Tuesday, September 30, 2008

another cute blog web page

Found another cute blog layout page! :]
thats all :D

Saturday, September 27, 2008


So i guess its time for me to update, not a lot has been going on this past week really, just school and thats about it. Went to my lil bros football game on thursday, they lost but it was a good game :], also i have just been in a really happy mood :]

Also a lil off subject if anyone is ever wanting to read a cute book read, "The Missing Piece", its the same guy that wrote "where the sidewalk ends" its a really cute book!

I did go to the relief society broadcast tonight and it really touched me. This is saying something for me, now im not saying that im not spiritual and all that but its hard for me to sit still and really focus, maybe i have ADD? i dont know? Anyways tonight it was soooo good! I enjoyed all the talks, and it really helped me with some things that i have been struggling with lately. Anyways now for the main reason im posting! Last week before i came home for homecoming it RAINED in Cedar!! Like a FULL on DOWN pour! It was AMAZING! Sarah, and I decided to go visit our friend Ash and we all decided to go out in the rain and go down this play slide thats in her like "backyard" we got soaked! But it was SO MUCH fun! Anyways Sarah and i came back afterwards and took some pictures of us cuz we were sooo happy it had finally rained!

Me showing off my wetness! And no i dont wear my pants like that all the time just they were REALLY long(the pain i suffer with having short legs) and so not to get them wet they got rolled up! You know you like it! :PSarah making sure that everyone knows that shes wet! Hehe shes crazy!A lil while after but we are still wet! We were so proud, i guess people would only understand if they live in a desert! Also im holding my hair like that it doesn't stick out like that on its own! :PThis one came out REALLY bright but i like it :] We are So happy! haha Peace!

ALSO!!!!.....DRUMROLL......after working SOOO hard and working out everyday i have lost EIGHT pounds!!! Only 12 more to go! WOOO!!!! :]


Toodles all hope everyone is good, healthy, happy, wonderful, and SMILING :D :D


Friday, September 19, 2008

Homecoming time and hair :]

So im going to do a little bragging in this post on two girls: Kelsie Blake, and Sara Carling :]

Its been homecoming week in Kanab this week so tonight they had the football game and then the dance right afterward. WHY they did the dance right afterward i will never know. Lets not get me started on how i feel about that. Anyways, I decided to come down for it to do Kelsie's and Sara's Hair. This was not a problem at all cuz i love to do hair! So i got in today around two and watched the homecoming parade. Went and saw Bj and Kort at work and got a job for tomorrow lol :] DECORATING :D WOO....anyways after that i headed back home to do some homework and then the family went to the tail gate dinner. After this the fun started :]
I went and picked up Kelsie and then we went back to my house and started on her hair. Sara and Andrea came over half way through. Anyways after i was done with Kelsies hair (which btw she has hair that ringlets beatifully!) i took Sara, Kelsie, and Andrea to the homecoming game so that Sara and Kelsie could sing. Then i got to hang out with Sara, Andrea, and Courtney! I love these girls, they may be like way younger than me but they are just fun :] we stayed at the game for half an hour then Sara, Andrea, and I headed back to Sara's house to do her hair(she has THICK hair) It was a lot of fun! I love this picture! Think im a lil short? lol
It took me an hour and a half to do Sara's hair which was a miracle! Then Kelsie came back over to get ready, and i put her hair up. Now is my time to brag!

Both these girls looked SO BEAUTIFUL tonight!

This is Kelsie's finished project from the front:] Doesnt she just look so pretty! She was pretty as a princess :]

This is the back of her head lol (that sounds funny) anyways i was pretty proud of myself lol however i have some things to thank: Bobbypins and Hairspray and Kelsie for putting up with me lol. She just looked soo pretty! The hair was perfect for her and matched her dress soo well!


This before she got her dress on. But she looked so beautiful too! Her hair was so thick to do but came out looking AMAZING! Pretty as a picture lol

This is the back(if you cant tell) ll Anyways she wanted it just down and free which i thought was perfect for sara lol. It looks so pretty :]

More Pictures!

They both just looked so pretty! And thats not thanks to me they are just both beautiful girls! They both were Princesses tonight and i had a lot of fun with both of them!

Back of the heads...this is kinda strange picture lol but their hair looks pretty!

Full Length! Both their dresses were so cute! I also loved how the dress showed each of the girls personality :]

Kelsie and I!

Me with the girls :] I look horrid but they look pretty :]

Andrea and the girls :] She was my lil helper!

Well thats all for me tonight Thanks girls for letting me do ur hair :] K night all


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

my apartment and room

HEY :]

So idk if anyone remembers but i promised pictures of my apartment and my room once i finished it...well i still have a lil bit left to do but i thought i would post pictures of it anyways so here they are :] This is from the door of my room, its not very big and i have a ton of stuff in it but i like it and i think all the colors match lol
This is my bed as u can tell, i turned it into somewhat of a day bed and above it is a cork board and i glued scrapbook paper to it soon that will have pictures on it.
This is straight across my bed, and now its not that crooked but i was standing on my bed so i could get it all in so ya it looks a lil crooked also the picture frame above the tv doesn't have all the pics in it yet either
This is my vanity thats in my room how nice huh?! I dont have to share it with anyone lol its great :] On the wall is pictures and they are outlining a star that is made from a tape measure On the mirror is a "K" that my old roommate made me for Christmas and the picture is on my sick cuz well there was no where else to put it...lol and then my lovely cell phone lol

Now the living room:

The stuff on the wall is all from the thrift store it doesn't really match but hey its worth the try right? and also we like live in the basement so thats why the curtain is all the way closed cuz we have no view just a over grown weed lol Oh well most of the stuff on the wall is DI but the thing over the window isn't thats mine from home and the plant isn't lol

This is the other side of the living room the thing above the couch i got at walmart isn't it cool?! Also please ignore our couch it may be comfy but its really sad looking lol and for some reason all the stuff i got at the DI was Americana theme so thats our theme i guess? lol anyways ya thats our apartment i would show u the kitchen but one its messy and two its not done yet so ya

Thats all for tonight i take the CAAP test tomorrow wish me luck....

