Sunday, August 30, 2009


So this post is a lil different but I wanted to post about it because it's where i used to live and its a lil scary cuz i have friends that still live there.

It's normal for Cali to have fires during this season but not normal for it to be so close to home!
This is in acton. I lived in Palmdale which was about ten to fifteen mins away if that. This picture is takin from my friends house!! Look at that orange sky!

Thats from her backyard

And again.
As far as i Know they were packing up stuff today just incase they had to evacuate. You're in our prayers!!
Also another fire that is closer to home is the New Harmony fire. I was driving in cedar last night and saw this huge cloud of smoke! Kinda scary!
there is the link for that!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Some fun Projects!

So this weekend has been pretty boring all my roommates left and friends went home so a few days ago I went to the DI to find some stuff to fix for our living room! I haven't done it all but I worked on a couple yesterday out of boredom haha so I'm pretty proud of them :] The look how i thought they would!!

Project #1
Im very mad I didn't take a before picture of this...but just imagine ugly brown wood and a funky cross stich in the frame part.

What i did was sanded the brown wood, then painted it black tore up some scrapbook paper made that into a bird than modge podged the whole thing!!! After that while i was at the DI i found a chalk board the same size as the frame so i glued that in where the cross stich used to be!!

All Done! :]

Project #2

For this one I did take before and after pictures but....i did them with my phone and they look like crap so....imagine a styrofoam ball, a green wreath. I then cut up the wreath and glued them to the stryofoam ball. After that I sanded a pencil wraped some more green wreath around it stuck that green stryofoam crap and wraped some brown twine around it!!

All done :]

Let me know what you think!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

a quick very quick over view :]


So i have been pretty busy but I have been pretty behind on my blogging!! So this is a quick overfew of the past few weeks!!!


So all summer Kelsie, McKenna, and I have been hanging out and its been such a great summer! I love these girls to death :] We have so much fun together!!!

We have also had Loverly Delaney with us some of the times!! It has been such a fun summer and I loved it!!!

K now for the sleepovers haha

In the past few weeks I have had three sleepovers haha. The past two were just recently. The first one was alot of fun. We slept at kelsies and watched Just Friends than went and picked up Delaney than we watched 17 again and something else....but now i cant remember....grrr.....

The next day kelsie and I went and saw The Time Travelers Wife. It was sooo sooo soo good!! I loved it so much!! That night Kelsie, McKenna, and I had a super fun sleepover lol!!! We drank lots of Dr. Pepper, and Coke. Than kelsie had some Olives, they had some popcorn and grilled cheese sandwiches lol. We watched Little Women and feel lin love with Christian Bale all over again and then watched lil black book which i fell asleep than watched Footloose which i had never seen before but i fell asleep during the half of it haha. It was a fun night!!

This last week I had to watch lovely lil brother while my parents were in san diego. There was sooo much fun that week I can barely remember all that happened so ill just make a fun list :]
  1. Longboarded
  2. walked
  3. got sbk's
  4. watched hannah montana yes im admiting to that haha
  5. went fourwheeling up to the t.v towers oh so fun!!
  6. went to lunch with grandma
  7. tasted my first monkey bread :D!! YUMMMMM
  8. Had birthday cake ice cream:D
  9. watched t.v lots and lots of tv haha
  10. worked on pictures
  11. went to three bears with McKenna, Kelsie, and Delaney
  12. saw my sisters keeper
  13. than watched High School Musical 3 Yes im admiting to that one too
  14. Woke up at six
  15. Drove to cedar
  16. drove back to st. george
  17. did baptisms
  18. bought some new pants that actually fit!! WOOT
  19. watched 500 days of summer
  20. drove home
  21. watched another movie
  22. went and longboarded with kelsie
  23. talked a lot about things
  24. Slept in :D
  25. Drove back to cedar
  26. started school today!

Things are going pretty good I really like my roomates and Im trying to be more out going this year hopefully it works!!

Love all and Miss all!!!


Would post pictures...but my photobucket account keeps freezing up on me :( so pictures later sorry!!!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cuteness :)

So its been like two weeks but I just wanted to show off my cute and awesome nails that Kim did!! She did a great job! Thanks again Kim :] Your awesome lol

Kelsie's and my toes!! Arent they cute!!

Our hands :]

My hand :]

Than also we had a sleep over that night haha, kelsie was going through her closet and found part of matts blanket she made him haha she made a
sash out of it haha.

More pics to come sooon!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a down post....

"I am a common man with common thoughts, and I've led a common life. There are no monuments dedicated to me and my name will soon be forgotten, but I've loved another with all my heart and soul, and to me, this has always been enough.......I have no complaints about my path and the places it has taken me; enough complaints to fill a circus tent about other things, maybe, but the path I've chosen has always been the right one, and i wouldn't have had it any other way. Time, unfortunaltely, doesn't make it easy to stay on course."

Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook.

When i first read "The Notebook" I read this part and I loved it. Its such a simple quote but has so much meaning to me. I by the way love this book and the movie and I think its such a wonderful love story. I know life doesn't work like it does in the movies but this quote is just so amazing. It teaches us that life is hard and that it does have it's up and downs but its those up and downs that make us who we are and that for that we shouldn't complain about them we should be grateful for them. It's so true how time does make it hard to stay on course. We always have set plans and goals for our lives but sometimes time gets in the way. We are so busy trying to get to the next step or finishing or getting over with something that we forget to cherish the moments that gets us to the next step. (I hope this is making sense). I don't want to be one of those people that lives their whole life being angry. I want to be like this quote. I want to live life to its fullest and have fun. Life has its quirks and its road bumps but honestly that what makes it so exciting, and amazing!! Also, Heavenly father trusts us to know that we will get over them. Oh how wonderful it is to know that we have that rock, that strong gospel and someone always there. And to know that he put these things here that make us joyful and happy! I realize that I have never put my testimony on my blog and that makes me feel sad. My testimony is hard for me to say out loud or to other people. I used to share it all the time on sunday but now its like im so scared to get up infront of people to say it. I dont know if its because I am scared or if its because my testimony is something that is so sacred to me that I cant share it.....if that makes sense. However, tonight I want to share my testimony with all of you wonderful people that read my blog.

*just a warning....Im not going to edit it at all im just going to type as it comes so if it doesnt make any sense Im sorry....*

The church is true, i used to say that all the time but I dont think until recently did I really know with all my heart that what i was saying was true. What a wonderful father in heaven we have to bless us with such a wonderful gospel. I cant even begin to explain how much i love this church, and my heavenly father...I love him so much. I know without a doubt that he is there for me that when i'm so low and upset and feel like nothing get worse that he is there for me every step of the way. That he loves me no matter what and always will. He is my advocate and my savior. Im so grateful for that. Im so grateful for the scriptures and that I am able to feel the spirit everytime i read them and know that what i am reading is meant for me. I love how the gospel reaches out to your heart and never lets go. I love that we can have families that last forever and that someday when i find that one person that is my best friend and love my life that I can be with him forever and ever. I love the feeling you get just looking at the temple and knowing that the lord dwells there and its his house. I can't wait to go inside someday! I am grateful for the atonement and the sacrifice that Jesus gave so that we can return to our heavenly father and have a second chance, and a chance to repent and be forgiven. What a loving savior we have that will never give up on us. Thats what i think i love the most is knowing that he will never give up on us even when we give up on ourselves. I love that there is a plan that we arent just down on this earth for no reason that we have a reason for being here. I also love how its a plan of happiness. How could you not know the gospel is true with that???!! Who doesnt want to be happy!? I want to be happy all the time and with the gospel i know I can!! I am so grateful for my family and my friends and knowing that they care about me :]. I just love this gospel and I love knowing its true!!

Hopefully that made sense.

Hope everyone has a great night!

A change!!!

I know i have done this before however, i just didn't think it fit after talking to some friends today so I changed the web site name again for my photo blog! Its no longer what it was it is now:
So please check it out i will be updating soon :]

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Warped Tour Weekend haha

Im really getting bad at this posting thing!! I have just been so busy! I've been going every which away it seems. I should be packing but instead im blogging haha. Im moving back to cedar this following monday. My last day at work is this wed :( Im gonna miss them all so much!! Im not kidding you they are my second family i love them all!!! :]

Anywho the reason why im posting WARPED TOUR was this last weekend!! I went for the first time last year and it was awesome but this year was sweet too!!

We (Kelsie, sarah and I) started our great time thursday evening after i got off work and headed out towards cedar city.

Sadly we didnt get any pictures of that I tried but they didn't think it was smart haha So no pictures :(....for now haha...

Once we reached cedar we picked up Sarena and met Ashley and Friend at Maggie Moos :] MMMM YUM!! What a great dinner!! We all laughed a ton! You can never not laugh with ashley and her crazy random stories haha. After that we headed over to Walmart where i invested in Modge Podge (spelling???). I recently found my newest favoritest website its!!!! You have got to check it out i just love it there!! Anywho we then went back to sarenas and attempted to watch a movie however as much as we tried we just couldnt stay awake and well I couldn't follow the dang movie either just was kinda boring :( bleh!


