Monday, March 31, 2008


hey all

so nothing has happened.

Tonight last night was really bad but lets not go into that

anyways so im gonna do a spotlight from now on each time i post tonight its going to be on my:
Grandma Lulu

Lulu Walton Jones was born on August 16 1925

She was born in Washington DC to Leon Charles Walton and Katherine Peterson. They later moved to San Diego where she started Elementary school. They lived across from the elementary school on the first day of school she decided that she didn't like school so she ran back home where she met her parents who weren't all that excited. She later moved to Winoka Oklahoma where she graduated. At the age of seventeen she decided to move to California and live with her aunt and work at Lockheed. She later was purposed to three times but only accepted twice. She met my Grandpa Arvil and well as she puts it it was love at first song haha. She knew he was the one when he sung "mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy a kid will eat ivy too wouldn't you?" with her. They then got married in Reno Nevada. They had three kids: Ray, Kenny, and Kathy. She worked as an hospital administrator and got graduated from College after going to night school for a very long time. She now lives in Kanab and is still as busy as she always has been. She has five grandkids: Lisa, Lauren, Kaylie (me), Lindsey, and Josh and a great grandkid on the way. My grandma Lulu is honestly one of my hero's. We are so much a like and i love her sense of humor! She is one of the funniest people i know, and has been and done so much. I'm so grateful that she is in my life and my grandma. I don't think she truly realizes how great of a person she is! I love ya Grandma SO gosh Dang much! Ur the best :)

well that's all for tonight :]

love all


Saturday, March 29, 2008


This is the third time i have tried to post on this dang thing!! But whats said is that its not the computers fault but mine...haha lol

Anywho, i didn't do much today i just worked at the pharmacy-gosh i love those guys i feel so comfortable there!

I love this weather so dang much! I'm wearin shorts as we speak! :] YES!! I love being home its so nice and i cant wait for summer!! I'm doing Courtney Sanfords hair for Fredonias Prom tonight. I hope it looks cute I'm excited, she just called me and asked me to do it :] I'm thinking about hair school but most likely i will do it next summer if i do it at all. I dont want to start now cuz im going to starting on my major in Fall so i think that would be too much. I probably could handle it but i would rather not try haha lol i want to keep all my hair :]

I rode my skateboard today and it was awesome (cept the part where i hit a rock and went flying....haha)

Lets see whats going on with me that's exciting...hmm i know FINALS! HA NO that's not exciting that's more like torture MEH :[

I have discovered Kate Nash-she is amazing i love love love her music :]

Oh last Friday when i was home Jennifer, Morgan, Cassidie and i had a girls night here are some of the pics from it Enjoy :

Jennifer and I

I Love this girl :] Oh morganMogan ate all those starburst!!Jennifer with her hair that i did :]

We all had holes in our left leg of our pants :]

Love ya all


im bored....

I left my laptop at my apartment....

so im on my dads

and i found so old pics hehe

Friday, March 28, 2008

disneyland withdrawl

So im sitting here in english bored and completly brain dead! Its too early in the morning. I was at ashleys last night and well we didn't get to bed tell 4 in the morning MEHHHHH!! But anyways i want to be at six flags right now with the music trip! :( they went to wicked and disneyland yesterday gosh i wish i could be with them right now! Idk its just been a lil hard for me (not going to go into detail about it on my blog) anyways so i think im having disneyland withdrawls!! Im so serious! Gosh all i can think about is disneyland! DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND DISNEYLAND!!! I know i sound so selfish cuz i have been there so many dang times but i just love it so much! It really is my favorite place on earth its like a second home to me! I LOVE IT!! anyways things are good im going home this weekend to work :) ya money!! So here is my list of where i really wish i could go:


i love it there <3>


Monday, March 17, 2008



well its really late and i should be in bed but i just have alot on my mind. So idk if anyone ever reads this or if its more for just me to keep up on what i do,.....even though i have a journal that i write in almost everynight but anywho here i go. Its so crazy how everyone grows up and changes and how everyone is still the same just older. Being with my uncles and cousins this past two days has made me miss all the old times when we would have all our lil get togethers. But it also makes me realize how different you all grow....i think thats the hardest part for me. You know you think of everyone as they were when you were little but everyone changes. Im not saying thats a bad thing its just hard. And then i worry about everyone and everything. Sometimes i feel like i dont act my age and i should and then others i feel like...actually i never feel like i act my age. Its just hard to accept that things happen people change not everyone is going to like you theres going to be heart break and pain and people will lie.....but i think once you grasp that idea you're so much better off because once you do get that you realize that with the change in people comes better, even though not everyone will like you it teaches you patience and to be nice to everyone and stand in their shoes, when you have heart break you then realize how it feels to truely be loved and how much better it feels when its healed. And when you learn that people will lie you learn not to gossip and spread rumors and most of all true trust. You know you're not always going to be happy in life, but i think thats why its so important to cherish the times you are. Sometimes we just let them fly by and worry while they are going on what bad can happen....WE CANT DO THAT! Enjoy the happy times. But also its ok to cry sometimes to let things out. But remember your blessings.
Last of all i just want to say thanks(even though none of them will read it....maybe they will i hope they will) to my friends-
You have all been there for me through everything. Most of you stuck with me through my hardest times, why i dont know, but you did! Thats why i want to say thanks, you all mean so dang much to me, all of you! I look up to all of you, you're all such great people and i hope someday i can be as great as you all are! Really thanks for all the laughs and stupid things that were so worth the time, the crazy pictures, all the silly sleepovers and bus rides! Thanks for comforting me when i was hurt!
I love you ALL :D

best friends

Night all,
Kaylie :D
-ps sorry if some of it doesnt make sense...its too late to proof read-

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I love....
fanta orange
-my rings-
my ipod
Gilmore Girls
my cell phone
....the beach....
taking dorky pictures
going on crazy adventures
mac & cheese
guitar hero
getting dressed up
-my curling iron-
make up
Tall Crazy Socks
hot topic
cutting hair
!Polka Dots!
my piano
singing@ the top of my lungs
being a kid
New moon
"my laptop"
-being happy-
hanging out
My parents!
-my Grandparents-