Sunday, July 27, 2008

time for updates and posts :]

Hey all
So just to update cuz i have updated but i havent really told whats going on in my life lately. So, i went and saw "The Black Knight"! It was AWESOME! Plus i am just like in love with Christian Bale! Hes a beauty :] So ya it was soooo good! It was a little long but way worth it in the end! I also got to eat at the olive garden which is always good lol
and ready for it......

Talk about feeling old! I got to teach the four and five year olds, the same age i will be teaching someday when im a Kindergarten Teacher! It was fun and interesting at the same time! Remember i had never done it before and next time im bringing a watch so i can know what time it was, cuz well my kids were the first wandering the halls. lol They were fun :] During the one hour i had them i had a girl get gum on her dress, a lil boy get a paper clip, another start crying, got to hear each of them sing their favorite primary hymn and promised to bring oreos next week. I will be doing this for the next three weeks before i leave to move back! But overall it was fun i love to watch the lil kids they are such cuties! They really do say the funniest things lol

Also Sam's Farewell was today in my ward its kinda cool that i have three guys all leaving on missions in the next three months from my ward! They are, Sam, TJ, and Garett! They are all great guys! It was really good and Sam did a great job! Well im out, sorry for no pictures hopefully i will have family pics to post soon :]
Hope everyone is doing GREAT!

Thursday, July 24, 2008


So this is a lil bit late but....

i pre-ordered


im sooooo excited for it to come out!! YAH!! I also ordered the Host while i was at it woooo k im done!


Friday, July 18, 2008

Fire Engine, Girls Night, and TWILIGHT

So girls night was a great success except for one thing....
Fire Engine meet blog, blog meet Fire Engine

i call it my "fire engine".....see i was putting some red in Kayla's hair before the girls night and well somehow i ended up doing it...ya i know it looks terrible! A lady at work today even called me a devil child cuz of it! not joking!

-Kayla, Jennifer, Nikiah, and Dani ended up coming last night for the girls night and we all cept dani ended up putting red dye in our hair lol.....i guess girls will be girls?! We watched P.S I Love you (i love that movie!) and ate a lot of junk food! We had cookie dough, Oreo cakesters, doughnuts, chips, Swedish fish, popcorn, and fruit punch :] Ya i never want to see food again for awhile lol

It was a blast and we missed everyone that couldn't make it!

here are some pictures

This one is my favorite :]

i love our faces! Its Me, Jennifer, Kayla, and Nikiah in the back

The group chillin watching the movie!

Jennifer and Nikiah

Kayla doin her "right here" dance we got a lil crazy

It was a fun night :]



P.S if anyone wants to see a preview of twilight rent Penelope!! Its on there and a sneak peak too!! Its sweet :] GAH i love Edward!! If u cant tell im re-reading the books again!



Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Girls night and Old times

For any girls reading this You're all invited to:

Girls Only Girls Night!
where: My house
When: This Thursday at 8:00Pm
We are going to watch Chick Flicks and Eat junk food!
Its going to be a blast!
Hope to see you there!
Just Text me Or call me on my cell phone or comment on here to let me know if u want to come :D

well the past few days have been somewhat eventful i guess you could say. Sunday night Justin Powell came over to watch "The Fountain"(i wont even try to explain it, haha) since he is leaving in about a month and i haven't hung out with him in over a month! It was fun the movie was a very interesting, confusing, good movie. I don't know if many of you know Justin but its a him kind of movie, if that makes sense. I had a good time and it was fun to talk to him and hang out, like old times.

Monday i just worked all day, but i need the money so it was good.

Today, Sarah and I took a trip to Cedar City to get ready for school. I need a job for when i start school so i was searching for that. Sarah also had no housing which is somewhat of a problem but luckily the place where im living had just had a cancellation! So she was able to get a place to live for the semester. I also got to see Ashley :] i hadn't seen her since her wedding and so it was good to talk to her and catch up for the short time we did. Turns out i might just get a job at the Pharmacy in Cedar City, at Bullochs :] im excited! Its something i know, plus i have worked at the Pharmacy here in kanab for almost four years! Then tonight i went for a walk with Dani Corry and talked for a really long time. It was good to catch up!

Night all

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Friends and Weddings


Sorry i haven't updated in a lil while. Well im home have been for a lil while....

So last night i went to my friend Maggies bridal shower. It was one of the best i've ever been to and it was a lot of fun! Idk if i like the "everyone getting old" bit. Its strange watching ur friends go off and get married. Maggie hasn't gotten married yet but its crazy to think about....I mean im soooo happy for her, its just crazy! We are all growing up and im happy, but at the same time i miss being lil. But hey embrace change! So ya so for her bridal shower i drew her a picture like i did for Ashley's, i think she liked it :]

btw its a picture of it, i could have scanned it but my dad was on the computer that has the scanner....

I framed it for her and it wasn't this dark thats just cuz its a pic of a pic lol oh well well thats all for me :]

P.S I'm considering selling my drawings and i would love the extra practice, so if anyone wants me to do their family or something else please let me know, there wouldn't be any charge. I need all the practice i can get! Just email me at with the picture u want and I'll do it and then send it to ya :]


Monday, July 7, 2008

Fourth Of July

So im in Cali for a funeral....for my Great Grandma(ggma) i will write about that tomorrow im just really dreading i guess ill write about the fourth of July...

I dont know but im just not such a big fan of Fourth of July, dont get me wrong i really do love the atmosphere of it in Kanab, and i hope someday to bring my kids down to it so they can grow up with all the traditions, like the fireworks and the parade. Im also so grateful for all the men and women who have served for this country and have made it free for me, like my grandpa and great grandpa. However, i think its hard because most of my friends are now either engaged to be married, married, or moved away so there isn't really any get togethers anymore. I did get to hang out with my family, and see a few of my friends like Nicole and Sarah for a little bit. Also later that night i went to Devin Reeds house (Maggie's fiance) to watch him light fireworks.

