Monday, April 27, 2009

a date, a trip, and a new hair color!!

I guess i should blog about a few things...I've been a lil slacking and i should be studying right now since finals is this week...but honestly im not in the best mood to do that right im just gonna blog....
YES :]
My really good friend Kent got home off his mission a lil over a week ago and so we went on a date :] It was a lot of fun! We went to Maggie Moo's and talked about a ton of stuff :] then went for a Mini hike and went and took pictures :] It was a lot of fun! And really fun to see him again and just talk! It was an awesome date and went great :]

Second........(this one im not so ecstatic about...)
So, for finals we are given a three day weekend and so awhile ago my roommates minus Robyn decided to go to Vegas. My one roommate is from there and so we thought it would be fun to go to the strip and walk around and just go on a "mini" vaca.....

One.....I have discovered i don't like the strip......i got so many strange cat calls...i was called barbie and a few other names??? We went at like Nine at night so all the creepers are out.....we walked around.....its just such a dirty city....and well honestly i didn't like it at all.......But of course i took pictures of a few things, the one thing i did like was the Water Show! It was so pretty! It's amazing to me how they can do that!! I also liked the adventure dome but NEVER get their pretzel's unless you want to eat know how you crave things and it sounds SO good...and then you get it and you bite it with this great expectation and then BOOOM....plastic.....very depressing.....

So even though i was scared of being kidnapped and dieing (ok maybe thats an exaggeration....) but still!!! Here are some pictures of me smiling :]

On the way to the strip
Sarah and I at the M&M factory I was pretty amazed at all those colors!!
(Also notice my outfit....could i look anymore more Mormon white girl?? lol)
Waiting for the Water Show
The water show!!! This was by far my favorite part of the WHOLE weekend!! SO BEAUTIFUL!
Sarena and arm looks funny?????
We were getting a lil tired....
Sarah and I after we rode the roller coaster at the Adventure Dome! I LOVE ROLLER COASTERS :D:D:D
Sarena and I after the rollercoaster too....
On Saturday we lounged around until that night we went to this Sushi place....and YES amazingly enough i tried Sushi and my ending result was a very funny looking uck face haha....I didn't like it lol Im not big on exotic foods, and fish is definatly not up my alley! LOL It was a lil too pasty for me, but if you like sushi then YES for you :] Cuz that means your EXOTIC!!! haha
Sarah and I with our chop sticks :]
OOOOOO and if you didn't notice, yes, i did change my hair color I went back to the good old blonde :] I love the brown but my hair just doesnt hold it so it faded and i dont have the money to keep dying it and summer is a good time for bright :] Its not totally blonde it still has A LOT of brown in it and i like it :]
We just got home tonight and all i can say is im glad to be home...
THIS IS MY LAST WEEK :] wish me luck on finals :]

Monday, April 20, 2009

Funny Videos!!

This is soooo cool!!!

Watch this one too!!

Enjoy! :]

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Olive garden...cant sleep....stupid stupid stupid

Its 12:30 at night and i cant sleep....ALOT on my mind....So ill post i guess about the trip to Olive Garden....(the wicked part 2 will come i promise)
SO on friday evening Sarena, Sarah, and I went to St. George and ate at Olive Garden. We had to wait for an hour!! But it was well worth it! We watched a movie, State of Play....which was for sure interesting.....Im not a big fan of the ACTION PACKED! So here are some pics of us waiting for our dinner enjoying the Sun and Warmness :]


Friday, April 10, 2009

Wicked Part I

Oh my Hannah!

So on Wednessday two days ago, I went to WICKED! :]

In December actually on my birthday my family went to the dinner for the christmas festival, they were raffeling off Wicked tickets that Bj had bought in August and had donated to the the music group. My mom bought two tickets so that we could go together! On that saturday Katie Tenny won the Wicked basket at the Music Festival. After months and months of waiting.......

We got to go! Katie had an extra ticket and took Sara Carling! I was pretty excited since we all know eachother! So......

We Headed Out!

My mom, Sara, and Katie picked me up in Cedar on Wednesday!

Sara and Katie Waiting to get going!

