Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm blessed!!!

I have other posts that I need to do. But i just feel like I need to do this post. I have been blessed through my life with a ton of people that have lifted me up and there are a few wonderful best friends that have come into my life that i wouldn't feel right if i didn't say how grateful i am for them.

Goodness where do i even begin??? We get along sooo well and have soo much in common! I really can never say how thankful i am for her. Not even kidding! She has been there for me so many times and has given me multiple good laughs!! I love our crazy random adventures and how random our inside jokes are! I'm so grateful for her putting up with me and taking me into her family! It may have been a lil unique of how we met but I wouldn't change it anyway! And it has served a purpose that is for sure!! Thanks sooo much kels for everything you do! I hope this doesnt sound to korny but i always wanted one of those friends that I could just hang out with and be like a sister and well i finally got one!! WOO :] Please remember how awesome and great you are!! Remember that you deserve the very best and that your such a awesome, funny, loving and beautiful person!! Dont ever forget that!! Dont forget how gorgeous you are!!! and I am ALWAYS HERE FOR YOU!!!! I hope that we once we get married to those two hot sexy men that we can still be awesome friends and laugh about all the random crazy talks and trips we have had!! Love ya MO hehehe!

Justin Justin Justin haha (need new pictures!!!!)
Wow kid!! You're just awesome!! Thanks so much for literally always being there for me and listen to me complain and scream. You have put up with a lot from me but you have NO idea how much you have helped me!! You were one that stood by me when no one else would Out of all those friends you believe in me and thanks so much!! I am truly blessed to have you in my life. Please forgive me for all the times i got mad at you for stupid reasons im sorry!! You also need to remember to take your own advice and Im so happy for ya and cici!! You guys are just sooo cute together :] and I think you guys are sooo perfect together!! You both have helped me soo much and thanks again!!!

Woot girl :] You're like the lil sister that I never had and I still cant believe that you're joshs age lol!! Ur so silly and I loved working with you!! What an awesome funny person you are!! Remember how wonderful and sweet you are!! please!! And remember my advice yesterday :] Just do it you will be so glad you did!! Be brave cuz you are sooooo awesome and brave!!! BELIEVE IN YOU!!!!!!! Bring that Wonder Woman out :D hehe

Delaney :]
Oh what a funny girl you are!! I love ya!! I'm so glad we are friends and that I know you and kels!! I love how when we all hang out we cant ever stop laughing!! You're such a strong young woman and such a beacon to everyone!! Not even kidding!! You're so mature it blows my mind!! Im so glad we can have our random giggle sessions!! Heck we are just the life of the party!! WOOOO lol Dont ever forget how wonderful and smart you are!! Not even kidding again lol your sooo smart!! And beautiful!!! I wish my hair was as long as yours!! Someday a hot guy is gonna come up and be like ooooo look at that girl with the long red hair!! I want to kiss that!! WOOOT lol Ur just awesome!!!

I hope i didn't forget anyone or anything!!! If i did Im WAY sorry!!! And please remember how grateful i am for allllllll of you!! You each add such a wonderful sparkle to my life!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dancing, Football, Talking, OH MY!

So this last weekend I headed back down to Kanab. At first I was just heading down for a girls night (but only if the girls could do it) but then I just had a feeling that I needed to go down. I had a feeling that Kelsie might need a friend and to just have some fun for the weekend. Turned out I needed her too.(explain more soon)

Thursday Night:
I got into Kanab about seven o'clock and then I went and picked up Kels and we drove around a lil bit talking then we headed over to the High School to pick up Delaney. We ended up meeting Delaney and Brooke and talked for awhile about oh u know :]. Then we headed out for some fun adventures!!! The night consisted of a lot of fun random acts but the best was parking by the BLM offices and doing cartwheels. Who knew we were all so talented??? We then got on the fence and did the Macarana haha!! It was AWESOME!! From there we took Delaney and Brooke home and Kelsie and I drove around and talked. It helped a lot!!! I just love having Kelsie as a friend we both are so alike that we can pretty much talk about anything and it helps soooo much!! Thanks Kels!! I took her home and then ended up staying up with my mom and talking. (the weekend consisted of a lot of talking, which was GREAT!!)

Friday was a fun lounge day :] I woke up late then hung out at my house with my parents! I love them SOOO sSOOO much :] At around Two thirty we headed out to pick up Kels to go to Josh's football game in South Sevier. We ended up getting there wayyyyy early so(of course) my parents had to get frozen yogurt from Maveric, I dont like them but Kels loves them too so she was a happy camper!!



