Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Busy weekend and girls night pics pics pics!


So lets just start by telling you what i did this weekend lol cuz it was sooo busy lol

1. Broke me phone (dropped it screen went black)

2. So thus had to buy a new phone, its pretty :]

3. went to lunch with Nicole

4. Watched a six month old (way cute btw)

5. Did hair for Amanda for a wedding?

6. Highlighted Morgans Hair

7. Died the tips of my fingers blonde on accident oops?

8. Had a girls night with sara

9. Hung out with my family

10. Went to Garetts Farewell

11. Saw Emily, Maggie, and Devin (who i havent seen in ages!)

13. Came Home

14. Got Admitted into the EDUCATION PROGRAM!!! WOOOOO

15. Figured out im gonna be a Pirate for Halloween :D

ya thats it....now for pics :D :D my favorite part :D

With my dad in St. George after getting my new phone this pic is priceless lol :] I love my dad :D

With Nicole :] I love this girl :] she has got to be one of the sweetest nicest people i know! She is so funny! She can always make me laugh!


So we watch "Somewhere In Time" and my dvd was scratched so we headed out to Radio Shack

Let the craziness BEGIN!

and they didn't have it so we had to just watch the scratched one! But oh well we still got to be crazy!

We had Gummie rolls...idk what they are called but thats what is under my nose....idk what i was doing lol

Work that chip! WOOO YAH!

I love Sara! She is really one of my best friends! She may be younger than me but we are just a ton alike! We had a lot of fun! Missed ya Kelsie!


This is the beginning of my costume! sarah thought it would be fun to see what it would look like lol so ya the top thing is just the left over of the skirt that i cut from the bottom skirt lol
The back, dont worry my skirt will have a back! lol ill have more pics soon when i finish it :D

So all in all this weekend was AMAZING!!

Kaylie :D

Thursday, October 23, 2008

another drawing

So I dont know if everyone knows but i draw stick figures lol. I love to do it and it helps to get my mind else where. Kelsie asked me if i would do one for Matt's birthday that was Wednesday. She asked if i would do something with batman, so this is what came of it. Its Kelsie and Matt, she liked it so thats good lol anyways so ya here it is :] Also if anyone wants theirs done, like of your family or something, anything please let me know cuz i need to build my portfolio so just comment that you want one! Id just need ya to email me a family pic and then id do it and then just email it to ya and then u can do with it what you want :] Please though the more i draw the better!
My email is sawbsaw@gmail.com

Also let me know what you think plz


Sunday, October 19, 2008

glamour shots and a pretty snazzy VW!

Ok so this is going to be a VERY long post, not a lot of words but a lot of pictures!! This weekend i came home for Harvest (hunting) holiday. Saturday my mom and i decided to go have some fun and take glamour shots! Im starting to think i should have just had my mom take my senior pics cuz she did a REALLY good job! So here we go :]

At the Heritage House, no offense but it kinda freaks me out!My mom with some kinda of a plant on her head? lol

Infront of the church
SameThis was one of many attempts to get us both in a picture! lol
at the church my arm isn't all the way on the tree cuz there were RED ANTS on the TREE!The tree attacked my mom!So she ate it! lol
I like this one :]

Another attempt to get a pic of both of us lol

Red bush eating me! AHHH

Knock Knock any ghosts home?! Can i just say i LOVE the doors on the heritage house lol
She said she was a part of the historical society lol
Pulling my leg that close was a interesting task lol


I love this one too :D
This one was fun to take and fun to watch her get on it lol all she needs is a cowboy hat lol

Thinking about life :]
There are more but i didn't think it would be good to post all of them so if u want to check them out go here

Now for the fun :] So dad built this 1960 convertible bug for when my parents got married. He got the glass to say when they were married and all that fun stuff. Well it hasnt always been running so great! The tranny had some MAJOR issues but NOW it runs GREAT :] isn't is so cute?!
Me pretending to drive the bug, my dad would never ever ever let me drive it lol plus i dont know how to drive stick...pretty sad i know!

My mom and i :] i love this car!!!

