Friday, October 1, 2010


K so I need to update on a FEW things :]  The first thing is my new beautiful car!  Its name is shark bate oo haha!  I LOVE IT and it's perfect!!  THANK YOU :]

Is it not BEAUTIFUL :D?!!!

I also got to ride a mini scooter (if thats what its called??...)  The helmet was a bit snug..I have a big head apparently.

Also I now have bangs!  What really? Why yes, really!

Also the kids in kindergarten have been sayin some really funny things!  I am so sad that next Friday is my last day :(.......I don't want to leave!

A couple days ago a little girl was so excited that her mom had come home from "Costco".  I asked her how long she had been there and she said 3 weeks.  I asked her if she was sure it was Costco and she said yes.  Apparently her mom went to covo?...Spelling..?

A little boy told me that he would be gone around christmas because he is going to Disneyland for three years.  I asked him if he was sure it wasn't a day, a year, even two years, and he said nope its three years.

The same little boy told me the other day that he was getting his "orts" removed later in the day.  So his mom came to get him and he said that he didn't want to become like the tree man that let his "orts" grow so much that he turned into a tree.  I asked him if he had seen a picture and he said yup.

Another kid called a sphere a spmeer today!

Got to love them!