Sunday, August 26, 2007



So i posted yesterday but i am posting again to tell you about my CRAZY sunday and cuz i start school tomarrow! YES even though i only have one class :( sad! Anyways sunday was good i went to church in my "new" student ward and it turns out that there are like 30 girls and 10 boys! SAD! i was kinda sad oh well institute still! anyways it was neat i felt so much better that i went to church it felt more like i fit in...cuz i have been having a tough time with the whole living alone thing! And i have probably like gained 50 pounds! But with all my free time im gonna work out! So also tonight we went to a fireside it was really neat and me and kayla saw a lot of cute boys :D SMILES we are the boy crazy ones! lol its crazy how many people are here! so yesterday i decided that in a year from now im going to own this car!
So im gonna go for now talk to you all later!
Love ya

Saturday, August 25, 2007

sarah's birthday party!

HI EVERYONE(that reads this lol)

So yesterday we had a birthday party for sarah! It was fun lol i bought her a ice cream cake and zach cut her a huge piece so here are some fun pictures!

This is Zach cutting the cake

Cute sarah and her balloons! sorry they aren't any bigger! :(

Smiles Kayla :D

So anyways that was her birthday party it wasn't much but she said that she had fun! K well ill up date tomarrow talk to you all later



Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Im here!

so im here ready for school to start and i finally got my internet today! SMILES :D its so hard not having internet thats pretty sad that i feel like i have to have it but oh well! Anywho our apartment is better than some of my house and today we went to the thrift store and bought some frames for our living room. we also bought a plant and named it mortamer he's green and very cute we also bought fish today and named them verd and thor! laugh out loud lol! I miss home but not too bad its just taking a little while to adjust....its almost feels like we are playing house but im SO EXCITED! Im a little scared to meet my roomates but excited at the same time we will see! Oh and we have boys across from our apartment smiles! Oh and we are in the 25th ward and the third stake! I feel so much better now that i know what ward im in! anyways if anyone reads this hello and i miss you all!

Here is my side of the room with all my cute decorations smiles :D

Here are our fish Thor and Verd! They are very happy in their new home!

Here is our living room and the plant mortamer! and our new pictures on the wall that we got at the thrift store very fun!

Luvz ya!

Sunday, August 12, 2007


Hey everyone(even i dont think ANYONE reads this....)

anyways, so i leave in a week! Im so excited :D i cant wait, but im a little scared...idk im just so sick of all the drama of high school, i just want it gone....i really hope it will go away. Im rooming with sarah so im really excited :D we will be great rooming together...i haven't been up to a lot lately....i played at the grand canyon with symphony of the canyons....ummmm im working as usual.....i went to st. george with sarah on monday we stayed over night we were supposed to go to provo but it ended up that it didn't work out......and i got some new wheels for my skateboard...its soooo much nicer, i love to ride my skateboard its so wierd how its so freeing, when im on it i feel like everything is normal and ok.....and like i could go anywhere with it idk sounds stupid but thats how i feel exspecially at night! ITS AMAZING :D so yeah life has been pretty boring for the most part im ready to leave....oh btw if anyone does read this im deleting my msn account after this week so yeah you can email me at my gmail acount its: :D

K toodles