Well thats all for now :] enjoy!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Week in a nutshell, candy corn, and letters :]


Well i guess i should do an actual post huh? One where im not complaining or rejoicing over some random pictures that i got developed lol. So here has been my week in a nutshell :]

Saturday: Woke up at 8:00 to go to an institute service project at 8:30. We went down this street and cleaned leaves and my group actually cleaned some college students kitchen...let me just say i have never been so grateful for a clean mom and clean roomates!! They had food out that had been sitting out for over a week, and moldy bread that i swear wouldn't u notice? IT WAS LIKE BLACK!!! Also it was SOO cold cuz guess what it snowed in Cedar over the weekend! I was not very happy not going to lie, im ok with snow in december or Janurary but no October! But i have decided to just embrace it what more can ya do?

Later that day Serena, Sarah, and I went to Five Buck Pizza (really good pizza) and ate dinner there and then went and so Nick and Norahs Infinite Playlist. For anyone thinking about seeing it you should cuz its REALLY good! Its a cute love story in a twisted way lol. After we came out of the movie theatre there was about an inch or more of snow everywhere! Oh well embrace, embrace, embrace. Also today i bought my candy corn! I take after my mom with this one! I think its really my favorite part of halloween! I just love it and it brings memories lol

Sunday: Woke up to snow lol again. Went to church an hour early to sing in a chior cuz it was our ward conference, it was actually really good. I didn't go to all of church cuz i was feeling really sick (but im sure no one cares to know that) and then got ready for dinner with friends :] That night Kayla, and her boyfriend, Serena, and Sarah all had dinner over our house! It was really good chicken alfredo baby :] My favorite :] it was a lot of fun! I love my friends :D

Monday: Went to school.........cant remember what else in between.......then serena sarah and i all jumped in my car (not literally) and went to FHE which was at our bishops house, he has a really nice house but trying to find it in the dark was pretty funny. If anyone knows Cedar i had no idea that there were houses behind all those car dealerships! Well there is, and thats where he lived. We drove by his house like five times before actually realizing it was his house lol That was fun, we played a game and had Sundaes! Come to find out though there are only like two boys in our whole family home evening group and only one showed up! im telling ya all i can do is laugh now lol

Tuesday: Didn't really do anything, i got free cookies! watched Lincoln Hieghts with Sarah, Serena, and Dani that was fun :] I hadnt seen dani for awhile so it was good to see her! She lives in Cedar but i never see her....kinda sad. Oh and got those pics developed my room is almost complete! YAH Also turned in my addmission folder to the Education Department...i hopefully get in.....

Wednesday: well lets see i got a letter! WOO i was pretty excited lol there is just something about letters! I love them lol! i still have yet to see one from Zach but hes busy so its ok lol And thats really about it lol

So ya sorry if u just read that and went..."K why did she just blog about her whole week when nothing really exciting happened, that was a waste" and honestly lol idk why i did maybe its cuz im procrastinating my homework lol thats probably it!


I have NO school on MONDAY!!! Im so stoked! YAH! I was supposed to go to Cali for the weekend but my dad is sick so its ok im just going home :] Which is really fine i will miss seeing my grandparents though...

That is all....in leaving ill leave u with a picture :]

-Kaylie :]

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


i just developed 174 pictures!! IM SO EXCITED :] WOOO kinda a silly thing to get excited about and im going to Cali this weekend!!(if everything goes as planned) WOOO

Monday, October 13, 2008


K so to begin with

I just want to say thanks to everyone that commented about my hair :]

Also the puppets too :]

K now im going to vent...u may ask why on here?! Well idk but im sorry if u dont want to read it just skip down to where the color ends and the words turn normal again...

