Tuesday, June 30, 2009

fun in the sun!





Having fun in the warm sun on a summer day...............Priceless


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Manti Pageant

(the manti temple right after the pageant, I think that is the most beautiful thing ever)

So on Monday Kelsie and I decided we were going to go to the Manti Pageant Tuesday night! I had been twice before but it was FOREVER ago so I was all up for the trip! Kelsie and I both had to work Tuesday so around five 0'clock tuesday evening we headed out. On our way there we rocked out to some Disney and Just talked :] We pulled into Manti about eight o'clock. We were lucky enough to stay with Kelsie's Aunt Brittney. They were so nice and even took us out to dinner at Freds(is that right kelsie?) We then headed out to the Manti Pageant.

Can I just say how much I love that temple?! It is soooo beautiful and that is where i want to get married, thats where I WILL get married! Its just like a castle and I even love the town it reminded me a lot of Nauvoo. I think my favorite part of the pageant is when a person goes and stands on top of the temple and is dressed up like the angel moroni, he is fully illuminated by light and looks just like an angel. It was soooo amazing and I LOVED IT!!! I also love the love story that is intertwined in the story it such a touching story and at the end when they dress up as angels and sing goodness the whole thing was just amazing!!!!

This is a video of us on our way to the pageant!!!

Kelsie and Me after the pageant

Trying to get the temple in the background but it didn't work so well haha

Sadly we had to head out at seven in the morning so I could make it back to work by ten, which i did. But it was well worth the long drive and I had a lot of fun with Kelsie! It was for sure an awesome trip!!! WOOOO :]

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Girls camp! 2009

So this last week was girls camp :] Yes, this was my Ninth year, yes most girls stop going after their six year but I just keep going. I dont know why, I do know i love the spirit you feel and the fun you have
but this will be my last year for certain this time. I had a blast but it was rainy some days and so
dang cold I really thought I was going to die! Not even exagerating! We came to the conclusion
i was AYCL not a YCL but AYCL (Adult Youth Camp Leader). Sometimes I really wonder why I do
all these things that I should have been done and over with about three years ago but I just love the
girls. The leaders keep teasing me that Im going to be a Stake Camp Director someday. I really
hope not lol so lets keep that on the downlow :] hehe.

We headed up on Tuesday around three. I wasnt able to drive girls because you have to be 21 to
drive girls according to church rules. Im only six months away but still couldn't. We got up there and
it was pretty cloudy but we were able to get everything set up without it raining. We started a campfire
right away though!!
Sara and Kelsie sitting around the camp fire :]
I was able to stay with Kelsie, Sara, and Andrea in a tent :] It was a lot of fun other than the fact that I FROZE everynight!!!

This was us on the first day. Notice our faces we have make-up on and our hair isn't looking like the greasers hehe.

Always have to get a funny one in! That is deffinately a must!

The next day the rest of the wards and girls came up as usual. It rained for i think two hours while everyone was trying to set up of course. But after about two hours of sitting in my car, Kelsie, Sara, Andrea and me the sun finally showed its wonderful face!!!

Day two of camp, notice our slight bit of make up left over and slept with on. Notice our hair and how oh well...slept on it looks??? Sara, Me, and Andrea

My mom was camp director this year and so i was pretty much her assistant. She did such a great job and all the girls love her! She doesnt think she is awesome or that she did a lot but she did great and awesome! It was fun to have her there and we get along so well that everything went smoothly :] I dont know exactly why we have a table clothe???...OH I KNOW our clothes were so dirty from camping that we had to resort to a table clothe for clothing hehe just kidding!

We were able to get t-shirts this year and so ths is sara and Kelsie wearing their shirts. Kelsie's ward got all the wrong sizes so hers was more like a dress then a shirt but she could work that dress/shirt lol

Got to have your faithful assortment of bandanas. This is for sure a must at camp!!

We all spent some time in the tent and as you can tell from the upcoming pictures we were sorta sleep deprived and I was going a little crazy

Kelsie and me :] cute :D

everytime i would pose i would for some reason do this strange pose with my feet?? so thats what is going on in this picture

Sara and me

Sara and ME crazy

Kelsie and Me crazzzzy

Andrea and me crazzzy

The next day we took the third year girls on a hike. We ended up having an interesting adventure. Brooks backpack was wet so she used an garbage bag for hers. Oh what creative girls we have, Im so proud lol :] The girls wouldnt listen to us so we ate and then just walked back and found massive amounts of catipalers everywhere!! It was nasty!

