Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas 08

Time to post about christmas!

Christmas was really good this year, the only sad thing was how fast it came and went!!

Christmas Eve we have a tradition of playing what we call "The Game" its a tradition that has been passed from my dads side and so now my family plays it! Its a game where you role dice and if you get doubles you get a present but others can take it from you if they get doubles, i dont know how to really explain it but the fun part is all the gifts are usually really funny! Here are some examples!

My dad won a ketchup and mustard dispensers lol

I was so excited lol i got idk? lol

Another Christmas Eve tradition is readin "The Night Before Christmas" we have done this since im too young to remember lol

Christmas Morning we have a HUGE christmas and well this breakfast my mom made WAY too many waffles we decided to take a pic with them lol this picture is priceless! We told my grandma to look shocked and this is the face she pulled lol! So funny!

One of my presents this year was something i've been wanting forever lol a Nintendo 64! Im so excited to have it lol :D Cheesey i know but what can ya do?

Christmas day we all pretty much just lounged around in the afternoon we went to my Grandma Lulu's House which is just down the street from my house for the christmas dinner!

Me checking out my new heated blanket Its wonderful lol

We opened presents and then ate some yummy food! I love my family, i was really sad to not have all of my family there but we are blessed to have what we do!

I drivemy family nuts because I always have to take tons of pictures and I wanted one of the whole family, they didn't like that idea but oh well they dealt lol :P I think it came out good!

And of course a crazy picture! I love my family! this picture is priceless! haha

Getting ready to eat!I dont excatly know what we are doing but it sure isn't normal!My dad and I

I hope everyone had a great christmas! I know i sure did!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Grades, Winter Pictures, and Christmas Candy...OH MY!

I guess its about time for an update :] There is going to be a lot in this post so i hope you enjoy it!
First i want to post my grades, this is my best semester by far grades wise :]
So my gpa for the term was 3.89
Im pretty happy :]

well i dont know if anyone has heard but Kanab got a ton of snow! So Kelsie, Sara, and I went and took winter pictures! I got a Professional camera for graduation and it works amazing! There are so many pictures that i love of the girls but ill just post a few and then put the link for the album if you want to look at all of them :] I would love to hear what you think, i took the pictures and played with them i love to do it, im not very good at it but i try :/

Here is Kelsie's Scrapbook page :]

And sara's I really do have so much fun doing that stuff

And just a collage of Sara's Pictures

And Again :]

Collage of Kelsie's

And the other one i did i love the pictures of her boots lol

Kelsie and Sara are really good friends so i did one of the pics we took of them together

I think these pictures are cute cept for my face haha, on our way home :]

Like i said thats only a few of them lol we took a ton so if you want to see all of them just click on the link below
Also Today i actually cooked something and it tasted good! Amazing i know! My grandma taught me how to make her "Famous" Nut Clusters

Here are a few pics from that!

Making the Nut Clusters lol

My hands were covered in chocolate and my nose itched so my grandma tried to itch it lol
I love my Grandma Lulu she is for sure one of a kind! She is one of the funniest people i know and she always speaks her mind lol:] I love her and im so grateful that i have gotten to grow up with her and all my grandparents :]

I hope everyone has a merry christmas!!!


Monday, December 15, 2008

For McKenna

This post is for my dear friend McKenna :]

See my senior year i went on the music trip. I went every year but this year McKenna went with us, since her mom is the leader of Xpress. It was an awesome trip! What was a lot of fun was having McKenna around with us. She was only a seventh grader at the time hanging out with all seniors but we had a blast :] Now why am i telling you all this? Well....i just found all the pictures from that trip and i just thought i would do a post on them. There was a very funny story that went with this trip....Sarah Chapman was wearing someone elses flip flops around disneyland. It was about eight o'clock at night we were by the castle and all of a sudden Sarah's flipflop broke. We sat there for about fifteen mins trying to come up with some idea on what to do so she would have a shoe...we went through one person wearing one shoe and she wearing the was really funny and then all of a sudden someone i think it was McKenna said, "well she can wear my socks!" McKenna ended up buying some lil kid socks and sarah wore socks all over disneyland lol it was funny...(which she still has) so enough with the story time for the pictures!

Zach and McKenna waiting for pirates!

