Monday, February 23, 2009

ABC Friends!

So i decided to do a blog about all my friends :] So i wouldn't forget anyone, im going to do them in alphabetical order! Now some of the letters i don't have any friends that start with that letter so i had to work with it lol you will see as i go



I have known ash for so long! She is by far one of the most strongest people i know! She is always there for me! I look up to her so much!


So i don't get to see her at all anymore, but she was one of my favorite roommates! We got along so well and i just love her! She is just so sweet and awesome and a ballerina that does point! WOW!


Sara Beth

So i have known Sara for EVER! But just recently have we became best friends! We are so much a like but so different that we get along if that makes sense! She understands everything when i talk to her and i know that i can trust her which is really really hard for me to do! I look up to her so much for the great person she really is! She makes me laugh and whenever we hang out i have such a fun time! We might have a big age difference but I dont care because well she acts like shes my age, or i act like hers?! Haha Go figure :P Im so grateful for her friendship in my life! She is my SISTER :] haha



I met Courtney at the pharmacy when she started working. She is such a cute and fun girl and such a great actress :] Im so glad that we got to know each other and i love and miss working with her! Shes just awesome!!



My daddy! Yes i still call him that! Once when i was little he told me that once i got older that i wouldn't call him that anymore but i always told him that he was wrong and i would, so i dont know if its habit or just to show him that im stubborn and will always call him that haha. Anyways, i love my dad! He is one of my heroes, and has always been there for me! He does everything in his power to make my life and my families life better. He is also very funny and can make anyone and everyone laugh! He has done so much in his life and has always been a good honest person! I love him so much!

Honestly one of the funniest people i know! I remember when he came to second grade and had just moved from st.George haha also i think it was our freshmen year when everyone was just starting to call him doss and i asked him what his full name was and he told me it was actually Walter Tyler Doss! So i told him i would call him Walter :P ya that lasted for about a day lol! Oh well he is a awesome kid!



Emily, well we for sure have a history lol In middle school Emily and I were always competing against each other who would get the best grades it actually went all through middle school and all through high school. We started out hating each other but ended up being really great friends!

Friends Forever!


Grandma Jean
I love my grandma Jean :] We are a lot alike and one of my favorite things about her is that she laughs all the time! Its so much fun to be around her cuz shes always doing something fun! I got my shopping gene from her lol so when i go visit we always have to go shopping! I remember one time when we were shopping and went into payless and we just had to buy a ton of flip flops cuz there was a huge sale!


My ggma and ggpa were such a blessing my life! They are both some of my heroes and i miss them so much! They both did so much for others including me! One of my greatest memories was going to visit my ggpa in the hospital with my ggma and family, at the end my ggma kissed my ggpa on the head and said i love you my dear, and he said i love you too. They were married for over sixty years i hope that i can have such a successful, honest marriage. The love my ggma had for my ggpa is amazing to me. He was in a pain since the 40's and she stuck by him through it all!

Lauren Hollie

So this is my cousin Lauren :] We are eight days apart she is eight days older than me and i dont think will ever let me live it down! We are told that we look a lot a like and could pass as sisters! We have grown up together and her moving away was a real struggle for me. I love my cousin :]



Justin! wow, i dont even know where to begin! He is like a brother to me and honestly one of my best friends! He is such an amazing person and does so much for people! He has done so much for me! He has always been there for me even when everyone wasnt and that means so much to me! He believes in everyone and is the best person to cheer everyone up! I trust him which is really hard for me to say because i have such hard trusting issues! I can never thank him enough ever but i think he understands. Im so glad that i met him and im so blessed to call him my friend! Im so happy for him and Cici and i know that they will be happy!



It makes me sad that i dont talk to her as much anymore but i still think of her has one of my friends! We actually started talking by accident, i meant to talk to justin and accidentally clicked on Jennifer and we have been friends ever since! My favorite is our super heroes :] Oh goodness goodtimes!


Yes we have fought since the day he was born, yes he drives me crazy, yes he knows how to get on my last nerve, yes we have a few instances where objects have been thrown but i love my little brother that is now like a head and a half taller than me! He's so good at sports which im horrible at and he does know how to make me laugh! I know that he will always stick by me! Im so glad our friendship is starting to get better now that we are getting older!



Kelsie, Kelsie, Kelsie, so honestly how we got to know eachother is a lil random but im very glad we are friends! We have soooo much in common so its easy to talk to each other cuz we like pretty much the same exact things! She such a cute girl and very fun to talk to and hang out with! I love our girls days and nights haha! I definitely dont feel the age gap at all! Im glad she is one of my really good friends and i know that she will listen to me when i complain! :D



I love my mom :] She is definitely one of my heroes too! She has always been there for me through everything! I know that she will always love me no matter what and i will always love her too! When we are together it doesn't feel like mother daughter it feels like friends! She just great and i love her very very very much!