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

happy :] and a story :]

So i know i just posted and its kinda pathetic how i post soooo much but oh well!

I decided that i needed a happy post cuz the last one was well really really depressing. So from the last time i wrote which was what like three days ago not a lot has been going on. I went to the kanab vs Parowan game last night in Parowan and they did SO good! I went with Morgan and Dani it was fun :]

And also yesterday i had my interview to get into the Education Program! This is my first real step to becoming a teacher! Im so excited :] i think i did good on the interview it was really easy actually. They had like five students and one teacher and it was really relaxed so i think i did good...i hope so! Also i have my CAAP test on this next Wednesday. In case you dont know what that is its four hours long, its another form of the ACT and it tells the Education Department if u know what ur doing. I hope i pass...im going to study alot! But ya im getting closer i still have a while tell i become a Kindergarten teacher but im getting closer! Its crazy how life goes so fast. This is something that i've wanted since i could know what i wanted to be when i grew up! I hope ill be a good teacher someday...I also really hope i get into the program. So ya thats about it!

Im going home this weekend cuz its my parents 21st anniversary! Woo long time lol :] I love my parents :]

Can you believe it! My dad has TONZ of hair :] lol they look so happy :]

Their Story

My mom and Dad, Kathy and Dave "officially" met at a Halloween party. My mom says that the minute she saw my dad dressed up in his overalls and train hat (he was dressed up as a train conductor) that she knew he was the one. They had both brought dates and both left without their dates but each other, and went and ate at Arbys. The reason why i put "offically" is because their story is really crazy actually. My mom grew up in Sylmar California. My dad grew up in Woodland Hills California. If you dont know where those are they are about an hour apart. We have a Christmas picture of my mom with santa and on the picture is a number of where she was in line. My dad also has the same picture with the same santa and his number is only like 100 numbers different. This means that they were there the same day. Also my mom new a girl named Kathy through out high school and was really good friends with her. Her mom's name was pug (nickname). Kathy(not my mom) would talk about her cool Uncle Dave and Aunt Jean. Well turns out that Uncle Dave and Aunt Jean are my grandparents and My Grandma Jean is Pugs sister. My mom never met my dad but hung out with his family and knew all about his parents lol. Also my great grandparents have a picture of Kathy(not my mom) getting married. In the background of the picture is my mom. My dad was an usher at the wedding. He could have sat her! There are actually more things like that but what im trying to show is that they were meant to be together. Also my mom was married before and divorced which means she really was meant for my dad! My dad proposed to my mom in Yosemite National Park (my moms FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH) in one of the meadows there. They were married in the little chapel there in the park. (picture below)They were later sealed in the Los Angeles temple and are living happily ever after :]

That's all for now and hopefully i don't blog for at least a week lol :]

Toodles :]


Monday, September 8, 2008

Moon Boots and bugs

Ok im going to complain for a little bit, idk why im doing it on my blog but im sorry and if you dont want to read it i wont be offended :]


So school is going good i love all my classes and i have actually made some friends in them which is amazing for me since im like shy as a bug in a rug(bad comparison sorry) But the thing im having a hard time with is well...guys....Im so freakin shy i cant even smile at them! I want to make friends that are guys cuz right now i have like two....and they dont even live in cedar. I try to talk to guys but then the dreaded awful awkward silence comes.....everytime...my brain just goes blank! I was reading my patriarticle blessing last night...and everywhere it was like "when the time is right", "be patient..." I think i need to aquire the great virute Patience....UGH but its something that i have never had! Thats why im a horrid cook....i cant just wait for the food to be done, so i make fast things! k...now im a lil off subject but i think u get the idea....Im sure this is something that every girl has complained about and that all the married women that are reading it are going...be single its better that way...and im sure when i get married...SOMEDAY....ill say the same thing...but as of right now im sick of being lonely and having nothing to do! So my goal that im going to work on is to gain patience....i hope it works :] ok

Other subject:

I love my mom!!!! Last saturday we went shopping in the great hot st.george! I was in great need for some new pants since my legs are SO short and no pairs of pants fit me length wise and i have to wear them cuffed up so high that they could hold water in them...anyways we went and i had a blast! I love when me and my mom hang out cuz its like we are the same age! It was great :] We were at Ross looking for shoes and my mom found some HUGE UGLY moon boots! And of course she had to try them on! So here they are :]

Also im in love with Tia Pan trading!!!! Its my new favorite store its like heaven!!! Gosh its just amazing i cant get over it!

So ya im sorry if u read that whole thing of me complaining...anyways love all and God bless :]

-Love ya


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

cute blog layouts :] and hippie hair

wow...i really need a life or to go to bed....anyways

i found these really cool blog pages that are like http://www.thecutestblogontheblock.com/ but kinda better honestly! They aren't as easy as the other ones to put in ur blog but anyways here are the websites:

anways the top two are REALLY cute so ya thats all for me tonight oh one more thing i was playin with photo shop in one of my classes and i gave myself long hair lol idk if i like it but what do u think?

I think i look like a hippie and its just a bad pic of me as usual anyways just focus on the hair and let me know :D cuz i really want to chop my hair....