Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

hey everyone

So its chirstmas eve! Im sick and im tired wow AMAZING!! hehe anyways life is good i love being home for christmas. We went and looked at christmas lights tonight it was pretty fun! I got new pjs(its a tradition!) Anyways i will update on what i get tomorrow for christmas!



Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I love my new computer


So i have to be quick because im not on my computer because i haven't gotten internet on it yet and my laptop wont start but that is because i was transferring my pics to my new computer and i must of transferred a file that had my start up program for my laptop on it so it wont start....oh well when i go home for christmas break my dad says that he will be able to fix it hopefully! Anyways LOVE my new computer its SOOO nice thank you grandma and grandpa!
Finals are this week i had one last night for my asl class and i think i did pretty good! YEA :D well i have two more but only one is a actual test the other one is a take home final. So anyways everything is GREAT! Its freezing over here in cedar i swear its like 3 below! There has been the same snow on the ground for like three days cuz its too cold to melt! Anyways better get back to studying :D love ya all :D


Wednesday, November 28, 2007


hey all

So thanksgiving was great i made a pie and it was very yummy! I had fun and i also celebrated my birthday it was great! So when i came home the next day i walk out to my car from institute and there are flowers on my windshield!? Cooper gave me flowers! Isn't that so sweet :D well so yeah not much just stressed for finals! so not looking forward to them!!! well gonna go talk to ya later! :D i will have my bday pics on here soon hopefully if my dad gives them to me!

Luv yaz

My cool pic!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Gosh i have been really bad at keeping this thing up....well anyways so i died my hair all brown!!!

look mom look dad NO MORE BLONDE! YES!

before after!
i like it much better!
anyways my bday is almost here, and im SOOO dang excited!! I've been really busy, im going home this weekend that should be fun but im only going for saturday since im going to be there for thanksgiving too......
ummmm....i bought a HUGE gift bag today cuz it was cheep and it was HUGE i have never ever ever seen one soooo dang big!!! I was in shock! Other than that not a lot has happened lately!
Love yaz hope ya all like the hair!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

happy saturday

hey all
so its been a very busy week and sarah ended up going home this weekend so im all alone all by myself but thats ok! Anyways went and visited my grandma Lulu yesterday she wasnt doing very well and i am pretty worried about her so everyone please keep her in your prayers. So we dont know if we are staying in this dorm next sememster or going somewhere else i really dont care. I think im coming down with something so i just stayed in last night and watch Lady and the Tramp. My bday is coming up in like a month and like two days! Im so excited although i cant believe in going to be nineteen! It just seem so old oh well anyways ill talk to you all later!

Lovez Ya,

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

new quick hair post :D

hey everyone

im just going to quickly post a pic of my hair and then i will post another one later! :D luvs

let me know what ya think

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

It seems like it was just august gosh thats crazy anywho ALOT has happened since i last wrote and sorry that it has taken so long anyways, i got my hair cut and i will post pics on here further down my page and i also have some fun pics from our adventure to walmart lol we took tonz of crazy pics im really surprised that we didn't get kicked out and then me and sarah are going up to provo this weekend to see mandy and stuff :D YEAH ROADTRIP! :D :D :D YES!! Im coming home in two weeks! I also made my first dinner all by myself on sunday! I was SO proud of myself! And school is going good i went to sign language class(which is my favorite class) anyways life is GREAT! im feeling TONZ better :D so happy days

love kaylie

pics of my hair

...maybe another day cuz i cant find them right at the moment so :D

Thursday, September 20, 2007


heyllo :D

hey i love that game! i really need to get me an xbox so i can play it! Anyways things are getting better :D i went to institute today and it helped also i mean its not like im not gonna find someone eventually! So i might as well have fun the only thing is i need to be more outgoing so im trying! Well not a lot has happened this week so im ok!

Love yaz


lets take a time and look at the most bestest place in the whole world well the two most :

Monday, September 10, 2007

hey everbody!

Not a lot has been going on just school and hanging out but i have some pictures from the fooball game! We lost but it was fun to go and watch and hang out with friends!

here they are:

Then last night we got together with Cooper, Drew, Corry, Kayla, Sarah, Zach and some of kayla's roomates and had sunday dinner! We are doing that every sunday we switch off who makes dinner its fun and YUMMMY :D so here are the pics

k thats all for today!
Love ya all

Monday, September 3, 2007

HI!( i really need a new opening or greeting! HI is getting old!)

Labor Day was pretty unsuccessful! We didn't go home, just stayed in Cedar...However, my family did come to visit me and we watched the Nanny Diaries and it was SO good! It was a really good up lifting movie! I couldn't sleep last night on account of so much stuff on my i was up tell two reading my book! anyways no one cares about that but really nothing has happened lately im loving school and yeah....but me and sarah did take some fun glamore shots so ill show them to you:

They are awful of me but really really cute of sarah! We had some fun! Also we died Kayla's hair and i feel so bad about it, i have decided that im never going to do someone elses hair cept Morgans cuz hers is the only one that ever comes out good! So here is a pic of Kayla today!