Kissey faces all the girls

Blowing kisses? lol
I had bought goofy ears and some sunglasses on the trip lol McKenna decided that she liked them better on her lol so she wore them all day lol, also we had just been to see Wicked so shes doing the "Toss, Toss" in this picture

On the cannoe Smile :D

I couldn't talk about this trip without telling the story of mandys Whipped Cream Mustache. We went to dinner at my favorite place in Disneyland(even though any place in Disneyland is my favorite lol) but anyways we ate outside and mandy well decided to be mandy, we were all talking and all of a sudden out of no where mandy pops up with this mustache and starts talking about some crazy things lol We were all laughing so hard i think the people next to us thought we were drunk or something lol,

Near the end of the night we all went out to the front and took pictures in this pic is McKenna, Zach and Emily, if you cant tell McKenna bought her own big hat lol Another funny thing we did was calling everyone that worked at Disneyland by her name :] lol That was a great trip and i had so much fun...sorry for the really long post!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spa day, Twilight zone, and telephone poles

So just to warn you i don't have any pictures with this post and i apologize, i know that a post can be pretty boring if it doesn't have any pictures so I'm sorry :(


This last week went by pretty fast actually i think i did well on all my finals i know that so far i got 3 A's :]

This last weekend my mom and i went to a spa in mesquite :D It was oh my goodness amazing! So ill just tell ya some of the highlights of the weekend :D

Friday: We got to mesquite about three o'clock their time which wasn't too bad but our spa appointment wasn't until seven thirty, so we had some time to spare. :D lol We started out driving around looking for movies that we could go see after our spa(spa was two hours) well the economy being in the hole has really affected mesquite. They must be hurting because their last showing was at seven thirty for a movie! Anyways, we went bowling which was an interesting experience you just cant beat the funny looking shoes lol :P but here is a lil story about our bowling, my mom was up to bowl and she went to go swing her ball and somehow ended up in the actual bowling lane, she started slipping all over the lane, now it wasn't funny at the time it happened it was actually a little scary, but the funny part was her facial expression and her words, she just had this big shocked look on her face and kept saying "o", and "oh my goodness"....we laughed soooo hard afterward, but i guess you would have to be there to think it was really funny lol

Spa :D
the spa was just wonderful:D, i would recommend it to any and everyone! It was really good for my mom cuz she has really bad back issues and we got an hour Swedish massage :D yah :D

After the spa we were both really hungry (it was only nine o'clock) we went to about three different casinos for their buffets and they were all closed!!! (Remember this is a Friday night) Nothing was open, we finally resorted to Denny's which was in the Oasis. The oasis is actually closing completely, when we went they had barely anything open and we were the only people in Denny's at ten at night! It was like a twilight zone, and kinda spooky. The waitress told us that the owner of the Oasis had laid off 500 people two weeks before Christmas!! I feel so bad for all those families without jobs.....

Saturday: We headed back to St.George and shopped all day. Near the end we decided to go see "Four Christmases", we only got to see about fifteen mins of it due to the fact that my dad called(who was also in St.George for Josh's basketball game) saying that it was getting really bad weather and so we might want to head home. It was a really good choice because there was snow all over the road, it was pitch black and we saw about three accidents, and a telephone pole hanging over of the road, about to fall! It was a very scary drive home....

Anyways thats about all :D lol it was a very eventful weekend and sorry for all the writing.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


For everyone that has seen Twilight, you have got to go see this movie its soo funny! It kinda makes fun of the movie but in a funny/good way. I loved the movie and i thought it was funny! Just click here :]

Monday, December 8, 2008

My 20th Birthday :]

So i had a very good birthday! It was so much fun :] So ill just tell you what we did with pictures:]

Friday: My Actual Birthday

I came home and found the dining room decorated for my birthday and it was all Disney Princess Themed!

My cute princess cake :]

The Dining Room all decked out for my birthday!

Me and my princess crown :]

My cute balloons :] its all disney I love disney lol :]

Then that night my family and i went to the Christmas Festival Dinner :] It was a lot of fun because i got to see a ton of my friends!

Josh and I

Then Xpress surprised me and sung to me! I think i went about five different shades of red :] but i was happy they sang it was fun!

Some of the girls that sang to me :] I love all these girls :

Kelsie, Courtney, Me, and Sara :]


that day we went to the actual Christmas Festival. It was s strange to me cuz i didn't have to do anything, it was nice though :]! We ended up staying for the whole time which was ok cuz again i go to see all my friends, its kinda funny cuz i have so many friends that are still in high school i hope that doesn't mean im immature or anything, and i hope they don't mind....

I also saw good old Nicole---eeee----ole---eee

I wish i would have gotten more pictures with everyone....

We had my party and dinner that night since Friday we weren't at home!

Me and all my presents!

I got a lot of really cute things here is my list :]

1. A saucer comfy chair for my room

2. a really really cute beanie with the tail things :]

3. a advent

4. Cash :]

5. A beauty and the beast hallmark ornament

6. a pooh bear ornament

7. scarf and gloves

Blowing out my candles :] which i blew out all 20!

My cake and I:]

My cute new beanie :] idk what my face is

So ya this year was great! I had a wonderful birthday weekend :] Now finals week....wish me luck!