Our group :] Brook, Andrea, Sara, Kelsie, Me, Lexi

I like this picture :] Kelsie, me and Sara

Kelsie smiling on the hike hiding her oh dang i want to go home and shower frown lol :P just kidding

Sara not hiding that face

and me?????

Kelsie and me, we were kinda matching haha

silly faces :]

we attempted to get everyone in a picture but after about five tries this was the best one?? go figure


Gotta get the hip action!! Woweee lol Think we are good enough for americas next top model???

the night before we were supposed to head home we decided to sleep in the back of my car...thats right all four of us! We thought we would stay warm but....wow this picture was taking in the day, that night was very interesting. I havent laughed that hard since last years girls camp when we slept in my moms van go here to see that story :http://sawbsaw.blogspot.com/2008/06/blog-post.html sorry there arent any pictures with that post. Anyways back to my story...i have never laughed so hard and any personal space i had is toast. It was really funny until about four in the morning when i woke up and couldn't move....so i got out of my car and slept in my moms van. Its a miracle we made it home the next day haha.

I do love these pictures thought!

Later that day i was bored so we decided to play with kelsie's hair. Little did she know what she was in for!! I saw this really cute hair do on this website: http://shedoeshair.blogspot.com/. Its a really cool website and has A TON of ideas, people are just so talented it blows my mind!! So this was kelsie's hair from the front
from the back

close up

I was poofing her hair and this just happened to happen hehe, we laughed soooo hard!

The finished project for good lol

The decided to play a baseball game with the leaders against the YCL's. Ya, the Leaders kicked our butts. Kelsie and I just watched me with a ball is just a bad very bad bad idea lol


Action shot of andrea!! I have more pictures that Sara took that hopefully will get posted sometime.

One of my favorite parts this year was the car race. Each ward made their own car and raced them. It was sooo funny and a few of the wards totally wrecked. My ward you could not miss its a Woodie car. And its the one thats orange and kinda looks like a big bus! We ended up winning!! It was pretty sweet and so so so funny. They also had the bishopric race and some how my mom ended up with them and its the funny video ever!! Hopefully i will be able to post that soon too!!
All in all, camp was great! The speakers were awesome and each one touched my heart soo soo much! I had a blast with my friends and the girls and giving the devotionals. I just hope the girls had as much fun and got as much out of it as i did.
Next year????

Monday, June 8, 2009

Finally im postin!! Sorry....

(Yes i got bored and took a random picture of myself...and i look awful but thats what makes it funny!)

Update On Summer.....so far.....!
So far summer has consisted of many things and many of these things i have blogged on but many i have not and i found random pictures some off my phone and some that just didn't get blogged about because well life has just been....CRAZY!

About three weeks ago Xpress had their end of the year concert. I went and they did so good!! Best ever I think no joke!!

(McKenna, Sara, Me, and Courtney) Minus Kelsie she was off somewhere lol :P

That following sunday was Seminary Graduation I went to support Dalton and Courtney. I felt a little out of place there since I was the oldest one there other than parents I think. It was ok though:]

(McKenna, Sara, Courtney, and Me :])

Then that following thursday was Graduation!! Again I went to support Courtney and Dalton. It went great and everyone did a good job! I just couldn't get over the fact that it has been TWO years since i graduated!! It really doesnt feel like it at all!

(Me, Courtney, and Matt)

Then that Saturday was Kayla's reception. I had planned on making her a plaque but it didn't work out as usual when i try a craft....so i went to honeys and found some major odds and ends lol this is what it looked like. I hope she liked it!

(It's a little blurry because I took it with my Camera phone which doesnt take good pics anyways)

Then that same night Kelsie, McKenna, Courtney, Sara, and me went and hung out. We swung at the park then went to Kelsie's dads house for hot chocolate?? go figure lol but we had fun and talked, it was a very fun night!

(Here is Sara playing in Mason's tent thingy. She looks like a worm haha)

Random Photos

The other night I took this picture of a rose in our front yard, isn't it pretty???!!!