So i went to the parade it was sooo long this year or maybe that was just me. It was though a really neat parade! lol but i did get to see some people and talk and take some fun pictures with my family :]

My dad and I bein crazies :]

My momma and I at the parade

This is a really good pic of my mom and dad i think

-look at all the people behind them at the park!-

My Grandma lulu at the parade

I think the parade is one of my favorite things about the Fourth cuz u get to watch all the lil kids go and get candy and get so happy :] My other favorite is the fireworks! I dont know anywhere else that you can just drive down to the city park and watch fireworks for free! In palmdale where we used to live in California we would have to drive down to somewhere, where it was restricted just for fireworks and pay a whole bunch to go in and watch a few fireworks. Its just so neat that they are right there and in that canyon! I love the sound it makes! Really no where else but Kanab could u get such an awesome experience!

Me, Nicole, and Sarah at the park

Hope everyone is good


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Friend Spotlights Part 1

So i have been trying to think of what to blog about for the past few days and nothing exciting has been going on, so i thought i would do spotlights on my friends (its well over due) They really are always there for me and have been through a lot with me some more than others but the fact is i love them all to death! They always make me laugh and are just about as crazy as me which is a good thing :P (please note that these are not in anyways in order)(and please know that the people i put on here are not my only friends there are so many more!

Wow, what isn't there to say about this kid?! He is one of the most honest, hard working, funniest, spiritual, amazing kid i have ever met! He has been through so much with me, idk how many talks we have had, but he always knew and knows how to make me feel better! I really do look up to him, even when it seemed like everything was crashing down with his health, his job, school, and family i never saw that kid get upset or frown! He is always happy, with him around there is never a dull moment! I miss him so much.....but im so proud of him! He was usually the only guy when all of us would get together but he never let that bother him! I really do look at him as a brother! He is really amazing and im so grateful to know him and be one of his friends!


I love this girl! She is so funny, and crazy! She also is a great listener! We have done some crazy wild things together and have even ran away from a scary guy at midnight! You name it we have probably done it lol I didn't really become really good friends with her until my junior year but im sooo freakin happy i am! She always can make me laugh and most usually you never know what shes gonna say or do next but thats what makes her mandy lol Im so grateful for our friendship she too has put up with a lot of crap from me but without her i know i would not be as crazy and happy as i am now lol. She too inspires me, she so spiritual and ill never forget going to efy with her it was one the greatest experiences of my life!


When i say she is my hero i really mean it! She is my spiritual giant, she never falters! She has the strongest testimony that i have ever heard and it just makes me want to become better! Its so crazy how we become such awesome friends but im so glad that we did! I really cant imagine life without her lol shes so crazy, and she always has some random story that can only happen to her lol. She trusted me to highlight her hair when i had never done it on anyone before lol and to cut her hair which was the same thing! But i think that we both were pretty proud of it when it was all said and done! Im so excited that shes coming to suu this fall, she really is one of my bestest friends and i know that if i ever needed her that she would be there in a second! Thanks Morgan Dale:D


I feel like i have known Amy all my life but i have only known her for the short span of four months! Im gonna miss her not being my roomate! She added so much laughter and crazy things to our apartment! She is an amazing dancer the girl does point people!! I wish i could do ballet! She never stops laughing! I mean really she doesnt she always finds the humor in everything, i wish i could be like that! We are so much alike its scary sometimes lol and our families are so much a like too!! I know i was supposed to be roomates with her cuz she adds alot to my life!


She is my shining star princess, my super dancin feet! We have so many inside jokes and i haven't even known her that long lol! She is crazy but i think thats why we get along so well, cuz we just dont care lol! She is my reason to giggle lol. She listens to me complain and worry but she always helps me calm down and take a breath lol she also is a riot to work with! It goes by so much fast when shes there! Its never boring with Jennifer around lol Im so happy that i accidentally talked to her on msn one night instead of who i was really trying to talk to (Justin) Luv Ya Jennifer just keep smiling!


As much as a HUGE pain he can be i love this kid to death! He is also like a brother! He has been there for me soooo many times! He has listened to me whine and complain or just sound stupid numerous times! He is also really funny, hes such a goof! It was a complete accident that i met him but im so glad i did! He is my strong rock, i know that if a guy ever tried to hurt me he would be down to help me in a sec no matter how far away he is, i know cuz hes done it before! He also is always there, even at three in the morning! Thanks Cooper (stan)


I dont have a picture of him, cuz all the ones i did have are on my other computer and hes on a mission so i haven't seen him in a long time! Kent was the one that gave me the name fretters because i worry all the time, he would always listen to my boy problems no matter if they were really stupid! Hes a convert to the church and hes amazing! He really doesn't give himself enough credit for how neat and amazing he is! He has the coolest laugh and i don't think I've ever seen him frown, he always is smiling! I miss him like a fat kid misses cake on their birthday! I luv Kent and cant wait for him to come home bud :]


I have so many memories with Sarah since we lived together for a year! We do have our spats and when we cant stand each other anymore because we just cant lol but we still are the bestest of friends! Shes fun to have around and shes crazy, you wouldn't think it but she really is! She really is one of my really good friends and im so glad we roomed together the first year so that we could go through things together! She always speaks the reality when my brain just starts to wander and wonder!

OK so there are ALOT more....and i really want to talk about them so the rest will have to be in another post! Cuz well its 1:20 in the morning and i need to go to bed really bad! So im sorry if that post was super long and you didn't enjoy it but thanks for reading it :]

Luv, Kaylie