Sara and I waiting to go! :]

my mom and I I look albino! lol

Then once we got going we decided to take some crazy pictures!!
These were our Wicked faces!! ahaha

Crazzzzzy smiles! Katie-"I'll Kiss the camera" Me-"Im just so happy i look possessed Sara-"oh im in dream land thinking about happy marshmellows and yummy goodness!"
These were our kissey faces lol i love how they are all different!
So it took us what seemed like forever to get to our motel! We didn't exactly know where we were going but we did know we wanted to eat at the Olive Garden. We all had been dreaming about eating there for the past like month! Somehow we took the wrong turn (while trying to find our motel but also trying to find an Olive Garden) somehow we ended up getting lost and ending at an Olive Garden! lol it was some miracle im telling ya! lol Olive Garden was so yummy and so was our waiter :] mmmmm :D he was SOOO cute!!!
After we were done eating we headed toward the motel. It took us forever to get there cuz we got lost again! I swear we found every cultisac there was not even kidding!! haha
My mom and I ready to go see wicked!!!
Sara, Katie and I we all decided to dress up all pretty for wicked so we could feel expensive lol :]
Once we were ready to go we headed out! Amazingly enough we didn't get lost at all but what was kinda crazy was the Olive Garden across the street from the Capitol Theatre!!!!
OHHHHH how excited we all were!!!!!!!!
Me infront of the Capital Theatre!!! It was kinda crazy cuz i was expecting a much bigger theatre because the Pantages where i first saw it was HUGE! But the building was still SOOO cool!!!
Posing infront of the Wicked sign!!!

Once we got inside i Bought a wicked shirt that says something to the extent of "Defying Gravity" and a charm for my charm braclet!!! The finally let us into our seats which were on the balcony but SOOO close to the stage, they were great seats! When i looked up i Saw that! Isnt that SOOO pretty!!
Wicked was A-MAZING!!! Of course it wasnt as amazing as the first time cuz it was the first time seeing it but this time was still sooo awesome! Elphaba had a amazing voice, i thought she even sang better than the original Elphaba!!! Her range and tone was sooo warm and rich! Glinda was also amazing and got into the part soo perfect! She was soo funny :] It may be expensive to see but im telling you, anyone that can go dont hesitate to go just do it! Because its soo worth the money!

My mom and I after Wicked :]

All the girls after Wicked :] Ithink everyone had a great time! I know my mom loved it soo thats good!

Sara and I being funny in the mirror!
After Wicked we went to Dennys and had desert! Friday morning we woke up went in the hot tub then got ready went shopping at the Gateway which has a FOREVER 21!!! My ALL TIME FAVORITE store!!! :] I bought some really cute stuff :] Then after the gateway we went to the provo mall and went shopping there too lol
Sara and I in Urban Outfitters trying on some Classy hats!!!
Over all it was a GREAT trip and i had a GREAt time!!! Sara also took pics so as soon as i get them i will post some of them too! So Part one of Wicked trip is finished :] More to come!!!
Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have SO much to POST about!! Just keep your eyes OPEN for an AWESOME post COMING SOON!!! :]



-Kaylie :]

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Pics Coming SOOOOON


I will be posting sometime soon! I took Kelsie's pics this weekend and they turned out great! We did a few in the rain(which was new for me) but they turned out good! kelsie is very good at posing and getting her pics takin so that made it easy! I will post some of them soon i promise! I have posted a few on my photoblog. FOUR WEEKS LEFT OF SCHOOL!!!!!!! and then i will be here!!!

Putting my feet in the warm sand!!!

Enjoying the beach!!!
and having a blast with my grandparents and dad!!!!!
Can you tell im a lil excited!! Im sorry but Cali is sooo much better than cold cedar that snows whenever you never want it to!
Pics coming sooooooon :]

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

pictures beware!

So i know i just posted like yesterday! BUT...... This weekend my mom and I went out and took pics of me in my prom dress lol Yes, i know its been almost three i went to prom! SO insane! But i wanted to find some spots and try things out, cuz im taking Sara's and Kelsie's pics soon. Also any opportunity for my mom has to use my nice camera. Lol we have decided that she needs to get one for herself cuz well lets just say she is AMAZING at taking pics!! THANKS MOMMY :] i had soo much fun! Oh and BTW: Walking around town in a BRIGHT orange dress is a lil awkward lol :] So here are some pics!

Can you guess this location?!

Got to love the shoes! Thanks Kelsie for the idea! :] We are so doing this with yours!!!

What about these places?!

Its in kanab!

I look like im stuck in the ground!! Dont let me blow away!

I was trying to turn around it didn't work very well!

-I really need to find me a boyfriend....

So ya my mom did great! Im really sorry there are a lot of pics of me...i feel really stupid having that many up.....


Im takin Kelsie's pics this weekend so ill have those posted sometime soon!