K so last friday my parents were supposed to go to Josh's football game in milford and i was going to come with them, i havent seen my family in a couple weeks so i was REALLY looking forward to it...Well i HATE the STUPID sound industry!!!!! I hate the STUDIO's.......My parents were all excited to go and then THURSDAY night my dad gets a call from work telling him that he needs to have THREE shows done by MONDAY!!! Now ur all probably thinking well thats not bad...well it is cuz three shows is REALLY hard to do in a WEEK...and they wanted it in THREE days!


for anyone that doesnt know what my dad does, he does sound effects for movies/tv shows. For every movie u see and every show the sound has been edited or gone over again. Such as when someone breaks a bone its celery, or someone walking ya the guys have to put on shoes that sound like them (kinda funny) well see my dad can do that too but he also cues which is where he goes through the whole HOUR show and has to make notes for any movement or touching someone does...like when someone opens a door he has to put-open door- this is for the other guys so they know when to put the sound in. Well about three years ago he went to quit and they told him that he could do the shows out of our house, which is WONDERFUL because growing up he had to commute from cali to home which well sucked....

k back to my story so they call him and tell him that he needs to have these shows done by monday so there goes their trip and me seeing them.....gah i was so mad at those stupid movie people. This has been the story of our lives sense i can remember. They always ruin everything....i hate it i mean dont get me wrong im happy my dad has a job i just hate the people....i hate it.....we can never plan anything cuz that stupid industry....also he is working on SIX shows....thats soo much to do...also to top it off he got sick friday and the shows wouldnt work.......sorry if that doesnt make a lot of sense.....

So i just want to dedicate this post to my WONDERFUL daddy (yes i still call him daddy)! he has done sooo much for my family and has sacrificed so much so that we could live in kanab and that i could grow up in such a WONDERFUL place. Also my mom, cuz idk if i could be apart from my someday husband as much as they were. He commuted for ten years...thats a lot.....He is such an amazing person! Hes crazy and funny and he gets on his random rants on occasion but thats why i love him oh so much! I really will never be able to tell him how much he means to me and how it means to me what he does to make our family happy! It was hard for me not having him there growing up a lot but idk how he did it cuz he was the one working away from his family...so Daddy I LOVE YOU Im so luck to have u as my dad!!! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

This was fourth of July this year! See the crazy i was saying lol we are so much a like its insane!This is cute of my dad and horrid of me so just ignore the ugly strange shirt side and just see my dad lolThis was last summer in downtown LA on ALVERA street

This was this summer lol at the cheese cake factory lol oh dear

Im so lucky to have such wonderful people as my parents!

Love ya all


Friday, October 10, 2008

New Hair color :]

Time for an update :]

So yesterday i decided to go away with my blonde, i was starting to feel like i had dipped my hair in a bucket of bleach so here is the



Im really happy with it :] The only thing i dont like is that she cut A TON off....and im trying to grow it out so now im back to where i was at the beginning of the summer....kinda sad cuz my hair grows sooo dang slow, but its more healthy now:] So ya just let me know what ya think please :D


Monday, October 6, 2008


hey everyone :]

So for my Elementary Education Theatre class we had to make puppets :] One from a paper bag, a paper plate, a stick and a sock. Idk about anyone else but i love crafts and stuff like this :] So here are some pics of my puppets! This is Henry the Hippo-he is made out of a paper sack and a cute lil cut out i found at Roberts Craft im tellin ya that place is awesome!
This is idk the fish. It doesnt have a name yet, its made out of two paper plates stapled together one side is happy and.....
The other side is sad! Amazing i know lol j/k
This is Zoey. She is made out of a sock. The pink thing is supposed to be a tutu, but it doesn't really look like it lol
This is Zoey again with her mouth open lol

This is Prince George. I made him out of a stick, a cup, and some other stuff hes shy :] Yes i know his mouth is a lil scary but hey im going off a college budget lol :P

All for now :]

Friday, October 3, 2008


I finally did it!!! So im always admiring other peoples blog layouts and how they make them with photoshop, but i never knew how to do it! Well today i figured it out! Come to find out i have had photoshop on my computer this whole time just never knew! And i was able to download embellishments for it too :] I hope it looks ok....its my first one so just remember that please :] Also i figured out how to have my own signature too! Woo! Sorry i was just really proud of myself lol kinda a silly thing to be proud of but hey its something :]
Thats all for tonight :]

Also if anyone has questions about it just email me or comment and ill let u know how i did it :]