K so im gonna go to bed now so goodnight!
Luv ya all :D

Sunday, August 26, 2007



So i posted yesterday but i am posting again to tell you about my CRAZY sunday and cuz i start school tomarrow! YES even though i only have one class :( sad! Anyways sunday was good i went to church in my "new" student ward and it turns out that there are like 30 girls and 10 boys! SAD! i was kinda sad oh well institute still! anyways it was neat i felt so much better that i went to church it felt more like i fit in...cuz i have been having a tough time with the whole living alone thing! And i have probably like gained 50 pounds! But with all my free time im gonna work out! So also tonight we went to a fireside it was really neat and me and kayla saw a lot of cute boys :D SMILES we are the boy crazy ones! lol its crazy how many people are here! so yesterday i decided that in a year from now im going to own this car!
So im gonna go for now talk to you all later!
Love ya

Saturday, August 25, 2007

sarah's birthday party!

HI EVERYONE(that reads this lol)

So yesterday we had a birthday party for sarah! It was fun lol i bought her a ice cream cake and zach cut her a huge piece so here are some fun pictures!

This is Zach cutting the cake

Cute sarah and her balloons! sorry they aren't any bigger! :(

Smiles Kayla :D

So anyways that was her birthday party it wasn't much but she said that she had fun! K well ill up date tomarrow talk to you all later



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Im here!

so im here ready for school to start and i finally got my internet today! SMILES :D its so hard not having internet thats pretty sad that i feel like i have to have it but oh well! Anywho our apartment is better than some of my house and today we went to the thrift store and bought some frames for our living room. we also bought a plant and named it mortamer he's green and very cute we also bought fish today and named them verd and thor! laugh out loud lol! I miss home but not too bad its just taking a little while to adjust....its almost feels like we are playing house but im SO EXCITED! Im a little scared to meet my roomates but excited at the same time we will see! Oh and we have boys across from our apartment smiles! Oh and we are in the 25th ward and the third stake! I feel so much better now that i know what ward im in! anyways if anyone reads this hello and i miss you all!

Here is my side of the room with all my cute decorations smiles :D

Here are our fish Thor and Verd! They are very happy in their new home!

Here is our living room and the plant mortamer! and our new pictures on the wall that we got at the thrift store very fun!

Luvz ya!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hey everyone(even i dont think ANYONE reads this....)

anyways, so i leave in a week! Im so excited :D i cant wait, but im a little scared...idk im just so sick of all the drama of high school, i just want it gone....i really hope it will go away. Im rooming with sarah so im really excited :D we will be great rooming together...i haven't been up to a lot lately....i played at the grand canyon with symphony of the canyons....ummmm im working as usual.....i went to st. george with sarah on monday we stayed over night we were supposed to go to provo but it ended up that it didn't work out......and i got some new wheels for my skateboard...its soooo much nicer, i love to ride my skateboard its so wierd how its so freeing, when im on it i feel like everything is normal and ok.....and like i could go anywhere with it idk sounds stupid but thats how i feel exspecially at night! ITS AMAZING :D so yeah life has been pretty boring for the most part im ready to leave....oh btw if anyone does read this im deleting my msn account after this week so yeah you can email me at my gmail acount its: :D

K toodles

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Wisdom Teeth!

Hey everyone,

i haven't posted anything for the past two weeks because amazingly i've been in the hospital! All because of some stupid wisdom teeth! How retarded is that?! I ended up getting an infection in my mouth, it was the most painful thing i have ever been through in my whole life.! I looked like i had a baseball in my mouth! Here are some pictures:

------------------> thats when i first got to the emergency room!

I look like a chipmunk!

anyways now im on three really strong antibiotics but im feeling so much better!
Oh and i have lost 15 pounds! One good thing i guess! Oh well anyways everything else is good i saw the new harry potter and thought it was the best one i have seen yet. so talk to ya later! Hope someone reads this!


Saturday, July 7, 2007


hey everyone,

Im going to start posting a blog so that when im away at school everyone will be able to know what im up to! Dont know who will really care, i have a feeling the family will be the only ones that really look at it!haha OH WELL :D

Anyways not much going on with me cept that im getting my wisdom teeth pulled on monday
:( NOT HAPPY!!! Im little worried knowing how it has gone for Mandy and Dani!

Fourth of July was Wed. Really boring! The fireworks were too short, the heat was horrible! I hope it will be better next year.

On a happier note I watched Step Up last night with Maggie and Devin! It was fun I LOVE THAT MOVIE always makes me want to go out and dance! So thats it for this week talk to you sometime soon!

Kaylie Jean