Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Grow Dang It!

I know i just posted and im gonna be posting tomorrow so i hope no one gets tired of hearing from me which im sure you are, since i never blog about anything really all that cool like going to paris or something!



Oh gosh terrible pic...ignore my face PLEASE!! I look like a bunny rabbit....goodness...
Its kinda a bad picture...i couldn't find one that showed my hair

But i just miss my long hair! I really never thought i would feel that way cuz i wanted short hair since the day my mom told me i couldn't cut it lol but now i want it long again! I wish you could just pull on it a lil bit and it would be long! But no instead my hair grows slower than a snail going its slowest speed! GAH!!! Im gonna try not doing anything to it, just letting it grow, and not highlighting it or anything. So if you see a girl that looks like me with two completly different shades of hair looking like curela devil then thats me! haha

But cant it just.....


K im done now :]

What freedom means to me...


So before i go off to die at the gym i just wanted to post about something that really impressed me today. I was at the middle school today for one of my classes, same thing every Tuesday i go for an hour yadayadayada. Anyways, today for one of their journal entries their teacher read them a story about this statue & picture

The story behind the statue is right here : http://www.snopes.com/military/sixboys.asp I encourage EVERYONE to read that story! And also for this to make sense you should read it.
I had never really known the whole story behind this statue. I mean of course i knew what it stood for, was our freedom, and world war II. I was blessed to have two grandpa's that served in World War II. I have always been amazed by the stories that my Papa Arvil would tell me. He had written a book about his experience and was always so proud of it. I grew up knowing that living in America was a blessing and a gift. I have always had pride for my country. My Ggpa was injured while in training but i still see it as in the service of his country. I just cant even begin to tell you how grateful I am for this country and to all the men and women past and present that serve our country for OUR freedom! Ever since going to Girls State I cant hear the Anthem without getting tears in my eyes. Hearing the story about those boys just makes me even more grateful. In the class there was a aid that had a 18 year old son that just went to Afghanistan. Like him those men in that statue were boys. So, after the teacher had talked about the story she asked all the students to write what freedom meant to them. So, i did one too. Here it is:

What Freedom means to me:

Freedom means living in a country where men and women give and gave their lives so that I can Worship freely, live happily, smile big, laugh loud and love much. It means great, amazing people risk their lives everyday for me, you, and everyone. It means being able to wake up every morning knowing I'm free. Freedom however is not free, its something we should not take for granite. You should not laugh or criticize it, its been given to us at a high price. I'm so grateful for this country to be free and most of all I'm grateful to all the young and old men and women that have lived and died for this country, and for my freedom.

I also want to give a thank you to my Papa Arvil, My Ggpa, all my Papa Arvils brothers, and so many more of my family that served.

If anyone else has anything that they want to add, please feel free to comment

Sunday, March 29, 2009

So I have created my own Photography blog! I have been taking pictures a lot more lately for people! I love it, and Im hoping to do it as a side job someday as i teach! So just CLICK on the picture and it will take you to it!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring break 1/2

Im calling this spring break 1/2 because this stuff happened on Friday night before some of the other stuff i posted about!!!

So....on Friday night after drama a bunch of us went out and bought ice cream and went back to the park to eat it! It was so much fun! We covered people in stamps, jumped off swings, and took pictures! :] Even though im so much older than all of these guys im glad they still let me hang out with them cuz they are so much fun!

You cant see it very well but Those big bumps are Dalton and Josh Barton!!! haha :]

This is McKenna jumping out of the swing! We always knew she had crazy skills! WOO
Sara jumping out of the swing too! haha
And me i look like when your in kindergarten and you pretend your an airplane! If you can tell im not very high up haha, i get scared!!!

Sara and Me, i look like i got dressed in the dark, oh goodness...i went out in public like that?!

All the girls! :] I love this pic! I love all these girls so much!!! here is just a look at the age difference, Left to right: Sara: 16, McKenna: 14, Me: 20, Courtney: 17!! lol But that doesnt matter we have so much fun together!

The whole clan minus yoda...(i guess thats what they call him??) Too bad its blurry! But i love this picture too! L-R, Josh, Sara, McKenna, Matt, me, Courtney, Dalton, Aaron
Ok there are a few more things i need to blog about but that will come some other time soon!! :]
-Kaylie Jean

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Break

so spring break was oh so wonderful! It was sooo warm and great!

I was busy pretty much everyday and i loved it! I worked, practiced hair, went to the drama night of a hundred pennys, did hair for prom.

On monday my family went to Brian Head. I snowboarded once...bad bad experience...im good on lil hills but not on big hills....Josh did really good though! My mom even tried it! I also went down on the tubes which was awesome! So some pictures :]

Getting ready to go board! Gosh he is soo much taller than me! But i like being short lol

My dad was a monkey?! Gosh he is crazy!

I love my mom and dad! I look like a bee!! BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZchilllin while josh boarded!!

On friday i went to night of a hundred pennies! Everyone did a great job!! CONGRATS GUYS :]

Courtney and I at drama, i went and hung out with all of them i also got my head hit against a brick wall which left a big egg on my head! But hanging out was fun! I should have some pics soon from that!
On saturday i did Sara's and Kelsie's hair for prom! I hope they liked their hair! I thought they both looked beautiful in their dresses!!

Sara and I at prom!

Sara's hair from the back. I didn't get any of Kelsie's but it looked pretty too! Thanks guys for letting me do your hair!
It was a busy week and just one month left!!! YAH!!

-Kaylie :]

Thursday, March 19, 2009

More piCtUrEsssss

Here are a few more of McKennas' pictures! Please let me know what you think :] Believe it or not there are more, im going to make an album soon so they can be looked at easily.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some of McKenna's Pics

OH WOW!! SO I LOVE SPRING BREAK!! Im off for a week and boy is it going to be a full week! lol But i have decided that im going to change my minor probably to photography! So i can do that on the side with my teaching!! What do you think?! I love it and i love my camera! So on saturday (yesterday) i took McKennas pics!! I wanted to try some new places so i asked McKenna to be my model! She is just WoW beautiful!! I took a TON of pics and EVERYONE turned out good! That would be due to the fact that McKenna is just a great model!! lol I did her hair and make up and we were on our way! Sara came and joined us later. :] here are a few that i have finished there are more to come! plllleeeassse tell me what you think!