!


Ps. This is Sara and my Mom YES my mom singing and dancing to "Party like a Rockstar"!! Its soo funny lol

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Warped tour and some bruises


So this week has been REALLY boring....UGH, i haven't done really anything cept thats my life is work all the time. But next week i get a WHOLE WEEK OFF!! Im sooo stoked :D YAH! Im going to girls camp, yes i know im like almost twenty and usually u stop going when u turn 18 but here is my reasoning....K

  1. This is my eighth year going, and i love girls camp idk why but its just a good spiritual experience
  2. Its a ward camp this year instead of stake, I have only had one ward camp and it was my first year, so they needed as much help and girls as they could get
  3. I love the girls :]
  4. We are gonna go tubing! Who just passes that up?! haha

So we leave tuesday and then come home that friday morning that evening im driving up to Salt Lake with Kayla, and Sarah and going to warped tour on that saturday. Cooper is going to Warped Tour with us so that should be fun! -I haven't seen him in like.....four months!- We are staying up there friday night and saturday night and driving home gonna be SOOO tired! But its gonna be sooo sooo much fun! I've planned on going to warped tour for three years now, but everytime it never works but this year im going YAH!

Other then that nothing has happened.....let me see....NOPE notta! Oh....

Well i did wreck for the first time on my board monday wasn't too bad but to put a long story short i got bad footing (dont ride in flip flops) and fell first knees, then hip bones, then elbows, but i do have some pretty sweet bruises! So ya thats it :]

Toodles :D


Monday, June 16, 2008

Tag You're It!

Well since i've been tagged twice by Jennifer and Kelsie i figured i might as well do it plus its kinda fun :]

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? just getting done with third grade and i think thats the year me and mandy carter wrote letters to the boys we liked that went terribly wrong haha

2. What was I doing 5 years ago? i was just getting ready to start high school and was in Cheer probably at cheer camp actually shy as can be..the girls thought i was a mute probably

3. What was I doing 5 months ago? hmmm school? yes school haha not much oh and had just ended it with Cooper

4. 5 Things on my To-Do List:

  • clean my room

  • Skateboard :]

  • Sell tickets for girls camp...yes im going but as a leader its my eighth year idk if thats a good thing or a sad thing

  • get started on studying for the caap(i think thats what its called)

  • Smile-thats always on my things to do :]

5. 5 Snacks I Enjoy:

  • Fruit

  • cheese sticks

  • oreos

  • Smoothies :] yummy

  • cheesey tortillas :]

6. 5 things I would do if I became a Billionaire:

1. Tithing-im really bad at that....

2. Buy a new car a jeep liberty

3. Buy that house i want in Kanab but then repaint it :]

4. Make it so my dad didn't have to go to Cali to work

5. travel oh i would soooo travel :]

7. 5 Bad Habits:

1. This dang computer!!

2. i worry about anything and everything under the sun its bad

3. i buy clothes when i dont need them....

4. Not sleeping

5. complaining...

8. 5 Places I have lived:

1. Heaven

2. Palmdale, California

3. Kanab , Utah

4. Cedar City, Utah

5. Where ever life takes me :]

9. 5 Jobs I've Had:

1. babysitting

2. Special Tees....cuz my parents own it haha

3. Pharmacy

4. i dont know

5. i dont like change haha

10. 5 People I Tag:

1. Sarah Greener

2. Kassi

3. ?

4. ?

5. ?

There really isn't anyone else, i could put chasen and justin but i know they wont do it so ya have at it :]


Friday, June 13, 2008

Peekaboo and glow sticks

Boys are CRAZY!!

Haha but let me explain myself lol

So last night at about 10:30 Kayla texted Cole and we all decided to go out to Peekaboo and go for a "adventure". So we all (Beau, Randy, Cole, Kayla, Sarah, and Me) got in Coles truck and drove out to Peekaboo....well if u have never been out there its SOOO sandy and really easy to get stuck in! So Cole was driving really fast so he wouldn't get stuck. So after a lot of bumping and feeling like my head was gonna role off lol we got there. Well we all got out of the car and all of a sudden Cole goes, "SHOOT, I locked my keys in my car" so everyone starts freakin out cuz well there is no cell phone service and we are about four miles away from the highway and its like eleven all the boys go well lets just continue our adventure and worry about it later.....So we walked up into peekaboo(which is a slot canyon) when we got to our spot that was pitch black we got out our glowsticks and the boys start breakin theres and throwing them EVERYWHERE! It looked like it was raining or snowing!! We were all covered in glowstick sprinkles it was sooo cool it was like we were in outer space!! So we goofed around like that for like half an hour and then decided to face our problem so we walked out to the truck and cole goes ok well im gonna start walking back by myself....So beau goes you cant walk back by urself what if u break ur leg!!
So......Kayla sarah randy and i stay by the truck (at this point i was getting pretty scared cuz im scared of the dark bad haha...and who knows whats out in the dark!!)so all of a sudden this branch comes and hits a rock near by and then the truck alarm starts going off...randy starts freakin out and then we hear little giggles behind this point i knew something was up! So then Beau comes back and is like u guys cole fell and hurt his ankle u have to come help! (btw beau is a TERRIBLE liar) So we start walking and then these headlights come up....GRRRRRR Coles keys were NEVER locked in the truck they were playin a trick on us the WHOLE time!! It was really funny but those Dang boys haha!! Ok so ya thats my story :]

Thursday, June 12, 2008


I just love this quote

Everyone just remember to smile :]

Sunday, June 8, 2008

old video

So i was looking on my dads computer today and i found this old video its from my Junior year on October 21 2005. For drama we did this all nighter like a great big sleep over it was a blast cuz everyone was there but anyways so i found this and i just couldn't help myself i had to post it cuz its pretty funny! -oh and if ur wondering who it is, its Garett Madril and Maggie Alderman singing to Jimmy Eat World and the voices in the background are Chasen and Josh Judd oh and the hand with the red shirt is me and the annoying giggle in the background is also me.

