Sunday, November 30, 2008

Taking Pictures

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving :] I did!
So yesterday Mandy Clayson and I went around town and I took her pictures! She never had senior pictures done so she hasn't had pictures done for awhile. She says she liked them, so im not done fixing all of them yet but here are a few! Let me know what you think please!

I will post the rest later once im done :]

Sunday, November 23, 2008


I just wanted to do a quick post and say how much i love love loved the new twilight movie!!! It was everything i thought it would be! I want and will go see it again! It was just wow it made me love Edward sooo much more :] Ok thats all for tonight Toodles :D THese are some pictures of us before the movie!

We like to be crazy!

This was our good one Sarena looks so pretty! and i just look very white


Cheese it up with the scary eyes!

So ya it was a blast :]


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Tribute to my mom :]

So we have a lot of birthdays in our family in November. Both my cousins were born in November, the 27 and the 28 and my mom was born in November the 13th! So since i love my mom im gonna do a birthday spotlight for her, its a little late and so im sorry :]

Katherine Mary Jones Horton

My mom Katherine (Kathy, Kath, Mom, Mommy) was born November 13, 1959. Not only was she born on the 13th but she was born on Friday the 13th! She was born in California, to Arvil and Lulu Jones. She was the last of three. She has two older brothers, Ray 12years older and Kenny 6 years older. My grandma says that she was a blessing because she always wanted a little girl. My mom growing up was a daddys girl.

She grew up in Sylmar California. Isn't she cute :] According to my grandma Lulu she was the perfect little girl and was just blessing to raise.

This is her with My Uncles, Kenny and Ray.

She graduated from Sylmar High and then went to Peirce College for two years. This is her and my cousin Lisa in the picture. She married my dad at the age of 28 and had me at 29(i hope i got that right...)

Anyways, I just want to say how much i love my mom! She is so awesome and funny! I love when its just me and her. She really is one of my best friends. We may butt heads sometimes but its just cuz we both have great minds! lol j/k But really she is one of my heroes. She has been and done so much with her life. She hiked the John Muir Trail which is over 100 miles. She also was a fitness instructor, and worked a ton of different jobs. She takes care of my grandma(her mom) and can sew anything! She also knows her nutrition facts backward and forward. She has taught me so many things such as treating everyone equal to always having a clean house. She stands up for what she believes in and her family is so important to her! I love my mom so much and i am soooo blessed to have her in my life :] Thanks Mommy :]

thats all for today


Monday, November 17, 2008

tagg im it?!

I've been tagged :]

8 TV shows I love to watch:

1. Smallville

2. Pushing Daises

3. Lincoln heights

4. the secret life of the american teenager

5. Dr. Quinn :]

6. Gillmore girls

7. That 70's show

8. ummmm....?

8 things that happened to me yesterday:

1. woke up to my freaken loud alarm clock

2. went to math...ugh

3. went and mailed some mail and the bank

4. worked out

5. tutoring center with sarah

6. talked to my mom

7. texted

8. FHE

8 favorite places to eat:

1. My Home

2. Olive Garden

3. Rewind

4. Junction

5. Panda Express

6. Costa Vida :] good stuff

7. Chilies

8. Cheese cake factory

8 things I am looking forward to:

1. Thanksgiving

2. BREAK!!!!

3. my birthday :]

4. TWILIGHT(not in that order :])

5. spa day :]

7. christmas party(which everyone who wants to come is invited!)

8. and CHRISTMAS!!!

8 things on my wish list:

1. new laptop

2. new radio for my car

3. clothes

4. mayday parade cd!!

5. itouch

6. money?


8. NEW CAR lol

8 people I tag:

1. Kelsie

2. Jennifer

3. Sarah

4. Justin

5. Mom

6. Walton clan?

7. anyone else that feels like doing it :]

Thats all oh btw im finally reading breaking dawn lol and twilight comes out soon!!! oh and a early happy birthday to Kelsie :] and Ash!


Friday, November 14, 2008

whats with all the sawbsaw stuff?!

So im going to answer the question, "Why is your blog title" or "why is your license plate sawbsaw?", OR "why is your email sawbsaw?" I dont know if anyone really cares and im sure most everyone knows why but im bored, cant sleep, and well mostly just in a random mood!

