Thursday, September 20, 2007


heyllo :D

hey i love that game! i really need to get me an xbox so i can play it! Anyways things are getting better :D i went to institute today and it helped also i mean its not like im not gonna find someone eventually! So i might as well have fun the only thing is i need to be more outgoing so im trying! Well not a lot has happened this week so im ok!

Love yaz


lets take a time and look at the most bestest place in the whole world well the two most :

Monday, September 10, 2007

hey everbody!

Not a lot has been going on just school and hanging out but i have some pictures from the fooball game! We lost but it was fun to go and watch and hang out with friends!

here they are:

Then last night we got together with Cooper, Drew, Corry, Kayla, Sarah, Zach and some of kayla's roomates and had sunday dinner! We are doing that every sunday we switch off who makes dinner its fun and YUMMMY :D so here are the pics

k thats all for today!
Love ya all

Monday, September 3, 2007

HI!( i really need a new opening or greeting! HI is getting old!)

Labor Day was pretty unsuccessful! We didn't go home, just stayed in Cedar...However, my family did come to visit me and we watched the Nanny Diaries and it was SO good! It was a really good up lifting movie! I couldn't sleep last night on account of so much stuff on my i was up tell two reading my book! anyways no one cares about that but really nothing has happened lately im loving school and yeah....but me and sarah did take some fun glamore shots so ill show them to you:

They are awful of me but really really cute of sarah! We had some fun! Also we died Kayla's hair and i feel so bad about it, i have decided that im never going to do someone elses hair cept Morgans cuz hers is the only one that ever comes out good! So here is a pic of Kayla today!

K so im gonna go to bed now so goodnight!
Luv ya all :D