Maggie May

So i dont get to see her that much anymore and it makes me sad! We had so much fun in high school together, and i miss our talk sessions! She got me through a very tough time in my life and i owe her a lot! Thanks Dear :D :



Oh my hannah! I have known Nicole since my freshman year and have loved her since the day i met her! I was a freshman when i met her and goodness there are so many inside jokes! Every time im around her i never stop laughing! I cant even begin to express how wonderful and what a wonderful person Nicole is! She is by far one of the sweetest people i have ever met! I know that she will always be there for me and i will always be there for her! Oh how sad my life would be without nicole!

Kayla Osborn

Kayla, Kayla, Kayla shes one of the most random, crazy, silly people i have ever met! But i love her and im glad we are friends!


Papa Dave

I love my Papa Dave he is such a great man and such a great grandpa! He has done so much for me! He is also very funny and a great person! He does a lot for my family and did o much for my great grandparents! I love to visit him and my grandma. I also got my love for history from him and my drawing abilities! I owe him thanks for that!


Richard Garett

Oh gosh ya i have known garett since fifth grade also! He is so crazy and so much fun! And i think everyone will agree with me to say that hes not bad looking either! We used to ride our bikes together with our group and goodness we had such good times! I will never forget my junior summer when matt and him decided to make a video of their crazy times! It was insane but so much fun! The switching flip flops our the time when i dumped a whole box of popcorn on his head! He is so much fun and such a nice and great friend!



I have lived with Sarah for the last two years, and yes we have had our ups and downs but we have also had a lot of fun! She is crazy and a lot of fun! Im glad we have lived together for the past two years and im going to miss her next year!


I met Sarena last year from kayla! She is so sweet and funny! Im glad she is one of my roomates this semester :] and in pretty much all my classes! She is just so sweet and a very down to earth person! Friends really do come into your life is strange ways!


McKenna Terry

I met McKenna my senior year and yes she is the same age as my lil brother but boy does she act a lot older! Im so glad she works at the pharmacy so i can work with her and talk to her! She is such a sweet person and i love her crazy random side! She is such a funny person and so fun to hang out with! Im so happy she hung out with our group my senior year! She is all so so pretty! I love her :D :D


Grandma lulu

My grandma lulu is awesome! She is probably the funniest most honest person i know! She speaks her mind and thats one reason i love her so much! She has done so much in her life and i hope that i can do as much as she can! She is a wonderful woman and such an amazing person!


Papa Arvil

I miss much! He was my personal cheerleader, and i love him! He was and is my hero and i know that someday i will see him again!





Ya told ya i had to get creative! Xpress is the only thing i miss about High School! I grew a lot and learned a lot! So maybe i should dedicate this part to Mrs. Terry because i dont think she gets enough credit for what she does! She was my favorite teacher and she is just such an awesome sweet person! so, Thanks Mrs. Terry for all that you do!



Mandy i have knownsince 1st grade. We used to every friday switch houses and play! I think my favorite memory was either our first sleep over where she stepped on me or when we had our last sleepover and to stay awake she would squirt her face with a waterbottle and we had to dance to all the songs from my fair lady! Most of my memories from 1-6 grade involve her and they are all crazy and fun! Im glad that even though she moved away that we are still good friends!



I miss this kid! I have known him since fifth grade and i for sure look up to him a lot! Im blessed that he listens to me when i complain! I swear he is always happy! Im so glad that he is my friend too!

So i hope i didn't forget anyone! If i did im really really sorry!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

a craft!

So not a lot of things have been going on, i guess :]

On Friday my mom came down to spend friday and saturday! It was a lot of fun we went to a gymnastic meet which they won saw two movies went to dinner and just spent time together! It was a lot of fun and im glad that she got to come!

Other than that not a lot OOOH i made a craft! Im pretty proud of myself!

So this is my craft :] I took one of my frames beat it up a lil bit with a hammer took out the back and glass got some ribbon and glued it :] I now have a frame that will hold all my clips for my hair! Im pretty proud of it!

I also got extensions about a month and a half ago but havent posted anything on it so here is a couple pics

So here it is...They are pretty fun :] feel a lil weird and stink a lil bit when i first washed them and im sure you care to know this but hey this is my blog :P haha Hard to believe my hair was longer than this when i first chopped it off :( oh how i miss my long hair!

