Monday, January 28, 2008



Sorry i haven't updated in so long! Not much has happened lately cept we got so so so much snow today! me and sarah decided that we wanted to go running around the indoor track and well it was an interesting funny expierence! My car looks like it has a crew cut :D it was really funny and by the end of clearing off my car i could not feel my ankles anymore! It was crazy and i officially hate snow i want to move somewhere where its warm! warm warm warm! AHHHH its so dang cold! anyways life goes on talk to ya all later!


Friday, January 11, 2008

life moment!

Life is changing so much and it just blows my mind to think of how things that i have always dreamed of are not that far away.....i mean one friend is getting married in may, another is finally leaving for his long awaited mission and im in college! Things i have been waiting for my whole life are not that far away. I dont feel ready for them but at the same time i do....its just crazy how fast life goes and how one min your four sitting on the counter eating ice cream with your grandpa and how its all that matters to being 16 and going to prom and then being 18 and graduating. You know you wait your whole life for these things and dreaming about them and then they come and then are gone.....before you know what not ready for my life to change i mean honestly im not even sure im ready for it to really start.....oh well i guess there really isn't much you can do and as good as the whole putting rocks on my head to stop me from growing sounds i really think i will just have to accept that my life is never going to be the same but you know what thats ok i mean i have faced things before and got over them like the first time i rode my black boy bike without training wheels( btw grandma jean and papa dave i LOVED that bike! haha) i mean i got over that i came out with a few bruises and cuts but they healed! I know i will get bruised and broken along life but hey isn't that what bandaids are for?! I love all you guys and my family thanks for everything! I LOVE YOU


P.S as for everything else things are great school started im almost done with my general ed classes, we went and saw P.S i love you and it was great except for the fact that i fell afterword in the parkinglot on my butt i can ice skate without falling but walking well i fall note to self dont wear slippers outside in the ice :P