Its kinda a blurry picture but if you look closely you can see four birds. A bird family has made their home on our front door. So cute! But such a pain haha!

I gave in yesterday and bought this lovely baby blanket. I know I dont have a baby and probably wont for a very long time but you have to feel this blanket to understand!! It is by far the softest blanket i have EVER felt in my life!! Its amazing!! Go here to check them out! http://www.minkymoo.com/

another craft i have been up to are these flower hair clips! I made them for girls camp for the girls! I made 27 of them and believe me I think i could make them in my sleep now!! But I was amazed they actually worked!

This is a close up picture of them.

Also for Kelsie's Mom for mothers day I drew this picture of their family :] I think it turned out pretty good haha they liked it which is good! They even have it hanging in their living room :]

This is the one i did for Kelsie idk if I ever posted it so here it is :]
(thanks to Kelsie for taking the pictures!)

For MY mom for mothers day I did these :] haha if you cant tell its josh and me :] I found this idea on this website! http://diddledumpling.blogspot.com/2009/02/simple-silhouettes.html


So last Thursday Kelsie and I went to St.George to get her some really cute clothes for her senior pictures! She for sure got some really cute clothes and Im really excited to take her pictures!! Im excited she is gonna let me take them!! We went to the mall looked around went many many places lol and then went and saw UP! It was the cutest movie! I LOVED it! It was soooooo soooo good :] I am for sure gonna see it again and again and again!!! Im buying it too when it comes out!! Lol :] I had a blast and a very fun time with kelsie :] I also got a really cute sun dress too!!! It was a very fun day! Sadly we didn't get any pictures! :(

So we had been planning this Lake trip for almost a month now! We (Kelsie, McKenna, Courtney and Sara) were all gonna go and get some sun! We last saturday rolled around and the weather was just not very warm......soo....I went and picked everyone up at nine (Kelsie, McKenna, and Courtney, sara wasnt able to make it)
We headed out though and decided to go to St. George to go play laser tag, Swim at the indoor pool at Sand Hallow and Just have fun!! It was sooo much fun! We played Laser Tag, Kelsie and I won!!! YAH lol even though i think i owe that win to Kelsie cuz i was pretty bad lol :P I hadn't played since my freshman year in High School so I was a lil out of practice but it was a LOT of fun! haha After that we went to Pebbles in My Pocket (my alllll time favorite scrapbook store) then went to Deseret Book where i bought some chap stick that said "My Family Loves Me" with a cute stick family drawing!! We were all pretty hungry after looking at books so we decided to eat at the OLIVE GARDEN!!! YUMMMMMM :]

Me and Courtney ( btw i have like no make up on and my hair looks crappy cuz I thought we were going to the lake lol)

McKenna and Kelsie Arent they just Cute?!

(I love these girls sooo much all three of them!!!)

Here they are waiting for to be seated!! They are silly girls lol It was like this the whole trip lol we laughed soooo much it was awesome!!!


Sadly those are the only pictures i got :( however after eating our yummy food :] and carrying out breadsticks to the car we headed to some stores to look for a few things :] We also had to get McKenna a towel cuz she forgot hers. After that we headed down to Sand Hallow to go swimming!
It was a lot of fun! We played on the diving board and finally got McKenna to go off of it!!! Went down the slide many many times, played in the whirlpool and swam lol. A few funny things happened but my favorite was the Lily Pads!!! They have these floating green pads in this pool and its for like five year olds. There used to be a net but they got rid of it for some reason??? so now you have to get from one pad to the next without fallin off! We tried it lol and it was the funniest thing i have pretty much ever seen!! We were all sprawled out across these pads. Kelsie got across twice! I think courtney did too, McKenna was our helpful assister lol :]!!! We were all laughing sooo hard! We were probably the oldest people there but we had fun!
After swimming and having a fourteen year old check me out....CREEPY!!!! read kelsie's blog for more info www.kelsie-lynn.blogspot.com we headed out lol.
We were hungry again so we went and got ice cream.

On the way home we blasted the music and sang along to the music!! IT WAS SOOO MUCH FUN!! I was really glad we all went and I hope we can do it again!
p.s Sorry this post was such a long time coming!!! I hope that McKenna can stop singing to the Jeopardy song and that Kelsie's horses arent too tired lol :P