I hope everyone is WONDERFUL :D :D and GRAND :D:D and has a great WEEK!!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So I had a great Presidents weekend and a GREAT Valentines day!! Believe it or not I had a girls day with Sara, and Kelsie in St.George! It was so much fun! They had to go get some stuff for prom so i drove us all done there and we spent the day shopping!! Be prepared there are a TON of pictures!!!
We started our day off at Kohl's and then Payless!!! Kelsie needed to get some prom shoes so we decided to try on some really funky shoes!!
I actually think these we rent too bad just the print! lol

Sara tried them on too!! Oh those socks lol FUN!

I found some BRIGHT pink Heels! Look at those chubby legs MEH :P

Sara tried them on too! They matched her socks PERFECT!!

Kelsie and I were pretty much twins that day! So we tried on some matching Rainboots! Don't we look great!?
We then headed to the mall and shopped :] got some shirts, jewelry all the good stuff!
Then headed over to Sally's Beauty
Then headed to the prom place!

Sara wanted to show us her prom dress which was BEAUTIFUL so we decided to try some on too! It was a lot of fun lol i felt a lil old though the girl asked us why we were trying them on and i said They wanted prom dresses and i was just doing it for fun haha :P (Even though they both have found their dresses already!)

I LOVED THIS DRESS!!! It was soo pretty! Cept too big!

Kelsie tried on a pink one :] pretty in pink!

K Sara IS SOOO SKINNY! This is a size O! and she looked beautiful in it!

and this one too! Gosh if only! haha :] Too bad it didn't have sleeves!

K this one by far was my favorite one i tried on! I wish it had sleeves cuz it was BEAUTIFUL!!! and i loved the color!

This one fit Kelsie perfectly! It was so cute on her!

After that we were all really hungry so we headed over to Golden Corral

Smile :]

Kelsie was trying to kick her addiction to Dr. Pepper ya that lasted for about two seconds :P


At home :] We didn't have one pic of all of us so this was our attempt of getting one! They look cute i look like a beaver :P

I had Such a fun time! It was a great Valentines day! I love these girls both! They are such great friends! Even if we dont agree on what to put on our salads :P
After we got home I went to Kelsie's and played with her extensions but ill let her blog about that :]
hope everyone else had a good one too!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

basketball game, sunglasses, and Rock band!

Wow so i had a GREAT weekend last week! There is a ton to post about and i never finished my post from last Thursday! So here we go :]
Thursday Night:
After we went to Olive Garden we went to the mall! Or the Hall as some people call it :] We went to Hot Topic where i bought some crazy huge sunglasses but might as have fun before you're too old to wear things like that :P We also rode in the little kiddie rides!(some harder to fit in than others!)
Sarah with her new car! She is ecstatic cant you tell?
I guess i really do take after my Papa Dave! (New sunglasses)
Isn't she the best looking fireman you have ever seen? or Maybe should we say fire-woman?!
I handed in my ABC book today which i got 50/50 on! WOO(pictures coming soon)
After that i headed home to celebrate my dads birthday early, which we didn't even do cuz i guess we are doing it next weekend? I went to Josh's Basketball freshman game where they won, for the first time this year!! Must have been me :P j/k I also bit my tongue at that game and it bled for 30 mins!!!!!(sorry if you didn't care to know that)
Later that night my parents had concessions for the high school basketball game so i helped! Sara came and helped too! I love this girl she is like my sister! We had so much fun together lol and took some pictures!
Kaylie-K, do a funny face! Sara-k! Sara- wow its cool cuz its blurry!!!
I got to sleep in! YAH! Then i headed over to Kelsie's Dads house and cut her bangs :] Super cute! That night sara called me and asked if i wanted to go to Josh Bartons house to hang out with Matt Vaughn, McKenna, Josh, and her. At first i was a lil hesitant cuz im so much older than all of them but im so glad i went! I haven't had that much fun for SO LONG!!! I feel like i was born at the wrong time cuz i fit so much better with these guys than the people in my grade...i hope that doesn't mean im immature.....We played rock band(awesome game) Sara and I were one person since we aren't very good but together we were awesome!!! We also made up a band called the "fourth effect" we even took band pictures!!! Here are a few hopefully i will be getting more soon!
Sara and i did the drum!

Ya we are cool! I love this picture!

She was our groupie!!!

Looking scared!!! and some crazy feet arrangement

Just chillin!
Also the picture in my header is from that night too!!!
Im so grateful for such great people that i have as friends and such a wonderful family! Im so blessed to have people that i know care about me! My life is hard sometimes but i just need to remember the good because heavenly father has blessed me with so much! Life is just AMAZING!
Thank you EVERYONE that has been there for me at any point in my life!
Rock out :P