So, whats with the sawbsaw stuff? Well i will tell you :]
When i was little about 2 or 3 (whenever i first started talking) one night while my parents were putting me in bed i said "sawbsaw", how it caught on, or why i kept saying it everynight? I dont know! lol, Maybe i meant a different word like good night or sleep tight?! Who knows, not me thats for sure :] Soooo ever since then, every night before i go to sleep we would say sawbsaw! ( i dont do it now only when im talking or texting friends at night, or when im home) My lil brother says it, cuz i guess he just grew up with it. I still say it when i say goodbye to my parents. I even say it with a few friends, its just something that is special to me. When i say it to people i care about, it means something to me lol. Its really strange but its just how its been lol :] So thats why my license is Sawbsaw, why my email is sawbsaw, andddd why my blog is sawbsaw! It's great to use for that stuff cuz no one ever has it already cuz its a made up word :] So ya for anyone that wanted to know thats why my blog is :]

Kaylie :]

Monday, November 10, 2008

another girls night...i need to find a guy! lol

Ok so i guess i should post about the girls night i had over the weekend! Also just a note, winter is officially here...UGH..ITS FREEZING!!! mugh
ok, so last friday night we had a girls night over at our apartment! It was tonz of fun :] I made cookiedough and such :] We watched the movies, mad money and maid of honor we had a good time :]

Sarena and I getting ready for the girls night, she looks so cute i have no makeup on so please just ignore me :P

Sarena, Sarah and i ejoying our VIRGIN margerittas :] yummmm

yes my friends the major food groups a girl can not live without, popcorn, carmel pocorn, cookiedough, and the most amazing cookies!

Sarah and I smile!

We were being cows...go figure lol oh dear we are pretty funny!

Me showing off the next round, with salt on the was SICK uck!

Kayla and I being silly!

Sarena, Kayla and I whats with my mouth being wide open in every pic?!

Now for the epic story of Kaylas SOCK! Yes thats right that is Kayla's sock, why? you ask wellllll....... it was right by my head and i was like wow kayla your sock looks dusty! And she was like its not dusty just faded...and somehow we ended up with the story that Kayla Dusts with her socks(not really) but ya it was pretty funny!

it was a great fun night :]!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

bleh and scrapbook

Ok so i know i've blogged a lot lately, and im sorry so i wont be for a lil while, but if anyone has tried to look at my old post you'll see that i have no pictures...well see i did a REALLY stupid thing and so NO one ever do what i did, i went through and cleaned out my picasa web album that holds the pics so when i deleted them it got rid of my link? idk how it works exactly but im pretty angry about now i have to go through and fix all my posts...which is gonna take FOREVER, cuz i print off my posts and put them in a ya now for just a lil thing i scrapbloged this the other day its of my Great Grandma, she was so pretty :]


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So idk how many people know or have listened to the new music by Paramore for the Twilight movie but if you havent you have to! Its amazing! The music video is also wonderful! So here is the link for the music video to watch :D Im so stoked :D im gonna go to Vegas to an Imax to see it with some friends woooo!

Kaylie :]

Sunday, November 2, 2008

new web page just for drawings!

P.S I created a blog just for my doodles, cuz i have a ton and it will be a fun way to show them i guess? so check it out its

Its Halloween Time, well it was lol

so wow, Halloween was a BLAST this year! So ill tell ya what happened so you can know why!

Well on the last post you saw that i had started on my pirate costume! So here are a few more pictures of that in progress :]

This was after sewing the netting to the slip that i bought to wear under the skirt that i cut up :] Also i am NEVER sewing netting again! Its such a pain!

Sarah got ahold of my left over scraps from the slip and decided to be a french maid lol this isn't her real costume lol

Thursday Night

This was her costume for Thursday night lol, Thursday night the institute had a trunk or treat, it was pretty fun, we got to dress up and hang out with people we hadn't seen in awhile lol

Friday :]

For the actual Halloween Sarena, Sarah and I loaded up and went to St.George! We went and ate at Olive Garden which btw was wonderful :] i could live off their bread sticks but if i did i would be the size of a House! lol anyways it was way fun, everyone looked at us when we came in, and we had a really cute waiter that helped us :] also a lil old man came up and talked to us and stuff he was cute :D

Sarena and I at Olive Garden :]

after eating at Olive Garden we headed to Tuacahn to see


Us at Thriller waiting for it to start! Aren't we such a good lookin bunch :P

If anyone hasn't seen Thriller its a must! I think its gonna be a new Halloween tradition :D it was amazing! My favorite part was when these people came out and all you could see was their skeleton costumes and their feet and they tapped danced! It was really cool; however, im not gonna lie those girls that were dressed up freaked me out a lil bit!

Sarah got picked to come down on the stage for having one of the best costumes which was pretty cool, she actually looked like she belonged in the play! We saw Doss, Matt, Kelsie, and Cassie down there which was fun and a few other people. It was so much fun :D i loved it :] hopefully next year ill be able to go with a date :) lol Cuz it's for a sure a good date :] lol

So ya thats all :D