Afterwards haha

So I hope you enjoyed it :]


Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman

howdy :]

Idk who else has ever watched Dr. Quinn but well when i was little probably like four or five we would watch it every saturday night and i loved it then! So while i was in California we were at frys(a HUGE electronic store and everything else is there too) and i saw Dr. Quinn season one! I was soooo excited well to put this alot shorter than it could be im now on season three and well i think im officially addicted, its just such a good show!! anyways idk why im typing about this, maybe its cuz i have nothing else better to do cuz well im bored! But ya watch Dr. Quinn cuz it is SOOOO good :D haha Oh and i just thought i would post a picture of what i found on my car the other day! It was pretty sweet and well i think Jennifer deserves some credit :] haha here it is

No one else will understand this except Jennifer and me cuz its all a whole bunch of inside jokes but i just thought i would tell her THANK YOU :] haha


Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mold and a bump on the head!


So today was an interesting day. haha, A lot actually happened! I had to work today from about 10-6 well i was planning on leaving at like four but just as i was about to walk out the door Kortney calls me in to clean a freezer. See in the pharmacy there is a fridge and a freezer. Well the fridge is for medicine that needs to stay cold but the freezer well it never gets used. So, something happened to it, idk what exactly but kortney asked me if i could break the ice away from the inside of the freezer cuz it was everything it looked like an igloo since it hadn't been clean for 15 years!. So (not so happily) i said yes. Well i was just starting to do it when i noticed there was this brown stuff on the one side of the freezer. I wasn't about to keep chipping away at this ice that was going all over me before i knew what it was. Well i asked Kort and he told me it was MOLD!!! UCK!! lets say that again! YUCK!! So i wasn't about to go any further without some proper cover up so this is what i found.

A mask and some gloves. I have now marked off being a doctor from my to do lists cuz those masks stink!!! So Kort actually let me off pretty easy and told me to stop however this was about six which i was supposed to go meet Kayla and Sarah at the church to drive up to Clear Creek and go to a single adult activity so i wanted to go home and shower and get semi decent but instead i ended up going looking like i had been working all day......

The activity was actually a lot of fun! Kayla, Sarah and I drove up together and when we got there we met up with Beau, Randy, Cole, Stephenie, and Lindsey Keller and actually hung out with them pretty much the whole time. I talked to Garett for a lil bit while The boys and Sarah and Kayla went canoeing which Beau and Kayla ended up going in the water and getting soaked. But here is the funny story for the day.....

We were all eating dinner and someone starting throwing Popsicles, well im just eatin and all of a sudden out of no where this Popsicle comes and hits me on my forehead! It hurt cuz well Popsicles are frozen if u haven't noticed....and then we are playing with the Frisbee and sarah goes to throw it to me and it ends up hitting me in the throat!! It was all really funny and i laughed really hard but idk whats up with me but things like this always happen to me!! Plus it doesn't help that im like a HUGE clutz!! Oh well over all it was sooo fun and i just love hanging out with the boys! They really do make me laugh so hard and idk i just love hanging out with them they are all sooooo crazy, never a dull moment with them :P After Beau and Kayla fell in Beau came and sat on my lap and gave me this huge hug and got my legs wet, i told Beau i had frost bite on my legs :P ok im done sorry its a long post and i need to get to sleep work in the morning as always!!

Always Keep SMILING


Sunday, June 1, 2008

olive garden bread sticks

Here are some things i've realized 
  1. Friends are awesome
  2. That bath and body works smells great :]
  3. I love cheesy tortillas
  4. Dr. Quinn is addicting but great :D
  5. If your having a bad day just watch gilmore girls
  6. The bread sticks from olive garden are WONDERFUL 
  7. Tanning oil works but dont stay out in the sun too long
  8. Dont drive over fence posts whatever u do
  9. Mcdonald Shakes taste like wax
  10. Everything in kanab closes at ten
  11. I have a wonderful family
  12. Dont try to double pump while swinging you'll look like a fish
  13. Usually when u dont want to do something stupid u usually will
  14. The american idol theme song is really annoying
  15. I love showers :] MMMM
  16. Twilight is the best series ever!
  17. I love shopping when i have money haha
  18. im addicted to hair spray which isn't good
  19. When ur sad just drive and blast your music cuz it makes everything better :D
  20. The gradual Tanning lotion STINKS!
  21. Turn your phone on vibrate during a movie or else "under the sea" will play in the middle of the movie
Ok so i know that none of this serves any purpose and im sorry if i've bored you with my stupid realizations but hey its kinda fun to do you should try it!  Another fun thing to do get a piece of paper and just write random words that come into ur head and its kinda fun to look and read it later :D

ok im done boring everyone soooooo have a good night :]