While we were there i wanted to check out Sarena's apartment cuz they didn't have a girl to fill the extra room it was really really nice but just wont work out this year maybe next year :]
However i got a crazy pic of kelsie as seen above i think she had stepped on something?? haha

The next morning around eight we headed out!! We got up early cuz we had lots of shopping to do!! WOOOT!!! The first place we went to was platos closet!! I had never been there but kelsie needed some jeans so we stopped there
that place is really niffty!! It so cool cuz everything is SOOO dang cheap and its nice stuff!! I have been looking for a gray cute long sweater all winter and spring and this summer until friday
when i found it and for SIX BUCKS!!! Yes thats what i said for SIX BUCKS!! I was soo excited :] haha

After that we finally made it to the motel where we checked in! We didn't stay put for very long though because we had more shopping todo!!
Me and Kelsie had a blast shopping idk if the other girls did but we sure did!! I think i finally found my shopping buddy, Kelsie!! haha. She got some
way cute clothes for school and i got two new shirts and tried on about six. I liked all of them but well money is always an issue :( So i just got two
After that we actually lost my car in the parking garage haha it was sad!! Eventually we found it but it took forever to get out of the garage so as usual
i had to document it haha.


Kelsie waiting

sarah waiting

Sarena waiting

me waiting....i was sad??? i hope i dont look like that when im sad haha

kelsie waiting she was sad now?? haha

After we finally got out of the parking garage we headed over to the Olive Garden to go eat yummy food with justin!!

However pulling into the parking garage to park i wasn't close to the ticket thingy so i had to climb through my window...I cant believe Im showing everyone
this picture....

there was a cool lil nook!! I liked it :]

Kelsie and Me waiting for our dinner

sarena and sarah waiting for food

good one :]

had to get the crazy one in of course!! thats a tradition haha

Yes justin was there see!!!

After we ate Kelsie and I headed back to the gateway for more shopping :] See im telling ya we are the shopping maniacs lol well not really but it was fun!
I introduced Kelsie to my favorite place ever ever ever where i get pretty much all of my clothes "Forever 21"!!! Its the best!!

We found some pretty cool sunglasses haha

After shopping for awhile and laughing and having fun we werent ready to go back to the motel yet so we went to the Temple :] Its sooo pretty at night!!
I got some pictures of course haha

Kelsie and I infront of the temple

showing off our cool new lip gloss from victoria secret :] Soon McKenna you will have yours too and we can take one of all three!!! haha
Kelsie standing infront of the temple if you couldn't tell that from the picture haha
Me infront of the temple
My favorite picture ever!! Its the reflection of the temple in the pond
Infront of the temple again haha but now you can see it!!
After getting home that night at about twelve we went to bed than woke up early and headed out for warped tour!!!
We were ready for warped tour wooo!! In our new outfits haha
Sarah and I ready for warped tour!!
Once we finally found a spot to park we walked and got sarena her ticket than got in line!! We got there early enough so there wasnt like any line which was nice :] However, since we did get there early we had to sit and wait but that wasnt too bad.
Rock OONNNN!!!!
Sarena and Sarah waiting
Roomies well old roomates
Whole crew
This was Kelsie's first time so we had to document everything!! HAHA also i wanted to remember everything so we got a lot of pictures haha. The first band we saw was We the Kings!!! WOOT :]
waiting to watch we the kings :]
we the kings!!!!
THE MAINE :] the main singer is oh soooo yummy!!! I fell in love haha
rockin out to All Time Low
All time Low!!
This was oh my gosh did we really just see someone dress like that????? SICK!!! faces haha
Kelsie was sooo excited to be at warped tour!!
Many times during the day we met up with Chasen and Justin which was awesome :] We had fun hanging out with them haha!
The weather was overall really nice but when the sun came out it got sooo hot and we were really tired haha
Sarena and I
the whole crew again!! We didn't see much of Sarah and Sarena they did pretty much their own thing but that was ok
the best band everrrr was 3Oh!3 :] Of course they were very last but sooo worth waiting the whole time for!!!
3oh!3 :]
close up!!
BTW the head guy of 3Oh!3 was also a looker :] yes :D
After leaving warped tour which was AWESOME and SOOO fun and A BLAST and So worth it even if i did get burned sooooo bad that i killed tell today haha. We headed back to the motel to eat some food than kelsie and I headed to Justins to hang out with him and Chasen. We watched a movie and had fun haha.
The next day we headed to the temple to take Kelsie's Senior pictures I would show them but im not done with them yet but i will soon!! Kelsie took one of me cuz we found this really cool house!! I think its the mansion house??? but im not sure???
She calls it a Kelsie orginal haha Good Job kels!
She was all excited cuz it had an M haha for MATT!! lol
after that we headed on home :]
It was such an awesome fun weekend and I had such a blast!!! Great great fun! :]