I got jerky :] YUMMMMMM!

We ended up eating the ice cream in the parking lot of walmart. We spend some time in Walmart, with my dad and mom being goofs haha (sorry kels if my parents scared ya!)

We then headed over to the football game! It started out not too cold but then it got FREEZING!! I was well prepared though haha, I brought gloves, a beanie, scarf, hoodie, jacket, and a blanket!!! Kelsie and I pretty much watched the game from the fence and talk some more :] and giggle at some way random things we were saying haha "justin, justin, justin" haha!!!

Kels and I at the game!! WOOOO go COWBOYS!!!

So turned out Josh didn't play and we lost by one point 21-20 but hey! It was way fun :]

And of course some crazy car pictures on the way home!!

I thought we were doing silly?? Goodness!!

ahhhhhhh???? hahaha

This one is for sure my favorite!!! We were listening to the beatles against our will haha and this was our feelings!!!

Once we got home I went over to Kelsies to sleepover cuz her mom invited me to go with their family to go fourwheeling the next morning! We got home about 1:30 and ended up staying up talking tell five!! But it was desperately needed! It was great bonding and I really enjoyed it. Its great letting things out and having someone to talk to about stuff!!! If anything that was why i came home.

We woke up at around nine thirty and headed out for the ride!! It was an awesome ride! We started out on her grandpas Ranger tell we got to a hike. We both looked like we had used a lot of natural base haha. My green shirt was more like a pale green! But it was ok I dont mind being dirty when your doing stuff like that!! We went to this really cool arch!!




It was SOOO pretty! As i said before Kelsie's Grandparents came and they were hiking all around everywhere! A lot of fun!!

Then we went and rode on the dune buggy (that was my FAVORITE part!!!) We were going soo fast it was awesome!! We hiked about two miles to some Indian ruins!!






I had SUCH a fun time!! It was so awesome and thanks Jill for letting me come!! I really had a fun time!

After we got all washed up I went and picked up Kelsie and McKenna to go to Rewind for dinner! It was sooo good :] Yum!! We talked and chatted :] I only got one picture! SAD! Sorry Mckenna I dont have any of you!! :(

Kelsie wanted to try some Apple Beer so we had to get a picture haha!

After eating we walked over to the Movie theatre and watched Love Happens! BEST MOVIE!! SUCH A FEEL GOOD MAKE YOU CRY MOVIE!! I dont usually really cry in movies I just usually get teary eye but this one made me CRY!! So good!! GO watch it NOW! :]

We then drove around and talked some more :]
Sunday I drove home!!

Yesterday was OH my GOSH hectic for me I had sooo much due today and so i was cooking (yes I know amazing) for a class! I will for sure get a picture to document such a once in a lifetime occurrence!!

I then went to Lunch with some guys from my ward, and my roomates. We went to pizza hut and talked and LAUGHED a lot haha! That was a lot of fun :]

Then at about five thirty Jessica and I headed out to meet her friend Kim in St. George to go see FOOTLOOSE! It was also soo good :] I loved it!

So overall Life has been pretty great! I'm always busy it seems like and I love it!!

Love all,

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


ever feel like your swimming up stream...? well i do lately
(just thought i would throw that out there)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

hair color???


So I just wanted to blog about this haha. Why is it we go through such effort to change our hair color??? haha I just find it funny!! Of course
my mom took pictures lol. But oh how it's so much better!! Don't you just love the sideburns hehe...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

a HUGE update!!

So wow...I havent been blogging for awhile....Im just so gosh dang busy!! So since I havent
blogged about anything for like the past like what three weeks??? then well here is
my very short fast update!!!

The weekend after San Diego I headed home to watch Josh play in football and then to go to
St. george with Kelsie and Delaney to see Aida and take more of Kelsie's Senior pictures haha.
So i got home thursday and then friday I hung out with Kelsie and McKenna. For dinner
Kelsie, McKenna, Delaney and I went to Junction Yum!!! :] Then we headed over to the
football game!! WOOO lol I had so much fun haha, we hung out with Pep Band and all their
friends haha. We all cheered and shared inside jokes( hehehe)

Kelsie and I with Matt in the background haha Good old matt!!

McKenna, Matt and Aaron playin their big hearts out haha

Traditional crazy picture haha i think this one is one of the bests lol

After the game Kelsie and I headed over to her dads house and met up with Chasen.
We then headed over to chasens house and after about half an hour of trying to decide
what movie to watch we finally watched a movie but we didn't get very far into it sad!!

The next day (saturday) I headed over to St. George with Kelsie and Delaney to shop,
take pictures and see AIDA!! It was a very very fun day and a beautiful day until Aida started!!
I met my roomates Jessica and Kenzie there. Thank you Jessica for getting the tickets your
sooo awesome!! While we were waiting we took pictures haha

Delaney and Kelsie

Kelsie and Me

Crazy one of course lol

and a monkey one!! hehe

all three of us :]

So it started to thunder and rain im not kidding you right when the play started!!! So they
tried to do it for a few mins and then took a break to see if the weather would stop. It was
so windy that we decided to take some crazy wind pictures!! haha
It also got a lil crazy lol we had so much fun lol

Kelsie, Kenzie and Delaney!! We wanted wind pictures but of course it would stop blowing
when we would go to take them!! haha oh well lol
Kelsie, Kenzie, and Me :]

Kelsie, Delaney, and Me

Kelsie's hair haha

My hair haha

So there was this old lady with a full on bun on the very tippy top of her head!!
hehe so i decided to try it!! How do you feel about my new look? think ill get any
guys this way haha We ended up leaving a lil after cuz it started to thunder and l
ightening SCARY!!

Last weekend Josh had a game in Fillmore so my parents met me in cedar we
went to lunch and then headed out!! That town is such a strange town lol I got to
see a house full on in the ground on purpose!! Not kidding!! We ended up loosing
but we got some fun pictures haha

Mommy and Me

awwww cute my parents haha

My dad got bored so i guess playing with the water bottles were more fun?? haha

More with the water bottles lol
Then after that they brought me home haha. Then the next day (saturday) I was able to head up to Brian
Head again with kelsie and her family!! I love it soo much up there! Specially with the pretty color it was
sooo pretty!! I cant find the other pictures i took...sad :( but maybe they will show up and I'll post them haha.
Thanks everyone for letting me come up and eat your food and sleep in your cabin!! I had a blast!!

Kelsie and I on the mountain :)

I also was there to take more of Kelsie's senior pictures Im gonna post more of those on
my photo blog which you just click on the picture on the side and you can go there!!
We had fun with some leaves haha!!


Kelsie also took some of my pictures!! She did an AWESOME job!! WOO WOO!!!
Here is one :] More to come!!

Then THURSDAY my mom came down to help me look for some jobs! FUN lol i
didn't find any but I enjoyed being with my mom haha. THANKS MOMMY :]
(also keep an eye out for her posting!!) Anyways we ended up going to Walmart to
look for some stuff for Josh (hopefully she will post about that).
We had some fun with the halloween costumes haha
Me as a pirate?? haha Best look ever!!

Kissy lips momma face haha

She starts putting this on and was like, "hey im the new warewolf for Twilight!!" haha

The afro we bought for josh haha I had some fun with it!!

Thursday night I was able to go see Aida again for reals this time haha!! Kelsie, Jill and I went!
It was soooo awesome!! I LOVED IT!! anyone that has the chance GO SEE IT!! FOR


I love Homecoming in Kanab!! I just love it!! I love the parade, the football game,
dressing up for the football game, all the crazy people, hanging out with friends,
doing hair for the dance! I Just love it!! So i try to come home every year for it!!
I was a lil sad cuz Josh didn't get to play silly kid got in a fight in the JV game
but Im pretty sure the kid deserved it haha.

I had a lot of fun, the parade was a lil too short I will admit though sad but oh well
what can ya do!! I hung out with Kelsie, Delaney, Lydia, and Brooke after the parade
and it was soo fun lol We went and visited Kim (helped her with her I Touch haha)
Ate at Junction laughed A TON!, Went back to my house and then went back to
the game where I painted faces haha.

Kelsie and I hung out during the game and ended up leaving early cuz we were loosing
but we got some pictures haha!
Woo woo! We have cowboy spirit haha :] Oh ya!! I have decided to try to edit all my pictures
that I take :] Makes it more fun!!
after the game we went and watched movies, Kelsie had salad and olives and I had popcorn

Saturday: I just hung home watched conference then at six I headed over to Kelsies to do
her hair!!
We had fun talked and goofed off lol
I was sooo proud of her hair!! I actually got a picture of it too!!

The back as you can tell

The front i took this with my phone so its a lil fuzzy sorry!!
She looked beautiful and had a great time at the dance!! WOOT :] Thanks for letting
me do your hair kels!!

Then today we watched conference and I took some self portraits for my photography
class here is just a glimpse for now haha ;)